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The Perfect Stranger

Las Vegas is the city of sin, am I correct? People often travel there to drown their sorrows in alcohol, gambling, prostitution, clubbing and most married men from out of town travel there to dress in drag and get high out of their minds and sleep with other men. YES! I heard it first hand!! An all American man, about 6'1 and very handsome. Married to an average woman, together they have five children and leads to what it seems to be a happy life. He works in corporate world and often travels for his job. (this is a true story, by the way) The man travels to Las Vegas only to dress in womens clothes and sleep with other men. AMAZING! Once his "duties" are over, he goes back home to be with his family. Seems very odd to me that he would do all of this and go back and sleep with his wife of x amount of years... OUCH, that will hurt her when ever she finds out huh? Trust is a bug that will bite you in the ass later.
Other men travel to Vegas in hopes of a fling. Who's gonna see this woman ever again?Which brings me to the subject of escorting. What is your idea of an escort? Mine is a highly paid prostitute. I have nothing wrong with prostitutes. It's not my cup of tea, I disagree with it but it's not my problem. In all honesty, I believe that there are people who are addicted to sex and this is how they make a living, by sleeping with strangers.Some people get off on sleeping with people that they don't even know their names. Someone TRIED to tell me that all they do is go on dates and get paid like 2grand, and some of the men just want to talk or take you to dinner. Yes, there are actual agencies that these men call in to and say "i need a date for tonight" Okay that's fine. Yes pay ME to be your arm candy and to just sit and watch me eat dinner and talk to you about bullshit. What about the ones who want to have sex with you? They are complete creeps. They come from out of town, they are not screened for any type of STD or AIDS/HIV. Well duh protection, right? WRONG. Condoms break and who just wants to have someone who has "something" ANYTHING just sticking their man meat in you? I understand you take that risk with people you sleep with anyways, but you actually NEVER EVER seen this creep a day in your life and you will never see him again, not even around town and by the way you never even had a conversation with him/her. WHY? because he does not live there. I understand that it is legal in Vegas but damn, if its so legal maybe these guys need to be screened before you go sleepin with them. I'm just sayin. Some men want three somes and are willing to pay at least 5grand for it. Hmm with all this talk, maybe I should open up my own escort service. lol. Seriously, what do you really think? I believe that the women/men who put themselves through this for fast money have deep rooted issues, want to be accepted somewhere, and somewhat insecure about themselves, and they are too lazy to work. FLAT OUT. People say that strippers are too lazy to work but most of these women have careers, or in school trying to get the extra cash to pay for class. You cannot sit here and say that some of these escorts have actual careers. What are their careers not successful? Get outta here. I'm not buying it. Please don't take up for an escort,its dumb. I'm not knocking the hustle but, DAMN! There is a difference if you are dating the guy, I mean you're just gonna end up having sex with him anyways, right? But to a perfect stranger? no judgement, you just need a life coach.

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Anonymous said...

Then again there are just people who have no self respect and no morals...I agree people sometimes have deep rooted issues...but other times they just don't give a fuck about themselves.

I couldn't do it though...too much self respect. Because all the man/woman is going to look at you as now is a slut. It's sad really. Like those Cathouse girls or whatever the name is. Or the girl who sold her virginity. Nasty. One day they will catch something and realize what they are doing is wrong...that is if they give a fuck.