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Wedding Photos

Within these past four months, I've had the honor of doing make-up for two weddings. I know it isn't that many but, since it's my first time around for weddings, it was kind of a big deal for me. The first wedding I did make up for was my cousin Jeannine's. It was a small wedding party but everyone turned out beautiful. I didn't have that many photos in my possession as I was the maid of honor. Here are the one's that I have, which aren't many but you get the picture lol. I also did Abreana's hair for the wedding, as she was one of the flower girls.

Below are photo's from Melissa and Ray's wedding. I loved the color and style of the bride's maids dresses.

As far as the make up. Everyone was obviously a different complexion. I mostly used Make-Up Forever, MAC and Nars. For the eyeshadow, I used my Sedona Lace pallet using Pinks and Purples for both wedding parties and to make the eyeshadow last all day and night I used MAC Paint Pot in "Painterly".

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