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Wife Playing With Gun

She Scrambled Her Ass Out That Chair Soooooo FAST!!!


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My Gossip Coloumn....

Recently I was asked to do a gossip section on I have only done 3 or 4 posts but it is a lot of fun.Basiclly what I do is take stories about the players that have some type of jucyness to it and write it up and post it. The title that I decided to do is GRIT & GRIME WITH IYUANA plus the topic at the end.Although some people look over what my job is and contiue to ask questions about the obvious, I am really happy I took the position. Makes me think that I want to go to school for journalism. It just puts mein a state of shock that so many people can agree to disagree. I love sports so I love doing the weekly coloumn. Shout outs to all the BSO staff and Rob!


I kinda swipped this from Aaron who swipped it from Essence Magazine. But I love her haircut sooo much. I would get the H.B cut from boomerang but my head is too large for it.


A lot of women are not crazy "shoe heads" like myself. I might be a little late on these shoes but they are hot and I have to have them. The ones to the left are by a line called Acne Jeans. The two pairs below are by a line called Open Ceremony. Last but not least at the very bottom this Fendi bag that I must have very soon. Hell I might see something different once I step into Saks. You can find all of these shoes online at fun! :)