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***Don't look down on someone unless you're helping them up***
Stop stepping on other peoples hands just so that you can reach the top.
Remember, when you do good, good comes.
Don't miss out on your blessings.
Make love not war.

Disgusting House

I always get stuck watching clean house with Niecy Nash. I love the show and her smart ass mouth talking to the disgusting home owners. My thing is: how in the hell do you just let a sometimes beautiful home look like you live with Oscar The Grouch? Most of these houses I'm pretty sure Oscar would pack up his shit and go. Like today, I tuned in to this couple who had been together for ten years, two beautiful children--but the inside of their house looked like a WORLD DUMP! How do you sit in clutter, dirt, and grime with kids? I mean their whole stove was coverd in shit and the killer part about it was the husband didn't even care, he would just move the shit from one side of the stove to the other and start cooking. Yeah? cuz that's somethin like NASTY! Now, I am a pack rat, but I don't let things get out of control like that. Eventually I come home from pack rat island about once a month and just start throwing shit away. It just gets annoying and when things look too clutterd to me the room just starts spinning and I just go on a throw-away spree! I'm no neat freak but I hate for shit to just lay around for too long. What do these people on this show think about? Obviously NOTHING otherwise their houses wouldn't look like trash cans! Niecy be dawgin the hell outta them people and sometimes they start crying. Dude! just clean up and you wouldn't be in this position!


Ali Madigan(-repost-)

I was surfing the web and found these beautiful hoodies. Her name is Ali Madigan, and from what I understand she's only 20! Now I'm not for sure if these hoodies are for guys or for girls or both but I'm pretty sure she can make you one that sparks your fancy! They are very colorful and unique! She is also. So check out her sites that are listed below.



I shot for show magazine months back for their web-girl section. Feel free to check it out by clicking HERE

They kinda spelled my name wrong but I'm not trippin.

Happy Easter.

Yes today is Easter. We used to celebrate it together as a family, but over the years we've kind of seperated into our own little "clique". Which is fine because my family is like an reality show waiting to be exposed on VH1,MTV, Or E! I think we would probably do best on Bravo.

At this point in my life I feel like I do what I want when I want. Reguardless of what anybody outside of my circle thinks, I do have my head placed on my shoulders correctly and I use my head for way more than a hat rack considering I HATE HATS! The whole point of this is because so many people RUN to church on a specific holiday. No-not me. I don't go to church ever. Reason being, I believe in GOD. I dont feel like I have to run to church every sunday for someone elses approval. As long as I don't worship the devil, I'm not hurting anyone. The Lord knows me and I know him. I understand that church is the Lords house but people in church don't act that same way out of church. They go to church with the same attitude as if it weren't Sunday and like they aren't at church-critisizing people, when they live in glass houses. Every holiday at church is just a fashion show. I don't belong to a church, and before I actually join a Church I want to know ME all the way before I give myself to the LORD spiritually. People just walk into Church knowing NOTHING about life, The Bible, themselves or others. It's the same when you get married or if you're going to be in a commited relationship. Your mind has to be clear and ready to soak up new things. I've always asked my father why he never went to church and he told me "Going to church is like being married and going to a whore house and coming back home to your spouse. God sees everything". I had to think long and hard about it. Makes sense because if you know that you believe in a specific God, you don't have to prove it to the world.

Anyhow, I hope everyone has a great Easter! :)