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Black Mens 40/40 Issue

For the past bazillion months, I've been trying to get in touch with the editor of black mens magazine. I've sent my submissions and everything. Just like all the other females.

One bright sunny day, I was looking at my timeline via twitter and saw a bunch of females tweeting telling everyone to go vote for them on At first I was saying to myself, no I don't wanna. As I have been kind of stuck between trying to figure out if I still want to be a glamour model or just do free lance Make-Up and go to school to be a Pathologist. Not saying I cannot do them all but I know ME. Let's just leave that

So I finally made up my mind and made a profile. The catch is this, there are thousands of models on there trying to get picked to be in the 40/40 issue. If they are not part of the 40/40 issue, then their profile stays on file for up coming opportunities. Which is fair. All of these women are beautiful and unique in their own way, seeing as each woman has their own following/fan base as each man likes something different in women. Men like what they like, point blank period. The model's job is to promote herself as heavy as possible. Which is why I'm writing the blog.

If you want to see me in the 40/40 issue of BlackMen's Magazine, all you have to do is CLICK HERE and click the FIFTH STAR


Log into your twitter account, copy and paste this-->
Hey @BlackMenEditor I want to see @RealTrophyWife in The 40/40 issue I voted for her at

it's that easy...
Thank you for all of the love and support!

No Name

I was tempted to call this a "Barbie look". only because I had something similar like this done at the M.A.C counter for a photo shoot when they had the whole "Barbie" anniversary thing going on. Clearly, the colors are a bit darker than what they used. I don't have a name for this though. So we shall call it "No Name".

I started off by using a jumbo white liner on my whole top lid up to the eye brown and then below my bottom lid, just to make the colors pop a little more. I then proceeded to break out my Sedona Lace 120 eye shadow pallet!

*You can click the photo below to enlarge it and follow the numbers to see what order I went in*

1. I applied this to the inner corner and outer corner halfway to the middle and around the bottom. (I have two no.1's because I mixed them)
2. Right in the middle of my top and bottom lid.
3. Lower inner lid and a hint on the top lid
4. This soft pink was applied as the highlight color up to the bottom of my brow.
5. Used my 224SE M.A.C Blending Brush and applied this dark green over the yellow.

....and there you have it! I applied my favorite false lashes, black liner on my water line and liquid liner along my top lash line.. Now you can give it a try!


In Flex We Trust!

Last week I was chosen to be model of the week on Funk Master Flex's blog/website by Monse, Hot 97 on air personality & producer of Angie Martinez Show. I was thrilled and flattered that I could be a part of that. I was told by a great friend that whenever you do an interview, never go back and read the comments because it'll either make your head big or break you down. Needless to say, I looked anyways just to see the feedback. I only wanted to see sheesh, It didn't hurt What I am kind of uneasy about is that people are actually tweeting me saying how I can't spell and all that. What they don't know is that, I had a phone interview. I spell perfectly fine.. I'm human and at times I make mistakes and we all have a few typo's here and there. My interview was quick and to the point! If you missed it feel free to check it out by clicking HERE


Plain Jane

A few weeks ago, I threw away my M.A.C Studio Fix that comes in a compact and I purchased the M.A.C Pro Longwear foundation & concealer. I am absolutely in love with it because it lasts all day long and you don't have to re-apply or anything. It's very light and goes on smooth. The only thing I have a problem with is taking it off because it's just like paint. I believe its semi water proof if it's not totally waterproof. If you don't have the M.A.C wipes or something heavy duty to take it off there will be a bit left on your skin and may clog your pores. Hopefully everyone knows how to remove their make-up properly!


M.A.C Pro Longwear: NC40
M.A.C Pro Longwear Concealer: NC30
M.A.C Mineralized Bronzer

Maybelline Mascara
Black Liner to the water line
Liquid Liner (top lid)

M.A.C Lip Conditioner


Pink Friday!!

As everyone knows, or has some sort of idea, I am probably Nicki Minaj's biggest closet stan. I've listened to her every since day one. I've followed her career for a very long time and I probably know every single lyric she's ever recited. She has progressed so much and I have a better appreciation for her career since I watched her documentary "My Time Now" that aired on MTV.

When I found out that she teamed up with my absolute favorite make up line MAC, I was sooo super excited! I couldn't wait to bust down Saks door to get to the counter to purchase "Pink Friday". But then.. Dun Dun Duuuuuunnnnn.. it was only going to be sold ONLINE for FOUR fridays!! I said "SAY WHAT?!" I though I would never get through because there are so many "Barbz & KenBarbz" logged in trying to get Pink Friday. Yes, the first time, I was late. Of course I was. So they say, "if at first you don't succeed, try and try again" (idk who "they" are) but I tried again last Friday and I got through!!! YAAAAY!! Yes! I was on M.A.C's site at exactly 11:58 counting down. At 12:00 midnight, I refreshed the page and it was a no go. So I kept refreshing until I saw "add to cart". And I Added it to MY CART and checked outta there! and today, it is HERE!!

So, what I found out is: Pink Friday is actually the same as/extremely similar to Pink Nouveau. They are both in the Satin category as well. No I'm not mad at all because I'd rather my lip stick say "Pink Friday" in the name of Nicki Minaj. lol (im a sad soul)

We all know what it looks like cuz she wears it like every day. But here it is on YANA NICHOLE. Enjoy!


Tucan Sam

I should of filled my eye brows in but, you get the idea! I finally tried out my Sedona Lace 120 Eye shadow palette. This was the very first look I had to try. I forget exactly where I got the idea but I though it was dope enough to try. Hope you like!


Sedona Lace 120 Palette

Last week, I finally placed my order for my 120 count eyeshadow palette from, and it came in the mail yesterday. The only thing that was holding me back from ordering it was because I wanted to get the MAC one but, I wanted to try something different and go with a different company. From my understanding, they are the same except the pots from Sedona are smaller than the ones from MAC.

When I placed my order, my dear friend Katrina Lomidze gave me her "Promo Code" and I instantly received $4 off. She said it was $3 and I was excited but when it took off $4 I was even more excited! Thank You Katrina!

It arrived in a cute lil brown box with foam peanuts and tons of bubble wrap. So it was very protected so the eye shadow wouldn't crack or break. Once I opened it, it had plastic film over each 60 count palette, and a red ribbon for easy lifting. The only two things I would say that could be improved are the repeating colors and what looks like oil from finger prints or something oily around the eye shadow pots. Other than that, I am very pleased with the product! So if you don't have a 120 eye shadow palette, I suggest that you treat yourself to one because it comes in handy and very affordable!


Ms. April Showers

A few months back, I had a great opportunity to work with Lauren Luna. A fantastic artist who resides in Columbus Ohio. She emailed me late 2009 asking if I would be interested in modeling a custom sneaker, and I would represent my birthday month. Unfortunately, I didn't get my birthday month which is March, but I did get the next best month in the spring which is April. April showers brings May flowers so, my shoe was filled with beautiful Monarch butterflies against a green background which represented grass/tress/nature to match the umbrella I held up so I wouldn't get my hair wet ;o). Along side of me in the Calendar is the wonderful Jayonna Fabro, Andrea Marie and about 10 other beautiful models. If you would like to pre-order your Custom Ladies Calendar please CLICK HERE and feel free to watch the video below for some behind the scenes action from a few of the other ladies.


Darling Yana

Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer
MAC Studio Tech NC40
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural: Medium Deep

False Lashes
Cover Girl Dazzling Metallics (#119)
Liquid Eyeliner
Jet Black Eyeliner (for water line and brows)

Cocoa Care/Cocoa Butter Lip Balm


Brand New Goth

For this look, I was a bit inspired by the Prada's fall 2009 runway show. They had sort of a Vampire feel as to where I took it to something different and added bronze, kept the eyebrows, and added black eye shadow and a heavy black lip. So I call it:


Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer
MAC Studio Tech NC40
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural: Medium Deep

False Lashes
Cover Girl Coffee Shop Eyeshadow (#260 white)
Cover Girl Dazzling Metallics (#119 black)
Liquid Eyeliner
Jet Black Eyeliner (for water line and brows)

Thick Black Pencil


Classic TrophyWife Look

I was going to do a video tutorial on how I do my "Classic TrophyWife" look, but I decided to wait. Many of you are probably like "huh? classic trophywife". For those of you that don't know, I am a glamour model and I go by the name "TrophyWife". My classic look is just a bronzed face, highlighting my cheek bones and jaw line with a semi smoky eye. As you have noticed, I am trying to slowly but surely turn my blog into a beauty blog and something more personal with fashion and such. Only because, that's what I'm interested in and it's a common subject with women. As the days, weeks, months go on I will be doing much more, so please stay tuned.


This is a look that I wear daily not only because it's neutral and goes well with the all black that I always wear, but also because I can just put it on quickly and go.

Revlon Beyond Natural Smoothing Primer
MAC Studio Tech NC40
MAC Studio Finish Concealer NC35
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Natural: Medium Deep

False Lashes
Cover Girl Coffee Shop Eyeshadow (#260 white)
Cover Girl Dazzling Metallics (#119 Gold and black)
Liquid Eyeliner
Jet Black Eyeliner (for water line and brows)

Cocoa Care/Cocoa Butter Lip Balm
MAC Lipgloss Underage


Basketball Wives Season 2

i don't usually put this kind of stuff up on my blog but, i thought that this season teaser was pretty interesting. As much as I hate the fact that they exploit their personal lives on television to an extent, i love the show and Evelyn's eye make-up always looks nice!


twitter is probably over capacity because everyone probably tryin to tweet wayne and tell him "welcome home"--smh. what is this world coming to? why are people interested in doing that instead of worrying about politics and their own families and their well being? Lil Wayne can't help ya'll...



M.A.C Impassioned is a great color that looks good on most skin tones. It's a warm, bright hot pink that has an orange-red tone. The M.A.C Amplified Creams are the least drying but not moisturizing although it doesn't dry out my lips. To me it's better than the M.A.C Cream Sheens. It's so pigmented that it stains my lips so then I only need to apply lip balm afterwards.

Dating The Modern Mid-Twenties Black Man



I Be All Up In The Bank....

With The FUNNY FACE by Nars.... This is another color you will see me on a humble in. From or you can grab this for $24.00 (o.12oz). It's a great color, you'll have a smooth application, it's not drying and it doesn't bleed. The only downfall is that it's not moisturizing. So before applying it, use Vaseline or some sort of moisturizer and let it sit for about 3-5 minutes, blot it off and the apply the lip stick.


The Dark Side

I'm not much of a lip stick person. I like to only wear it if I have a photo shoot although everyone always requests that I have a more natural look than a bunch of makeup. There are only a few lipstick shades that I will wear out and about. Over the next few days I'll introduce you to my personal favorite lip stick shades that you might see me casually in. I think that they bring color to my personality considering I always wear black so the lip stick makes me look less plain, because I am that plain jane one solid color chick. I like simple clothes. So all black works great for me. Every now and then you catch me in something that is not black but close to it.


My first favorite color to wear is M.A.C Cyber AB8. Sells for 14.50 for a 0.10oz. It's like a deep, dark purple with a satin finish. When I wear it, it doesn't wear off too quickly but I find that I have to go over my lips with it at least two- three times to get to the darkness that I want. I've gotten a few compliments when I wear it from men. One guy said "I like when you wear that color, it kinda does something to me" o_O oookkkaaayy... Anyhow, here is what it looks like if you aren't familiar with it.

This color would be great for halloween if you're gonna be a sexy Vampire. Which I plan to be Akasha from Queen of the Damned this year... What do you think?


Razzle Dazzle

Yesterday, I kind of played around with make-up on Courtney's face-- once again. We'll just call her my canvas from now on. lol. Her face is so easy to make up and we don't HAVE to use fake lashes all the time because she has great natural ones.Instead of using MAC eye shadow, this time I decided to use Cover Girl eye shadow, and I filled her eyebrows in this time with black eye brow filler. I think cover girl is a great inexpensive line and their eye shadow's are great. I just can't use their foundation.

Below is the finished piece and the cosmetics used.

  • MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF15 Deep Dark
  • Bobby Brown Creamy Concealer Honey
  • MAC Mineralize Medium Deep
  • Cover Girl Dazzling Metallics 119
  • Dior Show Mascara 090
  • Baked Sugar wet/dry eye shadow V043


MY new but old talent

Ever since I can remember, I've loved everything about being a girl and making others look good. In the eighth grade, I started designing clothes which I still have the name and sketches for. I also used to do my friends hair. From sew ins, hair color and even braids. I haven't mastered the quick weaves yet because I hate the way they look but I plan on practicing on someone soon. When I got to high school, I started corn rowing the guys in my neighborhoods hair and even doing acrylic nails out of my house for extra money.

I started experimenting with make-up in high school as well. I didn't wear much of it to school because it apparently wasn't appropriate. I've always been fascinated with make-up and how it can transform a natural beauty into someone GORGEOUS and GLAMEROUS.

What I have decided to do is start a little "log" on "creations" I come up with and some make up looks that inspire me to do it either on myself or others.

I started out using my friend Courtney (@courtneydion on twitter).
This is her BEFORE

It may seem as if I used a ton of different products on her face but I didn't. For her face, I used
MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF15 Deep Dark to cover her entire face. (It's translucent so it made applying the rest of the make up easy). Under her eyes used Bobby Brown creamy concealer in "Honey". I also used MAC Mineralize Skin Finish:Medium Deep for a tint of bronze. I cleaned up under her brows with the stainless steel razor then used a fine tooth comb with gel to style them with out chopping them all up.

For her eyes, I applied MAC NC35 concealer to her eye lids and applied the listed eye shadows: MAC Satin Taupe, MAC Sketch Velvet and Cover Girl Pearl. To her natural eye lashes I applied Dior Show Mascara 090 and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Black to the bottom lashes. Then I applied false lashes to the top lid.
For her lips, I used Chanel Lip gloss no.65, MAC Lip gloss' Chi and Underage

HERE IS THE FINISHED PRODUCT. *please excuse my horrible camera as this will get better*lol

I also styled her natural hair and took these photos in natural light.


Welcome To The Lions Den

A lot of people don't know that I write poetry or even have a love for it, for that matter.This is a poem I wrote a little while back.( It is Copy Written) It actually is based on a true life situation... Enjoy.

by: Iyuana-Nichole

The sun sets, rain falls
he led me down a narrow hall.
Suddenly he stops and is close to me
my back against the wall.
Whispering in my ear
"Welcome To The Lions Den".
Then he disappeared.
Closed doors open circus music playing.
Took a quick turn around saw hanging souls decaying.
Bright colors, blues reds yellows and green
can't believe what I'm seeing.
The sweet nothings that were whisperd in my ear
and then again I hear
Welcome To The Lions Den.
The lights cut off then back on
all of a sudden a beautiful drawing
four gorgeous women then it was gone.
Standing in the middle
of all these broken hearted souls
a young woman appears and goes
Welcome To The Lions Den
she grinned and then again-
Welcome To The Lions Den.
Darkness came again the music got softer
I could smell him,I couldn't see him.
All at once,
fell backwards on a bed.
Then the lights came on again
"Welcome To The Lions Den,
all of your problems are dead
love me never leave me
and ill apease thee"
the lights off again
Welcome To The Lions Den
a long time went by
then my half nude body was set free.
Sitting in the darkness.
I was a piece of candy
just devoured, how grotesc.
the lights back on
suddenly I'm sitting on an automon
with a glass of dry gin
chillin, ponderin "how'd this begin?"
All the things he said and did.
Whispers of different women
'he said he loved me',
'he adored me',
'he gave the best to me'.
Breaking down in tears then I shout
'he left my heart to bleed'
only because it was broken
here then gone.
then again welcome to the lions den.
Like a fish without fins unable to move
my heart pounds harder again and again
still thinking about what was did
Welcome To The Lions Den
where women get devoured again and again.
This man is like a lion who keeps on lying
uses women as his pray
leaving their broken hearted souls to grow mold
he always exits with no remourse
now I stand
at the end of the narrow hall to say
"Welcome To The Lions Den"

Fly Shit

Check me out in this Chip Tha Ripper Video. If you want you can see me starting at the 1:44 mark. I'm not doing much but sitting



You Might Be.

Someone sent me a link to a blog post today titled "Naked With Socks On: Revealing Everything While Still Leaving Something To The Imagination." [I might be a little bit late finding out about this site] ( The topic is: What Women In Love Do

Being that obviously I am a woman, I completely agree with the whole post. I was completely shocked because every sign that explained what the woman would do or is doing is complete truth. Although, love is over rated because people do not know how to communicate and most men want their cake and eat it too. When a woman is showing her love, support, affection and concern GENUINELY then I do believe that it's time for the man to open his eyes a little bit wider to see what's going on. Men do not understand that every woman is not out to "get them" in a bad way and they have up some sort of wall or guard that they are afraid to let down. Men should not let one horrible incident change their way of thinking or what they are used to. Keep in mind that if the man is truly interested in you, he will make it CLEAR what he wants from you and will show you in every way that you are the one for him. Every one is different. If these following bullet points apply to you then you just might be in love...
  • cook for him.
  • learn about his favorite sport
  • watch/do something you wouldn't normally
  • won't nag
  • compromise
  • you completely trust him
To get the full details of the bullet points CLICK HERE
It's impossible to love someone that isn't showing you any love back.
What are your thoughts?


Frida Kahlo

I love art and my favorite artist is Mexican surrealist painter, Frida Kahlo. Her life story is interesting as well as her art. She was born on July 6, 1907, near Mexico City. She studied medicine, but she turned her attention away from it after a serious bus accident in 1925. Kahlo began a full-time painting career and while she was recovering from the accident she painted to occupy her time. She created 143 surrealist paintings, although only 55 of them are self-portraits that often symbolic wounds. Frida Kahlo was influenced by the Mexican mythology and the Mexican culture in general, christian and Jewish themes often appear in her artwork. Feel free to watch the slide show of her paintings. I'm pretty sure you'll love them as much as I do. Enjoy!



where can i find a love like this? point me in the direction...


Look What I Found.

I was checking my Model Mayhem today and found this cute lil photo of cute lil me in R.Lamar Photography's portfolio. He's a great photograper based out of Cleveland. I actually forgot all about this set. We did a few shots outside and I actually should work with him more often because I love the way my photos came out when I looked through the images on his camera. If you'd like to add him as a friend on model mayhem CLICK HERE


Ugly Models

When we think of models, we NORMALLY think of women and men with breath taking looks and bodies out of this world. Now that the runways are banning "too skinny" models and giving "shorter" runway models a chance, now there are "UGLY" models. This agency is based in New York/London and pretty people need not apply. This agency is looking for people with unique features and looks. Not to say that they are actually ugly, but this agency thinks out of the box and they actually use REAL people. Not the ones who are all glammed up. They look for people who are any size, shape, color, and style. You could never be too "ugly" or shall i say unique for this agency. So if you think you can't get a gig with any "Top Notch" agency, go to they will be sure to get you some extra cash for your pockets, and maybe you will become a huge star/icon!


New Photo

Recently I had a shoot with Summer Bunnies. I've only received one photo back due to the editing process because of the tattoo on my stomach. I like the photo and the shoot was fun and went by quickly considering I wasn't even ready for it. lol. Trust me, I should't be putting myself on front street but I honestly wasn't ready but I made it work. As you can see, I have on Courtney's favorite shoes on mine in this photo.. Yes they apparently are my favorite too, because I wear them all the time. I've also come to the conclusion that I may need to hit the track a few times during the week. My personal observation about myself.

Anyhow, keep a look out for more updates on me and Summer Bunnies :)


"Some women choose to follow men, and some women choose to follow their dreams. If you're wondering which way to go, remember that your career will never wake up and tell you that it doesnt love you anymore." -Lady Gaga


I Got No Time For Frontin

"Aries may seem arrogant, but thats just cause they know what they want"
I Know Just what I'm Wantin..

I am a true ARIES.

A lot of people don't believe in Astrology or Numerology. Well I believe in all of that stuff. I also believe in good and bad waves/frequency. If you put something into the universe it will happen, no matter if its good or bad. I could go on and on about things no one would believe so, I'll just save my "weird" stuff for another post because it'll throw you off. Do you believe in Astrology or Numerology? What are some of your other beliefs?


Pure Natural Beauty

I think a lot of people "sleep" on Solange. I love that she is free spirited and that she doesn't care what the critics say about her. She is the complete opposite of her sister and in my eyes she has never lived in her sisters shadow. No one knows that she writes some of Beyonce's music and is the creative mind behind a ton of things!

She cut her hair off last year and now that its growing back, it looks great on her. She doesn't need make-up she is a natural beauty and as most of us know, she is very outspoken with a beautiful voice. I love her album and she is so down played.