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Ms. April Showers

A few months back, I had a great opportunity to work with Lauren Luna. A fantastic artist who resides in Columbus Ohio. She emailed me late 2009 asking if I would be interested in modeling a custom sneaker, and I would represent my birthday month. Unfortunately, I didn't get my birthday month which is March, but I did get the next best month in the spring which is April. April showers brings May flowers so, my shoe was filled with beautiful Monarch butterflies against a green background which represented grass/tress/nature to match the umbrella I held up so I wouldn't get my hair wet ;o). Along side of me in the Calendar is the wonderful Jayonna Fabro, Andrea Marie and about 10 other beautiful models. If you would like to pre-order your Custom Ladies Calendar please CLICK HERE and feel free to watch the video below for some behind the scenes action from a few of the other ladies.

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