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just so everyone knows, my blog is about things that go through my mind, or things that i find interesting. thats why its MY BLOG. if i touch on some topics that hit too close to home, dont get mad-get in touch with yourself and think about it and how you can change it.
is actually my friends AIM handle. at first i never thought about it. then i thought about it last night.
everyone always talks about "its the inside that counts". in all honesty, thats a lie. when a man approaches a woman or vice versa there is a physical attraction. no matter if its style, demenor, charm, looks, money--whatever the case may be. you have to see a person before you actually know if you want to move on to the next step. i know damn well if a guy is ugly im not bout to holla at him, period point blank. yes im shallow when it comes to looks. on the other hand, if he is not a looker but he has class,style and comes at me correctly then i might give him a chance.(LUST) you get all involved with that person sexually weather its the first night or in two years. you have lust for that person. you are drawn sexually to them. majority of people who are not "relationship dumb" know that when you continue to have sex with someone you gain feelings for them.(LOVE) you may not be in love with them but you have love for them. ((and if you are in love with someone after a few times of sex and no conversation then you need to be checked out [seriously].)) now your nose is all wide open for that person and you just dont know how to tell them you care for them without the person going all nutso... why? because the feeling isn't mutual. (PAIN) men are totally different than women when it comes to brains. SOME men think with their dicks. SOME men just want to hit it and quit it. which is fine.(lol) know your role. women get emotionally attached to "good dick" and not the actual man. and men get so used to "good pussy" that they dont even know what they're doing to the womans emotions. (i know i went in two different directions with this. just be careful who you with)

basically what im trying to say is to avoid the bullshit have a conversation or two in between time to get an understanding of what really going doesnt hurt to communicate.

**ATTENTION** if you get the vibe that the other person isnt really feeling you after sex then you need to leave that situation where it stands and walk away.


Lets Be Serious For A Moment (re-post)

There are so many people in the world who fake religion. They only take precaution to certain things in whatever religion they practice when it's convienent to them, at the moment. A perfect example is being a Muslim. In order to fully be a Muslim you have to practice everything muslims do. There are so many Muslims in America who disrespect the religeon. So let me break it down to all of you who claim to be Muslim. If you don't meet the requirements then you need to stop fronting. QUICKLY. Before I list these things I'll just let you know that I am proud to be an American but people who belive in their religions who arent from here wouldn't trade places with us to be American born. This is because they value everything they learn from their elders in their country. Not to say we don't, but we are so stuck on materialistic things, men, women, sex, drugs and alcohol. We look up to celebrities and not our own. That has got to change.I'm not saying that I will convert but these things that Muslims practice are so sacred and just astonishing to me. Its really amazing.

Anyhow, a young boy who cannot trace his father, grandfather or great grandfather is already lost. Some of you may disagree but to me it's the truth. Some of you men think that you have to struggle and fight for your rights and life to become a man. In all actuality your father, grandfather, and great grandfather are all blueprints to your life. The same goes for women with their mothers, grandmother, and great grandmother. Listen/Pay Attention!.

In Sudan or Muslims -if you will, a son has a first name and three lastnames which is his fathers first name, grandfathers first name and great grandfathers first name. Those are the three names that make a boy who he is. A son is raised under his fathers wing with a grandfather to guide and a great grandfather as his blueprint.

Now, the men there have three wives. WIVES not a wife, a chick on the side and then an extra chick to hold him down when times are rough. THREE WIVES. As long as they are all treated equal and kept separate everything is good. There isn't a such thing as domestic drama. The woman is always grateful for the man who selected her. Only because he is a quality husband, a family man. He will be by her side for the rest of her life because families are very important.

A man can be as young as fourteen to marry if he has "sexual feelings" running through his body. This may sound foul but America has really corrupted our minds as far as thinking that someone as young as fourteen cannot work and provide for their families. In other countries they do not force their 12-14 year olds to have abortions if they get pregnant. They are primarily already married with homes and all of that.

Not to diss America but it just seems that "children" in other countries are more advanced and have greater values than here in America. This is supposed to be a better country than all of the rest but if you really compare it, in some ways America is really fucked up and I feel brain washed to be truthful. People who do not believe in these following statements need to re-evaluate their being a Muslim.

In order for you to really appreciate it you MUST undergo all experiences from a child to adulthood. When a man is ready to build his family, he selects a woman of course who he likes who comes from a good, solid, concrete background. She must know how to love, provide and live. She has to bring him peace, progress, and pleasure. The woman doesn't mind because she craves the attention and the love from this strong quality man. She will not argue, judge him nor nag him to death about anything.

Trust and believe that there are whores there and they are kept a secret. Unlike here in America where they are praised because of their sexual ability i.e-superhead. They stay in the walls of the illegal whorehouse. NOW, a female who comes from a good background and is married and turns whore is most of the time murderd by her husband,father or brother. They do not get punished for it because she brought shame and dishonor to the ones who raised,guided, loved and provided for her. The whole country knows the woman is sacred. That is why they are completely coverd from head to toe only revieling their eyes. If you are not the womans husband, brother, uncle or any kind of family member you are not to stare too long at her and vice versa or the woman will be disowned.

Liquor is not prohibited by a real Muslim because it makes man behave in ignorance and it is also illegal.

Homosexuality is non-existant and most of all forbidden.There are few who try but end up kiling themselves or end up missing. There is no remourse for the man who enters in the exit and builds a life where there cannot be balance, reporduction or family.

Adultry is a crime. There is no having sex with your homeboys sister, cousin or anything like that just because you feel like it. You must approach their family for marrige if you feel like you want to have sex.

MEN WORK. It is a sign that he cares for himself and his family. Doesn't matter if he is paid cattle or cash, he still works. Lazy is non existant.If you really think about it. Black people here talk like they are the MOST powerful but they look like fools. There is a diffence in being well educated and talking a bunch of shit to make you look smart. The ones that talk a bunch of shit look down on on other blacks coming from anywhere. In Sudan, men are raised to leave the blabbering and gossiping to young girls. A man who doesn't say what he means and do what he says, they often crave attention and misuse it when he gets it, he doesn't share what he earns or what he knows deserves death.

In Sudan,Africa everything is fresh. Things here are not. Everything is processed and when grocery stores tell us they are selling fresh fish, it's really not unless you see them taking it out of the water yourself. Chicken is not fresh either. So be careful what you eat. In actuality people need to research a religion before they take it on.You can't half step and just read the Quran or believe in Allah. You have to do EVERYTHING! There are so many people out here converting to be a muslim because they are in jail or because they are boxers and so on and so on. Wearing fake Kufis and all of that. Come on and stop already. Like I said, I am not a teacher so do the rest of the research yourself. In my opinion after researching Africa and how they go about everything, don't get me wrong but I love America but its fucked up here. I see why Africans and people from other countries appreciate everything they have and why they work so hard. If you don't know why then you need to take a step back and give yourself a history class like I did. Any Questions or more input--feel free to leave it in the comment box and I will be happy to respond.