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With the New Year approaching in less than 2-3 Days, I've decided to make a few resolutions. In six months, I plan to keep the same resolution as many peoples promises to themselves fade away. I plan to stick to them until the day I die. A few of them are just going to be renewd.
1. Slow down on the alcohol- I tend to drink a little more than I can handle. I start saying things to people that I really dont mean even though drunk minds speak sober words. Oh well.
2.Don't ask anyone for anything- Not that I do now, but it's just the simple fact that my pride is very high and I know that I don't take no for an answer.
3. M.O.E- MONEY OVER EVERYTHING. I'm not doing shit else for free. So don't ask. I don't care what it is--Pay up
4. Learn to talk to people a little bit better- Folks say that I'm rude, have an attitude and all of that. I get it, its not what you say its how you say it. So i'm going to try really hard to be a little bit nicer.
5. Eat a little bit healthier and exercise more- that's self explanitory
**BONUS** I've decided to make all niggas who want any type of dealings with me an option, as should the rest of you respectable females. They do it to us.



We always but we have fun!
There were so many parties on the week of halloween so we had to go out!


Life And Random Times

My Heart Skipped A Beat

Last night I had so much fun. I hadn't been out in a very long time and drinks were very well needed because people have been pissing me off all week long. Names aren't important though. First Ashley and I went to see the absolute love of my life: Common. That man is the sweetest man I've ever come across. After drooling over him, we went to Anatomy, got even more busted and went to our favorite pizza spot. Which by the way, Superior Pizza is the bomb at 4am.



My Love..

Yes this is my homo.. She will be home on December 30 and I can't wait!! I haven't seen her in sooo long because she moved from here to Arizona, to Israel!!! So now my Hadar is coming home! YAY!



So it's really early in the morning...Of course Monday, trash day. I get up from a deep sleep put some sweat pants on and my shoes to take the garbage out. We always have a bunch of trash from small pieces of paper to old furniture we throw out. This time, no furniture. Just a bunch of old food and pissy paper from Staxxz being in the basement because it was too cold for him to be outside. So I go to life up the lid of the actual garbage can, and didn't notice two LIFE sized flies flew out. When I go into the house those suckas was flyin around inside MY HOUSE!!! I almost threw up all over myself! Anyone who knows me, knows I have a weak stomach and on top of that I am terrified of anything with wings that has more than two legs, not to mention the creepy crawlers. While I'm standing there about to break out into a cold sweat gagging feeling the "throw-up" sensation, my aunt opens the door and let's the dynamic duo out. It was def a close call because it was about to be chuncks everywhere all because of two nasty sorry ass flies.


Why...(with no question mark)

"We adore who ignores us, and ignore who adores us" -The funny thing about this quote is that it's the truth. I hate that people are like this but it is what it is. This always happens to me. Like right now in the present moment. There's this guy who is willing to kill for me to even glance at him. I'm not saying he's not my type, he's just too on it. I'm not looking for a relationship with anyone just yet because I feel like I have some things that need to be worked on with myself. I have to give myself my all before I can become ONE with someone else. As a matter of fact I'm really not THAT interested in anyone right now. I do have my eye on someone but I don't know if it will ever work. I mean, it might but I'm just afraid. Expressing your feelings to someone is just so intense that it might make them cut you off. Then again it takes two adults to deal with the situation, because if you don't tell them how you feel that could be a love lost. You get what I'm saying? Sometimes it takes that one sentence to determine where you stand. Then again I'd rather let everything just ride out...


Diet Time...

Now that the holidays are almost over I can start back my health nut shit. I have come to realize that I'm gettin a bit thick. I lost a few pounds over the summer but its coming back and I just won't let that ride out. The other day I bought this dance dvd that's SUPPOSED to help me get rid of the extra flab, and tighten up. Of course along with me eating the right things. I'm not exactly fat but I can stand a chance of toning up...

What's Your Addiction?

Well, I have this sick addiction to make-up and every beauty product you could possibly name. I’ll stand in Sephora, Walgreens, or CVS for at least an hour every time I step foot in the door looking for something new to try. My favorite make-up has to be MAC and Smashbox. As far as beauty products and skin care I use all Neutrogena products but I often drift off into St.Ives and Aveeno.
Another huge obsession I have is with my teeth. They aren’t the greatest teeth because they are little. I think my little brother and I have the same sized teeth and he’s three. Anyways, I want to get veneers but I heard they make your breath smell after a while because whatever is left of your teeth start to decay. Anyhow, what’s your addiction?

I also posted this on
Go check their addictions


My Favorite Snack...

I know I really shouldn't be eating this but I sneak it every now and again. It's Nutella on toast. Nutella is like a cocoa-hazelnut spread you can find in the peanut butter and jelly isle. Try it out and you won't be able to give it


Well it's rare that I get updates every week on my site. I am pleased to say for the past 2 weeks I've been getting updated regularly. So this picture posted is one photo from the set I shot. I actually like this set. It's rare that I like a whole set.


I Know...

Everyone wants to be a singer... Today I was listening to Solange's recent album, and if she can get her ass in the booth and sing, well damnit- I can too. Don't get me wrong, I can't sing but I can try. So I was talking to Ashley and we are really just considering getting in the booth for kicks and giggles. I don't know what I was on but I was so high off of life and exposed myself to her and now everyone who's reading this that when I was in like the 5th grade I tried out for a play. Peter Pan at that. I had stage fright and I didn't make the final cut but my cousin Cassidi She was an Indian in the background. Anyways-- really considering puttin out a mixtape. Skittlez can't rap-I can't sing so we should do a no disrespect to Skittlez but let just be for real for a second.



Well I do this personal blog on A few weeks back I posted this picture that says "I love a hater- You keep me motivated" with my myspace url at the bottom. A few people like it and suggested that the saying should be printed up on some shirts. So since I love arts and crafts and everything about art and fashion, I decided to create the very first "HATER" shirt. Its still unfinished but its on its way to perfection! So if you would like to purchase a handpainted "HATER" shirt then feel free to email me with your gender, size, and what color t-shirt you would like. They will be selling for $20 each. By the end of next week there will be a variety of "HATER" shirt you can choose from so please be on the look out for them and I'll be happy to hand paint them for you or get them printed up-however you want.


Sqare One

With the winter months making me miserable, I've decided to go back to square one until it gets HOT outside. What is square one? One might ask. It is me getting back to what I do best and that's designing and sewing clothes and making new creations. That's what I was interested in, before I started modeling and becoming a camera whore. I can make anything. Dresses, slacks, t-shirts, beaded things, pillows(well pillows are easy)--I can do just about everything. I can never make up my mind about what I want to do. I go from one extreme to another. From doing Hair, Make-up, Nails, you name it, I've tried it all and never finish one project because I hop to something else faster than a cat can lick his ass. So I'm gonna stick with fashion for a lil while. Yes that's how I plan to spend my alone time, along with reading a few books and the newspaper every morning as usual, and getting started on my new site. I haven't decided what exactly to put in my site yet. It might be various things. Hell I might just base it around my life and let everyone know the truth about things because I've kept quite for so long about so many issues.
I know a lot of you are excited to see what I work on in my spare time as far as designing clothes and other things. Well just sit tight and hopefully they will be done before you know it! I will post photos as soon as I can get around to it! :)
Until then continue to enjoy my photos and all of that good stuff
Oh yeah, don't forget to check out


Chocolate News

This damn video is too funny! This is exactly how un-educated chicks be in the hood (no disrespect!)but he hit the nail on the head!


Well I haven't found anything interesting too post today. But I will share with you all the sites I belong to, well a few of them--the ones I can remember. I understand by being a glamour model that I have to promote myself because no one else will lol. So here is a list of sites that I belong to, so if you want you can add me:

I think there is more but im not sure, but you can also add me on facebook.

Anyways, my weekend was more than boring... I did a small amount of shopping but that was it. I mostly chilled and was lost deep in my thoughts....


Art Work

I am in love with art. Good art at that. I was browsing through blogspot today and came across this female who has amazing artwork. Please go check it out!
she is responsible for this creation to the left :)



I hate to admit it but I am a Beyonce closet freak. I don't go too far with it because no one can immitate her. I am so excited for her album to drop I've already pre-orderd it. I know for a fact that this won't come out of the cd player or my ipod for a very long time. Thanks to Myspace I got a chance to listen to it and I'm already in love. I don't have a favorite yet but I will soon find one. Even though I think she should of been solo this whole time it would be nice for Destiny's Child to get together one last time and make an album and put Solange in the group, just for the reunitement lol. By the way, Solange's album is great as well. It has an oldies vibe, and it sounds like real R&B. Anyways, Dont forget to go buy the new Beyonce album!



Its been a few weeks since I've made an attempt to post anything on my blog. There really isnt anything new in my life. I've turned back into a club head because I literally have nothing to do with my nights. lol. I wish I was in LA going out during the week and chillin during the weekend. Although clubbing in Cleveland, I'm really not missing anything and this idiot I know thinks that every chick goes out just to get "saved".lol. STUPID ASS. To me its just fun to watch all the overly drunk people pick fights, if they're chicks they dance on eachother as if they're lesbos, stumble, and its also kind of amusing to watch people do things they have no business. BUT when I go out I do feel as if I am in a fish bowl because everyone is always watching Im not trying to be conceited but its just the truth. Also no matter how terrible I may think i look someone always reminds me how gorgeous I am lol.. damn I got a big head huh? thats fine I dont care. Anyhow,below is just a sneak peek inside of my club life. So enjoy the small amount of photos!!



LOL. I had to babysit at The View so I decided to make the most of it. This is Salahadeen and he was a lotta-bit wasted.

The Desk Dance..?(Quincy)

I guess this is what happens when you get


My Trip-GlamourCon Chicago

Over this past weekend, Fox Den took me and Ashley of to Chi-Town for GlamourCon. GlamourCon is like a comic book convention minus the comic books add the Glamour Models. There were soooo many sights to There were many PlayBoy Playmates there as well as just regular Glamour models. It was quite an experience.

To view more pictures please visit my myspace


Eighty81/DREAMLIFE Welcomes Me!

Eighty81/Dreamlife has welcomed me, Iyuana-Nichole to do my very own blog branched off of, Cleveland's biggest and only blog page. If you've never logged on before, it is actually a nice site but a bunch of people actually hate on you. LOL. So this should be very very interesting to see how "the people" evaluate me. That sounds nuts but its true. So wish me luck in this journey of blogging! So for more information on the site please log on


Wife Playing With Gun

She Scrambled Her Ass Out That Chair Soooooo FAST!!!


My Gossip Coloumn....

Recently I was asked to do a gossip section on I have only done 3 or 4 posts but it is a lot of fun.Basiclly what I do is take stories about the players that have some type of jucyness to it and write it up and post it. The title that I decided to do is GRIT & GRIME WITH IYUANA plus the topic at the end.Although some people look over what my job is and contiue to ask questions about the obvious, I am really happy I took the position. Makes me think that I want to go to school for journalism. It just puts mein a state of shock that so many people can agree to disagree. I love sports so I love doing the weekly coloumn. Shout outs to all the BSO staff and Rob!


I kinda swipped this from Aaron who swipped it from Essence Magazine. But I love her haircut sooo much. I would get the H.B cut from boomerang but my head is too large for it.


A lot of women are not crazy "shoe heads" like myself. I might be a little late on these shoes but they are hot and I have to have them. The ones to the left are by a line called Acne Jeans. The two pairs below are by a line called Open Ceremony. Last but not least at the very bottom this Fendi bag that I must have very soon. Hell I might see something different once I step into Saks. You can find all of these shoes online at fun! :)


Fox Dens Finest

(owner) & &

All images taken by Ransom J.:
Last but not least

Donnie Burton

Jockin My Style

Look He Jocked on my ass... lol.. I think this is some fly shit though...

This Young Man Can Dress His Ass Off!!

His name is Nick and his style is so tastful for him to be under the age of 23.

I've heard people say "He's a young Farnsworth Bentley"

My Life

My Life-It isn't perfect by far, but I wouldn't change anything in it. I was raised by these strong minded women who always taught me to want the best out of everything and most importantly to be positive. Brought up by a man who taught me to be the best at whatever career I choose. So, I stand representing Fox Den with my shoulders back and head up high. I do take pride in whatever I do no matter if it's scrubbing floors on my hands and knees or sitting in an office on my behind taking calls for some big Ceo.

I wouldn't say being a part of Fox Den has changed my life yet, but it has changed my outlook on life and what it means to be content,calm, collective and I have learned to bit my tounge and be nice. That was never me before. In this field there is always someone there to try and bring you down no matter what you do or how good you look.People are heartless and they really don't care about how you feel they just want you to know what they think. Not that it matters. It matters to them because they think they can change you. I have learned to live by these quotes no matter how far I go in life with this field. It really applies to every field of work.

  1. "You cannot create experience, you must undergo it"

  2. "The wisest follow their own direction"

The first one is very important because people always jump right into things and claim they have the experience. You can't claim anything until you have gone through it. The second one is more important but you have to be careful with it because you can't burn the bridges you go across. Its okay to take advice and still follow your right mind. I know that I can't be played like a puppet. Another thing that I have learned, doing interviews with different people for internet magazines is that people can comment. It's okay for everyone to have their own opinion or else the world wouldn't turn. I was taught a very good lesson about haters. They love to see you slip and fall. The thing is, you gotta get the fuck back up if you do fall because they like to see struggle and drown. Once you do a interview, you can't go back and read it, I mean you can if you want to but it will either make you mad and low self esteem or give you the big head (thanks for the advice Aaron). I'm already kind of full of myself, well I shouldn't say that, but I am very confident. I have to be though, coming from a family full of women who place themselves higher than thou. The same women (some of them) don't approve of what I do as far as being a glamour model. I'm not here to make anyone happy but me. At the end of the day, I'm still Iyuana who like to watch Fox Sports Net or bake sweets with my aunt or chill out with that special someone instead of going out to BOP around downtown Cleveland. I'm at the point where I don't want to be seen all the time. Yeah, a few years back I liked to hang out and kick it but now, not in Cleveland-every club theres always underaged people in there and I just want to be someplace where GROWN folks are. The night life here pushes me more towards the library and talk.

Chip Tha Ripper: Can't Stop Me



Kill Joy

Coke Diet

For more information on this artist please visit:
He also has a blogspot:


I started this blog almost a year ago. Once I started I couldn't stop until I ran out of things to post. Well, obviously it has turned from a blog all about fashion, music, and all the good stuff to all about me. So what I plan to do is, to just transform this whole thing into an all around blog for whatever I feel should be posted up.(I know, I didn't have to say that). That's just for those of you who had questions. Its answerd now. Anyhow, feel free to check out the older posts and comment them... Thank you much! :)


Fly Shit

Check me out in this video with Chip Tha Ripper. I had fun on the set :)


A small peek

Well so far my site is still under construction but I know its going to be dope!! I am really excited to see myself transform from just taking pictures to build my port to actually get recognition for what I love to do. Ever since I was a kid I loved taking pictures. Some people don't agree with everything I do but I can't live my life for them. I just let them hate and watch my money pile up. Anyways, like I said before I have so much fun with the people I work with and they are very professional yet hip. lol. I have another shoot this weekend and I am looking forward to doing it. Anyways, please be sure to check out my site it goes up soon


New Addition!!

Whats hot people?! As you know I was going through so many changes with my modeling, BUT I found my spot! Which is with Fox Den Ent. Inc. I had my shoots already, they were fun and I love the people I worked with. Amber Fox and Donnie Burton. Thank you!! So be sure to check out and and




Ok I like the message of this song. There are so many young parents who don't teach their children what they NEED to know. Do me and everyone else a favor and raise your children to know everything in diferent subjects. They are our future!! Its the Truth!!


SEX TAPE!!!!!!

Okay, well we all know that we pretty much have wasted our time watching I Love New York 2 just to see her pick a "bitch". Well this owner and her dogs sextape has leaked out. If you want to go peep it out you gotta go to:


McDonald's Happy Meal Ad



Well my shoe fetish has not changed. I've decided to share these beautiful shoes with you. If you would like to purchase these shoes visit SAKS You may also take a gander at the bottom of this post for websites if you are an net shopper. Also to inform you, yes Jellies are comming back hard for the 2008.

You have to admit that these shoes are HOT!