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My Life

My Life-It isn't perfect by far, but I wouldn't change anything in it. I was raised by these strong minded women who always taught me to want the best out of everything and most importantly to be positive. Brought up by a man who taught me to be the best at whatever career I choose. So, I stand representing Fox Den with my shoulders back and head up high. I do take pride in whatever I do no matter if it's scrubbing floors on my hands and knees or sitting in an office on my behind taking calls for some big Ceo.

I wouldn't say being a part of Fox Den has changed my life yet, but it has changed my outlook on life and what it means to be content,calm, collective and I have learned to bit my tounge and be nice. That was never me before. In this field there is always someone there to try and bring you down no matter what you do or how good you look.People are heartless and they really don't care about how you feel they just want you to know what they think. Not that it matters. It matters to them because they think they can change you. I have learned to live by these quotes no matter how far I go in life with this field. It really applies to every field of work.

  1. "You cannot create experience, you must undergo it"

  2. "The wisest follow their own direction"

The first one is very important because people always jump right into things and claim they have the experience. You can't claim anything until you have gone through it. The second one is more important but you have to be careful with it because you can't burn the bridges you go across. Its okay to take advice and still follow your right mind. I know that I can't be played like a puppet. Another thing that I have learned, doing interviews with different people for internet magazines is that people can comment. It's okay for everyone to have their own opinion or else the world wouldn't turn. I was taught a very good lesson about haters. They love to see you slip and fall. The thing is, you gotta get the fuck back up if you do fall because they like to see struggle and drown. Once you do a interview, you can't go back and read it, I mean you can if you want to but it will either make you mad and low self esteem or give you the big head (thanks for the advice Aaron). I'm already kind of full of myself, well I shouldn't say that, but I am very confident. I have to be though, coming from a family full of women who place themselves higher than thou. The same women (some of them) don't approve of what I do as far as being a glamour model. I'm not here to make anyone happy but me. At the end of the day, I'm still Iyuana who like to watch Fox Sports Net or bake sweets with my aunt or chill out with that special someone instead of going out to BOP around downtown Cleveland. I'm at the point where I don't want to be seen all the time. Yeah, a few years back I liked to hang out and kick it but now, not in Cleveland-every club theres always underaged people in there and I just want to be someplace where GROWN folks are. The night life here pushes me more towards the library and talk.

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thats wassup luv do ur thang! im the same way im like a ghost i stay outta sight!