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Life And Random Times

My Heart Skipped A Beat

Last night I had so much fun. I hadn't been out in a very long time and drinks were very well needed because people have been pissing me off all week long. Names aren't important though. First Ashley and I went to see the absolute love of my life: Common. That man is the sweetest man I've ever come across. After drooling over him, we went to Anatomy, got even more busted and went to our favorite pizza spot. Which by the way, Superior Pizza is the bomb at 4am.


The Making of Beyonce

I think the making of any wax figure is amazing!


My Love..

Yes this is my homo.. She will be home on December 30 and I can't wait!! I haven't seen her in sooo long because she moved from here to Arizona, to Israel!!! So now my Hadar is coming home! YAY!



So it's really early in the morning...Of course Monday, trash day. I get up from a deep sleep put some sweat pants on and my shoes to take the garbage out. We always have a bunch of trash from small pieces of paper to old furniture we throw out. This time, no furniture. Just a bunch of old food and pissy paper from Staxxz being in the basement because it was too cold for him to be outside. So I go to life up the lid of the actual garbage can, and didn't notice two LIFE sized flies flew out. When I go into the house those suckas was flyin around inside MY HOUSE!!! I almost threw up all over myself! Anyone who knows me, knows I have a weak stomach and on top of that I am terrified of anything with wings that has more than two legs, not to mention the creepy crawlers. While I'm standing there about to break out into a cold sweat gagging feeling the "throw-up" sensation, my aunt opens the door and let's the dynamic duo out. It was def a close call because it was about to be chuncks everywhere all because of two nasty sorry ass flies.


Why...(with no question mark)

"We adore who ignores us, and ignore who adores us" -The funny thing about this quote is that it's the truth. I hate that people are like this but it is what it is. This always happens to me. Like right now in the present moment. There's this guy who is willing to kill for me to even glance at him. I'm not saying he's not my type, he's just too on it. I'm not looking for a relationship with anyone just yet because I feel like I have some things that need to be worked on with myself. I have to give myself my all before I can become ONE with someone else. As a matter of fact I'm really not THAT interested in anyone right now. I do have my eye on someone but I don't know if it will ever work. I mean, it might but I'm just afraid. Expressing your feelings to someone is just so intense that it might make them cut you off. Then again it takes two adults to deal with the situation, because if you don't tell them how you feel that could be a love lost. You get what I'm saying? Sometimes it takes that one sentence to determine where you stand. Then again I'd rather let everything just ride out...