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It's been a few days huh?..
Well, I've been a bit busy trying to make my life perfect. I'm thinking about relocating pretty soon but to where I dont know. It would be nice to be someplace where its warm all the time but I dont know. I have a had a few magazine offers in the past couple of days and I'm tryin to make the best decision. You know I'll let you know the final outcome too. I'm really excited because I was once told that I couldn't be a model. Look at me now HATERS. lol. I may not be a runway model but I'm doing my thing. Me being bone rail thin? get ouutttaaa here...anyhow, if you want to join the discussion on who's the baddest rap chick in the game Click Here to join the discussion. This is my "other" blog, by the way. Have fun!



This may sound rude. Take it how you want but I think that Beyonce would have a lot of competition if Aaliyah was still living (may she rest in peace). It's the truth though. Think about it, She was just getting started when she passed. So many movie roles and other things in the works. Think. I love her music and she was and still is my favorite female artist.

NOW tell me my older sister don't resemble Aaliyah in some way