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A whole year and some months ago, I went on ahead and shot for Show Magazines "Web Gem". It was a great shoot, and I was extremely happy that I was the only one who was shooting that day. Thank the Lord or else I woulda been in there longer than expected. So since then I've been looking all over for my photos. Well today, something told me to google myself and there you have it!! a whole forum with most of my photos on it! YAY YAY YAY!! I was super excited! They forgot a letter in my name, but that is the least of my worries. So go right ahead and click that link and peep out my sets--->


My Reviews

So, it took me a really long time to actually "take" to Trey Songz. I started to like him after "Wonder Woman", but he still didn't have my full attention. Now that I have finally had the chance to listen to his new album "Ready" all the way through, he can add me in as an official Trey Songz fan. Especially after that 'Invented Sex' music video and the song 'Say Aahh' that my very good friend Yonny produced. I think this album really showcases his talent and he reminds me of a modern day R.Kelly with the lyrics to each one of his songs. So yes it is very hard to get on my good side when it comes to music and I can finally say that Trey Songz gets five stars from me.
Cleveland is so full of talent, but everyone keeps stepping on each others hands so they can reach the top. One artist who isn't worried about all of the haters and continues to do him even with fire in his path is Chip Tha Ripper. He recently released his new mix tape titled "The Cleveland Show", which the mix tape art/cover is based on the cartoon comedy The Cleveland Show. You would be surprised at all of the positive feedback he is getting from this mix tape. Although my favorite one of his mix tapes is "Money", I have to grow to love this "Cleveland Show" mix tape. I haven't listened to it all the way through but from the sounds of the first few songs I like it. It's something that I can keep in rotation. Feel free to download it at

Now, I am extremely late with my views on the movie 'Precious'. When I finally saw it I was in total shock and disbelief of what really took place in her life. I was told that it is based on a true story, which is believable. I was happy with the movie in general but I don't like how it ended. It's like it had a sudden ending and I wasn't too sure how to take it. lol. If anything positive happens with that movie it should be Mo'Nique winning some type of an award for her phenomenal performance in that movie. She really played her part and hopefully this will open way more doors for her in more major movies. The young lady who played Precious also deserves an award because from what I hear she just went in and nailed the audition. Kudos to the whole cast!

Its A Shame

People think they can just walk up to you and say anything they want--and it won't hurt your feelings--like it's happening to your clothing


Everyone who knows me, knows I love wine. I don't care if its cheap, expensive or hard to I discovered this wine (above), Verdi years back when I was about 18 or 19. So yesterday Talayah and I went out and bought some. It's a sparkling wine with a resealable plastic top and it actually is a great beginners wine because it has 7% alcohol in it. Verdi comes in various different flavors but I like the plain one which is on the far right. It's not expensive and it taste really good. Although its sad to say but, yes, I AM A So go to your nearest store and pick it up and try it.


a REAL bitch

you know, i'm not the type of person who just puts all her business out in the streets because i just try to deal with things all by myself. there are many things i dont want people knowing about me. i try to keep to myself as much as possible and teach myself new things. i have had many set backs in general but i always pick myself up, dust the dirt off my shoulders and continue to grow as a person in this game we call life. i can call myself a real bitch because i have real feelings, i deal with real problems, and i tell the real. its hard for me to be nice and thats something i have to work on. i cut people off on the daily and my shit list is longer than any childs christmas list. that results to me having my guard up in any relationship i just so happen to fall into. i actually dont believe anything anyone says until they prove it. i dont expect anything from anyone or too much of anyone because it seems that everytime i place someone on the kings thrown they act like a pesant.i took a bit of advice from someone whom i adore and that is to have humility. that can only go so far though, in my book. everyday i try to change how i live, how i act and how i think--in the end it all fails because i can't help that this is just who i am and NOW i have learned to accept ME as I AM. so now i tell everyone, either love me or leave me alone. i could stop the cursing, i could stop the drinking and i could stop the occasional smoking of herb--but what for? those are all things that make the stress go from a 20 to a 3. but when all thats said and done when the high comes down and when i start to sober up all the stress and disappointment is all still there. im backwards huh? who cares--im iyuana nichole- im non affectionate, i spill shit, i trip and sometimes fall all over things, i stress over little things that aren't perfect-- hell i am a fucking train wreck but this is my life and im happy in it. i long to be that even greater person who people adore but for what? im not here for them i live this life to make money, survive and most importantly ride this shit til the wheels fall off! lol. i love my life and i wouldn't change anything in it or about it because it makes me who i am. ive never cared what anyone had to say about me because they never say it to my face nor do they know the REAL me. they go off of assumtions or some old he say she say. i will agree i am the most random person in this world and yes i am a hopeless romantic who sings in the shower, who has to have starbucks everyday or ill get a head ache-- im a make-up whore who dips her toast in nutella, watches ugly betty, demands everything(cuz im a boss), eats ice like rock candy,has to have popsicyles all the time and randomly loves hannah montanna. but just remember one thing, I AM A REAL BITCH and if you dont like my attitude or how i live then thats too bad and im not you can try to play me or embarrass me but that shit dont work. i am oblivious to it, if you are hating im too busy gettin money that i can't see your ass.and i've been conditioning myself to ignore ignorance. so save it.


I Am What's Poppington

Recently, the Mervster (@Merv_STJFund ) and I took a great trip to DC. We have been there quite often as a smooth get away. As always, we have tons of fun and try to live every second as if its our last. Believe it or not, it probably will be our last trip there until after the holidays. Sad, yes I know. We have decided to take a break and jump off the "wild out" train. We actually went to a fight party, a birthday party for our friend Hillary, and a little birthday party for Omarion (@1Omarion)at Club Love. It's funny because no one in our party knew Omarion was going to be there. We also ran into Big Tigger and OJ the Juice Man. I was also very happy and pleased to gain a new friend. Her name is Angle and You can check her blog out at . You may also follow her on twitter @AngelEra . So enjoy the pictures below from our weekend get away.



The Answer

Through twitter, I have met a lot of very funny, interesting people. Mainly I use it for networking and keeping up with friends because it seems to be a mass text message system. If you don't have my phone number you can reach me through twitter. I get a lot of interesting questions, some rude--yet innocent. Mostly everyone is respectful. If they aren't i don't care... I have a block button. I have a spam button as well. As does everyone else who owns a twitter page. I'm actually waiting for my 'verified account' button though. Anyhow, those of you who don't know me often ask or simply google me. Those of you who do know me, know that the name "trophy wife" i use for a modeling tag. So this lady sends me a tweet:

ThePrincessDawn @RealTrophyWife I am not trying to offend but looking for an honest answer. Why do you want to be a trophy wife, sounds pretty boring?

Here is the answer:
What gave you the impression that I WANT to be a "trophy wife"? I'm actually not married. The name trophy wife, I have been using several years for my modeling name because of many reasons. I will not get into the many reasons because it is just too much, but, long story short-I believe I am a gorgeous gal and what man would not want me to hang on their arm as arm candy? For a living, no. I do have things that I want to accomplish as an individual before my dash is ended with a year. I have dreams, goals and aspirations. So to answer your question Princess Dawn, i do glamour modeling and that is my "model" name. I could ask you why you want to be a "princess", but i don't really care.




MTV has had me glued to the TV like for the past few days now. I've be able to catch up on the true life episodes i missed. This one particular episode of true life literally had me in shock. A guy, did porn. That's fine. BUT he did gay porn. He said he's not gay. Early in the show he told his father figure/cousin that "Yea, I fuck guys for a living".

What is your opinion on that?


"Smashing" The Homie

Smashing the homie- we all know that little saying came from Ray J's show. You know when Danger slept with his friend BEFORE SHE KNEW RAY J!. Right? Riiiiiigghhhttt. So now there is a new season of Ray J's nonsense and there is a chick who also had sex with one of his friends BEFORE SHE KNEW RAY J. I get it, he was mad that she didn't tell him that she had sex with one of his friends. Let's be real for two seconds. Ray J- do you even really care? Seriously, you know you aren't going to find love on this show. You are doing it for publicity and for the monies-- If there is even any money in it. More importantly, we don't know what goes on when the camera is off and behind closed doors. Some chicks on the show have become friends and you smash them. Is that any different?

My main question is to everyone: If you really are interested in someone, do you really give a damn who they have had sex with in the past even if it was your friend? Truthfully, everyone has different chemistry and you are not meant to be compatible with everyone you date. Hell it could of been that drunken night and then you find out years later that its someone you know is dating. IT WAS ONE NIGHT. I'm not saying its wrong, and I'm not saying its right. I want to know, who gives a rats ass?! Who's to say that your best friends high school sweet heart wont end up being your life long partner? You never know. So is it really that big of a deal?

::sidenote:: if i knew i smashed "the homie" i would back out of that situation...LMAO!! i def wouldn't take any of those dude serious... trust and believe i know what goes on... im just sayin. use your brains ladies and gents!


I got an update on my site!


The Pants To Your Suit

Waist: a rookie mistakes, especially in the times of tighter-is-better, is that your waist should be as tight as possible. Wrong. Even for the thinest of men all that will do is make you feel uncomfortable, and probably give you gas. Even worse, when you unbutton your jacket your waist will look funny. . Just make sure that the waistline is comfortable and that you can always stick two fingers into the waist while you're wearing them.

Pleats: its totally up to you. But if you have on a very classsic color like grey or navy, they always look good. For lighten blues and pin-stripes you may want to go for a younger look and leave the pleats to the old men in gray or navy. However, if you are fat, they may help you hide your gut. And vise versa for very thin men.

Cuffs: the extra fabric helps the pant hang off of the leg nicely properly by providing a little weight at the bottom, which adds to the break over your shoes. They look better on someone with long legs, so if you are under 5'5" dont try this. Standard 1.25" cuff is always good. Unles you are wearing Thom Browne, then go as high as your heart desires.

Accessories: Your belt must match your shoes, and leather is the preferred material. Your shoes should also be leather. As for color, you usually can't go wrong with black. Your socks should match your pants, or your pocket square if you are more savvy then the average beginner. No thick black tube socks PLEASE!!!

If you are a man and you don't know any of this, I will be taking accepting cash only to come and help you out PERSONALLY!! I require a three hundred dollar deposite and I will decide how much I'll charge you depending on your attitude.


For The Men: 'The Jacket'

I've decided to cater to the men for a post. Maybe in the future I'll do more to help you all out. You know, for the men who have no woman, no style, or just don't know how to do shit. How can I call myself a "trophy wife" if I don't help the man out in all areas?? lol. I myself am tired of looking at these silly looking suits that don't have any kind of tailoring to them. You can't just buy a suit and expect it to look good. The suit isn't wearing itself, you are! Don't even do it to yourself. Trust me, I know what I want my future man to wear and he better wear it better than the damn monacan. So this post will cover the Jacket part of the suit. I'm gonna take it one step at a time, so this will be a three post tutorial on how to look great in the public eye, in corporate world or just out for a night on the town.

Men's suits come in 2 basic categories: wool and non-wool.
Non-wool suits include: linen, polyester, and microfiber.
Wool suits (best for a 'basic' buyer) include: flannel, tropical, tweed, and worsted. If this is your first suit, or a suit that a man will wear with some frequency, then worsted is the best place to start. A $100 worsted suit will have a yarn twist rate of between 60-80; while a $500 suit will often be called 100 or Super 120. The higher the twist rate, the finer the fabric, and the lighter the feel. There are some basic style features that you should consider before you make a purchase. Some of these include: color, lapel, cut, buttons, single or double-breasted, collar, shoulder pads, vents, arms, sleeves. Now, I know this can be a daunting task, but every man wants to get his money's worth. The jacket is the most complex part of any suit, including a 3-piece suit:

The "Cut"- of a suit refers to how the suit generally hangs off your body. There are three general cuts:

  1. The American cut- the industry standard, middle of the road suit cut. This is basically the normal type of suit you see people wearing, and should be your choice of cut for your first suit.
  2. The full cut- this kind of suit is not tapered at the waist, so it tends to hang straight down and allow more room at the waist. This is a good choice for a heavier man and comes with the two vents.
  3. The European cut- this one tapers at the waist, for a trim, fit look. This is often preferred by slimmer men, who do not have the tendency to gain weight. When buying a jacket, also buy a tailor.
Collar: should hug the back of the neck without buckling or pulling; often times you will see a 'wave' or ripples behind the neck, and that is the first sign of a bad, or at least ill-fitting suit. The collar should lay flat, and allow for about an inch of your shirt collar to stand above.
Shoulder Pads: they help the suit to hang properly, make you look more muscular than you probably are, and make for a more slender look overall. But this isn't the 80s. So be very careful. Good pads will be stitched in, however its more likely that, unless you are spending over $750, your pads will be glued or fused into the shoulders.
Lapels: unless your trying to relive the Miami Vice 80s, they are a must have. It does not matter if you decide on high or low notch, but make sure that the lapel lays flat on your chest. Please I beg you, NO large butterfly lapels unless you are a pimp. Look for the small pipe-like stitches around the outside which are as close to invisible as possible.
Arms and sleeves: The sleeves should not be too short, but you do want to show some of your shirt sleeve. The basic rule of thumb is that the jacket sleeve should end at the point where your hands meet your wrists, this will allow you to show a quarter inch of your shirt sleeve; make sure that you don't feel like you're wearing a straight jacket and that you have free movement of your arms. As a test, bring your arms out straight in front of you, and try sitting in a chair and pretending you're writing or eating. Here you must decide, do you want to be comfortable or stylish?
Buttons: two, three, or four are all "normal", but always leave the bottom one (or 2 if you have a 4-button) undone. If you have an athletic build, a low button stance (lower down the suit front, below the lapels) is best. If you are husky, look for a higher button stance (above the beer belly, below the lapels) this will minimize the appearance of your very large GUT.
Vests: don't bother with one of these unless you're a CEO or anemic and always cold. These are for advanced suit-wearers only. However, I will walk you through a 3-piece suit on a later post.
Vents: the flap of cloth below the waist at the back and should cover your ass; one, two, or none (slits or vents) are okay, but remember that the larger-assed among you men should take two vents, and the flat or skinny-assed should choose no vents; either way, the jacket should still fit properly and not stretch out over this part of your anatomy. Look in the mirror and be honest about your fat ass, plain and simple.So basically, you don't want to look like this from the back. Thank You George W. Bush for setting a WONDERFUL example of what not to be and what not to wear!
There is more to come, remember this only covers the jacket part of the suit.


The Perfect Stranger

Las Vegas is the city of sin, am I correct? People often travel there to drown their sorrows in alcohol, gambling, prostitution, clubbing and most married men from out of town travel there to dress in drag and get high out of their minds and sleep with other men. YES! I heard it first hand!! An all American man, about 6'1 and very handsome. Married to an average woman, together they have five children and leads to what it seems to be a happy life. He works in corporate world and often travels for his job. (this is a true story, by the way) The man travels to Las Vegas only to dress in womens clothes and sleep with other men. AMAZING! Once his "duties" are over, he goes back home to be with his family. Seems very odd to me that he would do all of this and go back and sleep with his wife of x amount of years... OUCH, that will hurt her when ever she finds out huh? Trust is a bug that will bite you in the ass later.
Other men travel to Vegas in hopes of a fling. Who's gonna see this woman ever again?Which brings me to the subject of escorting. What is your idea of an escort? Mine is a highly paid prostitute. I have nothing wrong with prostitutes. It's not my cup of tea, I disagree with it but it's not my problem. In all honesty, I believe that there are people who are addicted to sex and this is how they make a living, by sleeping with strangers.Some people get off on sleeping with people that they don't even know their names. Someone TRIED to tell me that all they do is go on dates and get paid like 2grand, and some of the men just want to talk or take you to dinner. Yes, there are actual agencies that these men call in to and say "i need a date for tonight" Okay that's fine. Yes pay ME to be your arm candy and to just sit and watch me eat dinner and talk to you about bullshit. What about the ones who want to have sex with you? They are complete creeps. They come from out of town, they are not screened for any type of STD or AIDS/HIV. Well duh protection, right? WRONG. Condoms break and who just wants to have someone who has "something" ANYTHING just sticking their man meat in you? I understand you take that risk with people you sleep with anyways, but you actually NEVER EVER seen this creep a day in your life and you will never see him again, not even around town and by the way you never even had a conversation with him/her. WHY? because he does not live there. I understand that it is legal in Vegas but damn, if its so legal maybe these guys need to be screened before you go sleepin with them. I'm just sayin. Some men want three somes and are willing to pay at least 5grand for it. Hmm with all this talk, maybe I should open up my own escort service. lol. Seriously, what do you really think? I believe that the women/men who put themselves through this for fast money have deep rooted issues, want to be accepted somewhere, and somewhat insecure about themselves, and they are too lazy to work. FLAT OUT. People say that strippers are too lazy to work but most of these women have careers, or in school trying to get the extra cash to pay for class. You cannot sit here and say that some of these escorts have actual careers. What are their careers not successful? Get outta here. I'm not buying it. Please don't take up for an escort,its dumb. I'm not knocking the hustle but, DAMN! There is a difference if you are dating the guy, I mean you're just gonna end up having sex with him anyways, right? But to a perfect stranger? no judgement, you just need a life coach.


Please Get Over Yourself. Quickly.

I follow some really opinionated folks on twitter. Last night while "tweeting" @NaledgeKIDZ brought up a really great point. I don't know how many other people replied to him but, he said I was missing his point. In all actuality I was trying to prove a point as well. The topic just so happened to basically be about interracial couples, and why do black women flip out when a black man dates a white woman but never act a fool about dating Latino, Asians, or mixed race. Hell I don't even know the answer to that question. In all honesty, love/like has no color or race and ignorance is blind to maturity. @NaledgeKIDZ also made the statement "if someone said man you want this ugly broke black chick..or this rich pretty white girl...I'd prolly catch jungle fever" (lmao) Seriously, there are two sides to that. If the ugly black broke girl had money/great credit then there would be no jungle fever. There are black women out here that have great credit and do things on their own (that don't brag about it). BUT those are the ones who have been scared mentally and sometime physically by black men. In all honesty black men do put black women down a lot, but they asses came from a black woman. I think that's why most black women are so hurt and disgusted when men date out side of their race. (I see both sides of this topic and I can comment on both).

I hate to say it but black women, you need to build a bridge and get over yourself. Its annoying how black women can date whom ever they wish or have the hots for whom ever they wish, but as soon as a black man starts to date outside of his race its a problem. Mostly to white women. I understand the history of slavery and how "the white people" did black people wrong. Hell, white people did their own race wrong as well as blacks doing blacks wrong and any other nationality if you really want to know. It is in the past, and as long as you understand the past and we as a people come together to make sure history doesn't repeat itself then I think everything is FINE. (Although some of your mothers won't allow that or would hate that..Live for yourself not your parents-they will still love you) Everyone wants/needs someone who is equal to them mentally--most cases financially. It may even go deeper than that. The sex may be better, the other woman might take his feelings into consideration, ANYTHING!! You have to realize that people are people, and everyone needs love. There is somebody for everybody. You cannot judge a persons personal preference, it's not you. OH MY GOD!!! I just figured out the problem..IT'S NOT YOU! Are you mad because that man that you have your eye on has his eye on a white woman and you're black? #DBM (dont be mad!), it's not cute to be jealous of another woman, no matter her race. I'm sure you can do much better. I honestly don't give a damn about a black man dating a white woman. Men don't care about race either, they just want someone to love them and be submissive and no drama. Trust me. I can't even say I would be upset if I got cheated on for a white woman or any other raced woman for that matter because there is obviously something wrong in the relationship. At the same time I can call the man a coward for not just breaking everything off before the cheating even starts. It'll soon be 2010, take a chill pill and think about all the negative energy you use to be mad a at black man for dating outside of his race. You could be using that energy to at least find SOMEONE who will put up with that bullshit.

*Disclaimer: I know Iwas jumping all around but this is just my opinion and MY blog. You get the point of the topic.*


If You Could, You Would Get Rid Of Me.

Anyone who knows me personally, knows my character. I'm not the shady type because I'm actually sweet as sugar pie and very supportive until you get on my bad side, then I'm the chick you love to hate. They know my personal goals, aspirations and achievements that I wish to accomplish during my "dash". For those of you who don't realize what a "dash" is, it is the time between your birth and your death. If you take a look at an obituary, there is always a dash. You read about what a person has accomplished during their lifetime. Recently my great grandmother that is 91 was told she has three weeks to live. She is not sickly or anything. She is just tired. Everything is giving in and shutting down. I don't know exactly went on during her "dash" but from what I hear she had a great time living. Giving birth to eight children and surviving a heart attack and triple bypass surgery is enough. This situation has really opened my eyes to everything surrounding me. I always knew not to take my life and people for granted and to enjoy every moment that you live. Live your life to the fullest. I honestly don't know what in the hell I would do if I was told I had three weeks to live. It really hasn't hit me like its supposed to that she is slowly passing away. It never takes full effect until I actually see a person laying in a coffin. I don't think anyone knows like I know how it feels to loose someone close to your heart. Maybe a few but not many. I don't let my emotions show and I am a very non-affectionate person, because everyone that gets close always leaves me somehow. So through that, I've grown this skin that is tougher than steel.

My family is/was far from slackers. Weather they were gangsters, number runners, drug dealers/hustlers, lawyers, doctors, or congress people. No one is/was lazy. We all about the money and if you aren't you will not be around for distraction.
Despite all of the negative things that surround me here in Cleveland, I will NOT let these HATERS kill my pride or piss on my parade. It irritates me that people would rather be crabs in a bucket than crabs on the beach. I support everyone that is doing something positive and trying to change either themselves or change something for the better. I know everyone will not like you or take you serious, and you can hate me but why knock my hustle? I will still rise above and beyond of what is expected of me. Life is a challenge and I strive for excellence to conquer it by being all that I can be.


Stephanie Tubbs-Jones Foundation/CBC

Many of you know that I was quite M.I.A for the past week or so. My apologies. I was in D.C helping my heart, Mervyn with the foundation he started for his late mother Stephanie Tubbs-Jones. The even was very sexy and I am proud to say, a success! If you would like to donate please contact:

I was so happy and thrilled because Kelly and Tamina came down to help support the cause and we had a ball. They met Merv and I at Ruth Chris and it was all downhill from there. The three of us are like serious soul mates. You better believe what happens in D.C stays in D.C. LOL!!! Below are photos of our eventful weekend ENJOY!!


" Sorry if I ain't perfect
Sorry I don't give a fcuk
Sorry I ain't a diva
Sorry just know what I want
Sorry I'm not a virgin
Sorry I'm not a slut
I won't let you break me
Think what you want"


OPI Fall Collection

Who ever wears their own nails (no acrylic) should definately try out this matte nail polish. OPI has released their fall collection and I love it. You can add a clear coat to the tips of your nails to make it look like a french manicure but in color. Or you can just leave it plain and your nails will still look good. Stop by your nearest Sephora today and ask about OPI's Fall Collection.

The Colors:
Alpine Snow
Gargantuan Green
Grape La Paz-itively Hot
Lincoln Park After Dark
Russian Navy
You Don’t Know Jacques!


Then The Jealousy Kicks In

i dont usually internet blast people. matter of fact, i dont remember when i actually called somebody out by name on the internet. i always send subliminal messages to let the person to stop where they stand or a warning, if you will. so that they know for one i mean business and two it is not a game. i always thought it was disrespect to call someone out over the Internet and cowardly. in this case, i know where the bitch works and i also know where else to find her. i said i was not going to stoop to her level because i am way ahead of her in life. since i know she checks on me via world wide web, i am calling her out. Nicole. yes that is the tramps name. the "woof woof" and i used to be cool. we used to hang out frequently. one day her boyfriend up and moved out. i wondered why, he was screamin and you know yelling and all the shit you do to somebody when they hurt you or your feelings. i asked her what it was about and she told me 'he dont trust me because im a stripper'.
here is the real reason. she called herself fucking the niggas from the strip club and brought something home. trickin if you will. she is the bitch that will fuck for a buck and do somethin strange for a piece of change. after i found that out, i was still cool with her and didnt hold it against her, we are human. we all do silly stupid things right? WELL then the bitch crossed the line. a few nights after i turned down a night of kickin it with her, my ex calls me like 'you wont believe who just tried to push up on me at the strip club' of course her ass didnt pop into my mind until he said NICOLE. i was furious. of course he didnt talk to her because looking at her mouth, you could tell where they held the fireworks for fourth of july at. so i didnt confront her or anything, i just simply cut her off. A WHOLE YEAR & A HALF GOES BY and she stopped at my house. i wasnt home so someone from home calls me and puts her on the phone. she meets my friend Talayah and i up at this place called scorchers. she starts telling me about how her boyfriend was so abusive and how he did some bullshit, and i dunno a bunch of bologna. then she figures out no one cares and says she'll catch up with me later. whatever hoe. so she calls me and calls me sends me texts about how we should start our friendship over she dont strip no more and she goin to school and she work a nursing home.... no bitch im good. i dont need no friends.

ANOTHER YEAR GOES BY... so this afternoon im talking to my ex and hes like 'i ran into ur girl at the strip club lastnight' yes, the same girl--oops excuse me the same THIRTY YEAR OLD that said shes in school and working at a nursing home. RIIIIGGGHHHT.. so he goes on to say that she was sayin how pretty i was and that i need to be working up there. (uuuhhh--anyone who is smart knows you dont make no money at strip clubs in cleveland. sorry boo boo. you broke) *side note*- anyone who is close to me or who i let into my world knows all about SP. SO the bitch continues to spill the beans to my ex telling him ALL about SP and our relationship and how i should just be milking him for his money and all this crazy shit. of course a gutta butt hood rat ass simple minded bitch like her would never know the true meaning of love and having love for somebody and when u care about someone nothing else matters but your love for each other. then tell my ex that i was only using him for money. i just want to know what money did my ex have that i didnt? i get my own money... so thats when the jealousy kicks in. shes mad because i obviously have something she wants. DUUUH YANA! DUH! you just cant kick it with people who are below your stature. thats just like Donald Trump kickin it wit Tae the dope boy or HOV having lunch with your local rapper who doesnt even have a mixtape. DUH YANA-- hang out with people on your level! thats the lesson to everyone! do not hang out with hood rats ladies! you see i had to learn the hard way. or shit just stay to yourself. bitches aint shit...i tell you the truth.

i hope everyone learned something today: dont worry about the people in your past, there is a reason they didnt make it to your future.

My Beauty Sh*t

i've been procrastinating on sharing my beauty products. i use various different products and i switch it up often when i find out about something new. i dont necessarily recommend that you use everything that i post because every ones skin and hair is different. use at your own risk.i started using this product like four months ago and i can honestly say it works. its called BABY DONT BE BALD. you're only supposed to use it on your scalp because applying it to your actual hair, can make it sticky. since i shaved the side of my head i decided to let my hair grow back in and i can see the progress. it is actually growin in faster than expected.
i didn't notice that i used a bunch of PROCLAIM products. i use olive oil spray, cholesterol for my deep conditioner, and when i flat iron i use the gloss in the red bottle. i also use Silk Elements, Paul Mitchell, and my favorite is CANTU. Cantu works wonders and I recommend it to everyone.
since my skin is so oily and sensitive i can only use NEUTROGENA. i use the clear pore mask twice a week and i use the acne wash every day,twice a day. it makes my skin dry and flaky but then i just use cocoa butter on my dry, is my everyday body "stuff". if you click the picture you can get a larger clearer view of everything. i usually switch up lotions, in fact this is all i have left and i need to go shopping.

like most women, M.A.C is my favorite base make-up and concealer. i use NC40 in the winter with a bit of bronzer and NC42 i used to use until i started noticing a yellowish/pinkish tint. i no likey. for my lips, i use cocoa butter 'lip butter' to soften my lips up. cover girl eyelites mascara and the eye shadows i use are my everyday eyeshahows which consist of gold, black, and bronze.

i had to squeeze this in. my favorite scent/lotion from bath & body works. its called PEARBERRY and it's also discontinued so if its your favorite then you have to go online to order it.