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My Beauty Sh*t

i've been procrastinating on sharing my beauty products. i use various different products and i switch it up often when i find out about something new. i dont necessarily recommend that you use everything that i post because every ones skin and hair is different. use at your own risk.i started using this product like four months ago and i can honestly say it works. its called BABY DONT BE BALD. you're only supposed to use it on your scalp because applying it to your actual hair, can make it sticky. since i shaved the side of my head i decided to let my hair grow back in and i can see the progress. it is actually growin in faster than expected.
i didn't notice that i used a bunch of PROCLAIM products. i use olive oil spray, cholesterol for my deep conditioner, and when i flat iron i use the gloss in the red bottle. i also use Silk Elements, Paul Mitchell, and my favorite is CANTU. Cantu works wonders and I recommend it to everyone.
since my skin is so oily and sensitive i can only use NEUTROGENA. i use the clear pore mask twice a week and i use the acne wash every day,twice a day. it makes my skin dry and flaky but then i just use cocoa butter on my dry, is my everyday body "stuff". if you click the picture you can get a larger clearer view of everything. i usually switch up lotions, in fact this is all i have left and i need to go shopping.

like most women, M.A.C is my favorite base make-up and concealer. i use NC40 in the winter with a bit of bronzer and NC42 i used to use until i started noticing a yellowish/pinkish tint. i no likey. for my lips, i use cocoa butter 'lip butter' to soften my lips up. cover girl eyelites mascara and the eye shadows i use are my everyday eyeshahows which consist of gold, black, and bronze.

i had to squeeze this in. my favorite scent/lotion from bath & body works. its called PEARBERRY and it's also discontinued so if its your favorite then you have to go online to order it.

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