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Now That's A Bad B*tch

what man do you know that doesn't want a bad ass chick? i am always the one to give another female props if she is fly, sexy, or gorgeous. hell if she's all of the above i don't hate on fly bitches. on the other hand if you are a raggidy ass chick who dont keep yourself up then im gonna have to point the shit out. i hate when i see a raggidy weave, dirty stained up clothes, jeans that look like they can walk by them selves, dirty shoes--u get what im tryin to say. anyhow, i really do think that kanye hit the jackpot with Amber Rose. she is like super beautiful and somewhat looks flawless. i've seen her with long hair--i just was not feelin it. I love her with no hair, it brings out the beauty in her face. am i right or am i right?


Mista Jaycee said...

She is lovely. I like the short style cause it high lights her face. She was easy on the eyes though with the tresses. She has an outworldly quality though with the short style almost like Grace Jones. She too could blow your mind.

Jessenia said...

i agree with Mista Jaycee, it really brings out her face. she is just beautiful and Kanye is blessed to have her. however, i am sick of all the nonsense she has to go through because of her past. im sure she will only let it make her stronger. get it Amber!