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"I Don't Remember" -Yea, Okay.

i'm like always completely out of the loop when it comes to celebrity gossip and such. i used to often but lately i've just been in no need for gossip and falsies. truth be told i have barely been watching t.v. it just seems that reality t.v is just so super scripted and maybe i should just stick to my normal episodes: Scrubs, Desperate Housewives, King of Queens, Family Guy, First 48 and such. i also have been trying to be a teacher to myself by researching different things. google has become my best friend. anyways, back to what i really want to talk about. i have never really been a chris brown fan or a big rihanna fan. their whole situation has just been dragged out to its entirety. like the wheels have fallen off of that ride and i really dont think people care no more. i mean i never did. there are millions of domestic violence cases going on around the world and the media chooses to pick up this one and run it in the ground and drag it through the mud. then the fact they had this guy on Larry King and this jerk says he doesn't remember hitting the girl? pa-lease,guy. were you intoxicated? i mean did you black out from hitting her? i mean i dont even care about who hit who first. i dont care about what caused it. why dont i care? because these people mean absolutely nothing to me. how do you really care about a celebrity who just doesnt know you and all you know is their music/entertainment? i cant. then parents are all ranting a raving about the situation because their children look up to them. maybe you should be parents and your children should look up to YOU and someone who has actually made a DIFFERENCE in the actual world and not the entertainment business. its fine to let your children listen to their music and watch them perform but in my opinion its not okay to let them indulge on these peoples personal lives, granted it is all over the t.v and radio. teach your children something that will have a positive effect on their future.
on the other hand, i've been told i was "hating" on lil mama because i said they should call her "lil papi" because she looks like a lil boy. so shoot me. this lil chick is on this show on MTV giving her half cent on who can and cant dance? (i know im late) who even cares bout her opinion? like, how can you take advice from somebody who sales no records and her one hit wonder song was "my lipgloss is cool, my lip gloss be poppin" LMAO! CHICK you made a song abut lipgloss and i havent heard anything since!!!!!!! i'm really going to need you record companies to stop giving just anybody a deal. where is she now anyways? lmao. im done with her.

So something that i have been using forever now i finally decide to blog about. Neutrogena Rain Bath. they have come out with this new one and its a grapefruit scent. its more for women now, whereas the other one was more like a masculine scent. don't get me wrong i love masculine shit but i like the grapefruit one a lot better. it leaves you feeling so extra clean and refreshed. might i add i only use neutrogena products anyways. its the only thing that doesn't dry my skin out, and since my skin is extremely sensitive it works really well because it has salicylic acid instead of benzoyl peroxide in it. so go try it out and let me know how you like it.


Jessenia said...

i have heard about this product for a long time and i have yet to try it. next item on my list....check!

Jay Midnyte said...

you know how tv is. They seem to worship the fake.