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Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm actually happy with Valentine's Day this year. (even though it's snowing right now)I always wake up on the wrong side of the bed but not today! I wake up on the right side of the bed for all holidays including my Tonight is my party but I still have nothing to wear. So that is my mission today. So to everyone, have a safe Valentine's Day. Don't eat too much and make sure you use a rubber. lol.


So Far...

My day is really shitty. I'm sitting here eating chocolate on chocolate birthday cake. (Who's random birthday? I don't know. I think my sister just wanted something sweet and bought this cuz no one here has a birthday coming up until mine in March. ) I seriously feel like I need a drink, and I need it NOW. Jack Daniels straight. I could drink it like Kool-Aid at this exact moment. My party is tomorrow night and I'm so not ready. Nothing to wear. I feel like shit. I'm stressed. I just want to hid under a rock. I found out some shit today that really pissed me off. So I'm just a bit all over the place right now. I think too much and too deep about shit. My mind runs a billion zillion miles an hour, no destination--it just runs. Although I did read my horoscope today, and you know that's really important to me. So here is what it read:
Becoming overwhelmed with the workload today will hinder your progress. You're normally composed, but something distracting your mind may keep you from giving a hundred percent. Tonight may be a good one to go out, as social aspects are highly favored.
Basically saying I need to go have a drink. lol. Its only 11:42 am. Doesn't matter to me. Who ever put a time on the consumption of alcohol?


A Womans Liberation

I grew up a while back
and took off my tight jeans
and those other little, skimpy things
to liberate my body.

I put away my
old love letter
from long-gone boyfriends
to liberate my heart.

I discarded my false nations of
how young ladies should act
in male-dominated societies
to liberate my mind.

I dared to picture myself a heaven,
so that I could reach
for a better tomorrow
to liberate my soul.

And then I flew
far away
like a bird
in no cage.

-Omar Tyree