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Moving Forward...

Over the weekend, I had a great time with the most perfect friends anyone could ever ask for. Chicago was great and every moment was a memorable one. I got a chance to hang out with my cousin and her children at the beach and did a little bit of shopping. Since they were filming Transformers 3 there I got to see the amazing set from a distance of course. I didn't get any good photos but there were so many destroyed cars and stuff all around it was great. Below are just a few photos, of me. lol. While at the beach my little cousin Micha was eating sand and then offered me some. After I told him i didn't want any like a bazillion times, he force fed it to me by throwing it in my Unfortunately there are no photos of that. hahaha.. P.S I dont wanna see another glass,bottle,cup of alcohol for a veeerrryyy long time.