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What Do You Think? Honestly...

Cuz I'm going to tell the truth. Love me or hate me I really dont give a fcuk. I like T.T. a lot because she's a unique lil lady. She recently went blonde and I'm really not feelin it. I was cool with the jet black curly fro or the straight look. Those looks accent her strong features. I'm in no place to judge and neither is anyone else, but I don't like this new look. Sorry T.T. I mean no harm but I just don't like it. No one pays me to like shit (I wish they did) but who cares its my opinion and thumbs down booboo. :)


My Hair...

Everyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with Drag Queens. lol It may sound gross but I have my reasons and my reasons are far from sexual. ANYWAYS. I have such huge drag queen tendencies! The biggest one is my hair weave. I am in love with hair weave and the difference it makes in a woman. All women should explore different things when it comes to make-up hair and clothes! Not to mention the things to please your man... Recently I had to retire my 26inch hair weave. I'm so saddened by it but it was my best friend for 3 months and it really killed me to take it out. Now I'm rocking the natural me. Yeah it sucks. Best believe I will be getting it back pretty soon. I might go even longer next time. Big curls and big hair are my thing. I don't know why but it just is. I am a drag queen at heart. Not too loud with the make-up though. Although I am a makeup whore. That's a whole nother story though. booooo I miss my extensions. They will be back..Don't you worry....


Well, Mz. Moon and I have been bitching about our sites not being updated and blah blah blah. Well Rocc redid her whooole site which I'm excited about and so is she. Also, I've been submitted to a magazine that I will be in their January 21,2009 issue (I think). I will let you know the magazine when it drops. but Yay team Iyuana and Ashley!! Woot woot!! Thanks Rocc and Amber!Thank Me and Ashley for looking wonderful in this new photo!! We are fcuking amazing!!!

So Yeah..

This is what he gets for his 24th birthday.. My 24th is March 29... hmmmm hint hint..


I am Loved

Well, about a few weeks ago I had some type of stomach flu bug type thing which turned into regular flu mixed in with strep throat. Yuck huh? Just so happens that someone who is sweet as pie decided to send me an edible arrangement accompanied by tons of balloons, a very sweet card and a cute teddy bear. I thought this was so sweet and thoughtful. It's wonderful to know that folks do think enough of me to be so kind. :) THANKS! No names need to be exposed, they know who they are, I really can't thank you enough.



Well, I'm sitting here, having a glass of wine and coughing because I'm partly over my cold. I think I've kinda given up on OSU, but not fully! I have faith and I hope they win honestly! Those that don't know, football is my semi-shit. Meaning if I could choose a sport to watch it would be football. I'm the chick that doesnt mind watching the sports channel with her man. I don't mind being in a mans world just as long as I can be a woman in it. lol. By the way, the last time I went to get my nails done, the little man tells me my nails are lifting really bad and proceeds to ask me who did my nails. So I told him. He starts downtalking them and says "with me your nails will never lift again". I dont get it, why are they in competition? Anyhow, my nails are lifting! So now back to my normal nail guy.... Back to the Its 3rd quarter OSU 6 TEXAS 10..Just fantastic huh?

No Passangers On My Plane

YES! We made it!(2009) I know I'm a few days late. Unfortunately I've been sick and haven't felt like doing anything. So in result of being sick I missed the Lil Wayne Concert but my partner in crime made it there and I was with her in spirit! 2008, was a semi good year. Made more accomplishments than I've ever made in all my 23 years of life. I've met a lot of wonderful people along with the not so wonderful people. Lost some friends gained some as well as associates. Yeah so what, --it took me like 7 months and shit, for me to realize somethings. Now in 2009 I am ready for the world and a little bit more prepared and less lost, as I once was. I've decided as a person if things don't go my way I always got to try no matter how long that shit may take. No matter the situation. As far as modeling in 2009, I will be more aware of who I work with and their stipulations and if we are all on the same page. Not everyone you work with wants to see you do good. Team work makes the dream work. Right now I'm my own team. Which is fine. A wise person always said "If you want something done, do it yourself!" That is so true. So with that being said the launch of will be sometime in April or May! YAY!! WHOOOT WHOOOT!!! I will be working with the web designer so that it is personalized down to the font! lol. I will keep you posted on all of that though. Anyhow, that was just an update on whats to come in 2009 for lil miss! lol