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This past Sunday was my 25th Birthday Party along with Fan Appreciation for Cleveland's own Grammy Nominated Young Yonny for producing the wonderful song [which was my birthday theme song] "Say Ahh" by Trey Songz featuring Fabolous. My special guest was Jayonna Fabro and she is such a great friend! I love her so much!! My friend Tamina came in from New York (
I of course had a very very great time, not to mention my whole weekend was great!! I'd love to relive every moment. It was more than special and memorable. Anyhow, please feel free to view the photos and such. :o) My actual birthday is until March 29-- but it's all good. I want to give a special thanks to Mervyn Jones-(My brother/cousin),Jeannine, Courtney, Tamina, Justin, Shonte, Yonny, Rise, Jayonna, Ashley T., ROB Hushmoney, and everyone else that came out to party with me! You all were great and I love you!! I also want to say thank you to the Ritz Carlton staff--FOR NOTHING!! They didn't put my cake in the fridge like THEY SUGGESTED- it completely fell over because the icing and filling melted-- and now they owe me a brand new one, which I will be picking up on Thursday.