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Iyuana VS. TrophyWife

Look at the photo.. Whats the difference? I will explain shortly.

I received a question via . Basically the person said that they know the real me and I'm cute and all but why do I act as if I have an attitude over the net. Now, not to say that anyone really know me and what defines me within. But anyone who has known me two months or better knows for a fact that I have had an attitude problem since forever. Its not anything that I do purposely. I'm just not one for bullshit, and I have a short fuse. If I don't like you, the attitude is 10 times worse. My question to that person is if you know me so well, why would you send that question through the Internet? Anyone who KNOWS ME knows that if they have a question about how I'm acting, you can call me and not HIDE through because your name clearly does not show up. Apparently you don't know me. lol. DUMB ASS. and that is probably the reason I have an attitude. Back to the photo. Whats the difference? The difference is EVERYTHING. IYUANA looks sweet. I am quiet with a very short temper and I have social anxiety. I also care about the people around me but very quick to put someone in their place over something as small as an ant or big as an elephant. I like to sit at home or lay in my bed all day with wine. I'm not hard to please but I am also not easily impressed. Very nonchlant if you will.TROPHYWIFE is just a name I use for GLAMOUR MODELING. I can turn TROPHYWIFE on for the flash and trophywife gets turned right back off when all the heavy make-up and skimpy clothing comes off. Trophywife is more bold and obnoxious and whatever comes up comes out. She is just eye candy. Not your typical "trophy wife". Please remember that Trophy Wife does not define me as a person or how I feel or think. I AM NOT MY JOB. Objections?

My Weakness...

Yes, You guessed it! a nice Chocolate Man.... What woman do you know that will deny one of these men? They're like chocolate eye candy. Just makes your soul turn inside out and eat chocolate cake! It's just a look that is just unexplainable... I haven't even looked at a lightskin guy in so long, I forget what they even look like. Brownskin men just seem to carry themselves like no other. Sorry lightskin guys, black is back and will never go anywhere. Tell me what YOUR weakness is, it can be anything.

Most Expensive Parfum

I love to smell good. I'm not talking about the five for $20 at Victorias Secret either.Yea it smells wonderful, but everyone has it. I like real perfume or shall I say "Parfum"-lol-.. Anyways, its called "No.1". Its the most expensive and it's $2,150 per oz. It's hand-made lead crystal with a .33-carat diamond in the neck. No. 1 is limited by the scarcity of its ingredients, which include ylang ylang specially grown in Madagascar, vanilla, orris, natural gum resin, sandalwood and bergamot.Don't worry because it's for men and women (I'm curious how it smells). Guiness Book of World Records made it official to the creator Clive Christian in London. For more information on this bottle of gold please visit

Other highly priced Parfums

New Things To Come

Many blogs that I read, they talk about celebrities and what they do or got caught doing. Yes, to an extent it is interesting to see what they do for publicity. Then it gets very old, and you start to wonder why people think their lives are so interesting. They are people too and they do the same dumb shit we all do, except the whole world is watching them, and they got a lil bit more money. So since everyone is doing "that" with their blogs, I've decided to make my blog MORE about ME and what I do on a daily basis. It wont be a tell all but it will be a tell most. I was informed that people are interested in what I do and how I do it. I never really thought so but I think this will be a way to step my blog game up and keep you posted on the silly, stupid but normal shit I do and say. lol. I mean I've been doing blogs for, went through a small period of time when I did a gossip column for Black Sports, and I've even started blogging for The Stephanie Tubbs Jones Foundation. All of those are fine and I love them all but I feel like I haven't paid that much attention to my own blog. So along with blogging for the other businesses and sticking to their rules, I am going to break the rules with mine. So stay tuned for a better blog from me :o)