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You Really Don't Know...

Seriously, I know that I am a beautiful young lady--reguardless of anything anyone says. I have confidence. There is no other Iyuana-Nichole. Many have tried but they all fail. Any female knows that if they feel good, smell good, look good, and show confidence, a man will approach you. Of course, all different types of men approach me--most I decline because THEY don't show confidence in themselves and start saying "whatever your man isn't doing, I will".. I don't like that because it shows that you are a weak man. I like to know that I CANNOT do the Salsa all over the guy I'm dating or who I'm with. I need some try of balance and control. Anyhow, plenty of men approach me--yada yada ya- and I believe a few of them have been on the DL now that I peek back at small incidents.. But how DO YOU tell if the man that approaches you is on the DL? I know all of you women who are out of the loop really want to know huh? There are many signs that we as women overlook because this guy has you in some type of trans. Unfortunately the signs are not in any way a man dresses. Sorry, gay and straight me tend to like the same fashions unless of course he is in your closet and acting over dramatic because thats called a DIVO or Drang Queen. Below are a few signs.

deep eye contact with another man

lack of sexual desire

emotional detatchment

very secretive and says you ask too many questions

display of excessive hatred towards gays

Shaving body hair

trying to have TOO many women

gay porn/internet activities

frequently hangs out at the gym

wearing a MAN bag--(not a louis or gucci back pack an actual purse like bag.)

Now he doesnt have to do all of these signs, these are just things to look out for. So that means A.You leave him alone cuz he wont ever in a million and seven years admit he likes men-or- B.Use protection..Double up if you will because more than likely he's dipping his spoon in the peanut butter jar. Then Again Ladies, its not about the man being on the DL. Its about how you react to the situation. Its not just DL men spreading diseases its the lack of protection and unfaithful men PERIOD, no matter if he's sleeping with men, women, or animals. AND remember there are 1 out of 2 men in this world that are DL. They always claim their metrosexual. -rolls eyes- RIIIIIIIIGHT and I'm a real princess from Jordan.


-No Homo-

I have no problem with my sexuality...So for me to give another woman props just comes natural for me because I wouldn't want another female to feel uncomfortable telling me I look cute, good, sexy, fly, etc. Doesn't even bother me. I am a very open minded person and I have learned to take constructive criticism. If someone tries to put me on blast, I don't get made at all. It just goes to show that they are ignorant and instead of asking they make assumptions because of the he say,she say drama they have filled in their sorry, pitiful, worthless lives. I'm not mad- I love every single one of my haters. Anyhow- back to the subject at hand. I personally think that Victoria Beckhamm is a baaaaaad bitch! She can dress her ass off and I love it! Many women hate and say "Yea she can dress but she ain't that cute" HUH?! are u shittin me? That is a beautiful woman! I admire her right along with Kimora Lee. Now you tell me who you think can top either one of those females... Take your time, I can wait...