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I Got No Time For Frontin

"Aries may seem arrogant, but thats just cause they know what they want"
I Know Just what I'm Wantin..

I am a true ARIES.

A lot of people don't believe in Astrology or Numerology. Well I believe in all of that stuff. I also believe in good and bad waves/frequency. If you put something into the universe it will happen, no matter if its good or bad. I could go on and on about things no one would believe so, I'll just save my "weird" stuff for another post because it'll throw you off. Do you believe in Astrology or Numerology? What are some of your other beliefs?


Sean V Walker


Pure Natural Beauty

I think a lot of people "sleep" on Solange. I love that she is free spirited and that she doesn't care what the critics say about her. She is the complete opposite of her sister and in my eyes she has never lived in her sisters shadow. No one knows that she writes some of Beyonce's music and is the creative mind behind a ton of things!

She cut her hair off last year and now that its growing back, it looks great on her. She doesn't need make-up she is a natural beauty and as most of us know, she is very outspoken with a beautiful voice. I love her album and she is so down played.

Product Review

I used to use so many different products for my hair. I normally don't use a ton of oily products because my skin and hair are naturally oily. If I don't wear hair extensions then I usually have to wash my hair like every two days, which is a pain in my behind because my hair is so thick and it takes a very long time to blow dry and use a flat iron. Then once all is said and done it is very fluffy. No Me Gusta. Also, my natural hair color is an ashy, sandy brown and it tends to look dry. So the first product i used is called Proclaim Glossing Polish. It is non-oily and its a color and heat protector.
I used the above product until I discovered the "liquid crack" for hair. Its called Nourishing Coconut Milk by Organix. Its an Anti-Breaking Serum. All you need is a drop the size of a quarter, then blow dry. If your hair is wet then you can go right ahead and flat iron and your hair will be silky smooth. It leaves your hair shiny and healthy looking. It works wonders if you have no chemicals in your hair, like myself!

I like both products, but NOW I'll use the coconut milk over anything. It doesn't weight your hair down and it makes your hair feel good!

Real Sh*t

"Never ignore a person who loves & cares for you. One day you may realize you've lost the moon while counting the stars."


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Today 9 years ago we lost the beautiful, humble spirited Aaliyah. You are gone but you will NEVER be forgotten. Rest In Peace.