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The Same Girl

There is so much wrongery going on in the world today, yesterday and tomorrow.

I don't even know where to start with this one. Okay--

The dating scene in general is all discombobulated. You never know who's checkin who...Don't think you're the only one cuz I guarentee that the chick sittin under the dryer next to you at the hair salon is datin the same dudes you're dating...
Knowing that women over populate men (in my world), I pick my men like I pick my fruit when I want a serious relationship. Seriously you have to be extremely careful. Men and Women both are sneaky. Guys will live with their chick- make her believe that she's the only one for him while he's driving her car to meet up with the next chick. SMH... How can a female be so silly? I have witnessed it over and over again.

I AM THE SAME GIRL your man leaves home in YOUR SHIT to come see. No i am not by far proud of it. HEY, I'm not the dummy in the relationship. Sure if Im not in a Relationship--I'll be girlfriend number two so I can send your dumb ass back home to your chick at night. lol. Sounds ruthless and disgusting- but you're the one putting yourself in this position. Because at the end of the day-- I DONT CARE....

The situation usually happens as follows: The guy can't run game on me and tell me a bunch of bull because I see through the game and I think like a man. I'm always 2 steps ahead of the game. I'm never the chick giving my hard earned money to a man only so that he can go out and trick on other females. Men know who they can and cannot run all over. So what do they do? They keep the "stay at home" girlfriend for security, so they will have a place to sleep at night if you will. The "same girl" is the one they really want to be with because she gives no drama, he has fun with her, he can be himself and can handle her business without bribing a man to stay by giving him her last penny.
You will NEVER catch me giving my money to a man. Dude, bring home the bacon and i'll cook it-OKAAAY? Seriously though...Is it wrong if you know the guy you're dating has a girlfriend? I don't think so especially if you just want to have fun. That's your business and my opinion. If there is no ring--no worries. Kapeesh?

Don't Be Mad-Get Real... Play the game or Get played..FLAT OUT.

*SIDENOTE*-- Dating people in your city is so last year thats how drama starts...try dating someone in a different state.



You know, I wasn't going to post anything about the topic, because I have respect for the "expired". I have had my own personal views on the death of Michael Jackson. For those of you who didn't keep up with my tweets, here goes- and this is by far the truth weather you like it or not. I lost a few followers because they couldn't handle the truth or felt guilty because they fit the description of being a douche bag.

Michael Jackson was a great performer and obviously the "King of Pop". He had a great impact on the whole world and a very big influence to many of the artists our children look up to today. BUT it's such a sickening sorry shame that people start back recognising him AFTER he passed away. Let's face it, many of you have dragged this man through mud FACE DOWN, dawging the shit out of him, if you will. None of you even understood that this mans life. The biggest challenge for him was just to be accepted as he was and NOT for what lies people made up of him. Yes I was a bit sad because he passed away, and even cried at one point through the memorial service. He had no influence on me personally because I am not a performer. I loved his music and the way he performed and every single one of his music videos, but all of a sudden when it was announced that he passed away, everyone ran to the stores to buy his music, posters etc. Why didn't you purchase that stuff when he was alive? And that goes for anyone who passed away. You all only realise how wonderful a person WAS when they EXPIRE!!! Then all of a sudden you love him. Someone responded to me on twitter and asked how could I be so cold hearted and that they were only remembering him and don't I laugh and talk about good times when a family member passes away. Well Duh that's someone that shared the same blood as me HELLO I actually knew that person and spent QUALITY time with them. You don't actually know Michael Jackson.Yea you spent Quality time trying to do the moon walk and singing his songs and tearing him down. You just know that he was an all around great performer who influenced music stars today. Everyone is all of a sudden exploiting him and trying to tell what THEY think what happened. The proof is in the pudding, he had an addiction to something that made him feel better. Its sad to say but that's the conclusion. Now people want to keep his music alive. His music was alive when he was alive you just didn't acknowledge it. He was a great man and probably sweet as pie. Then to top it all off, his own father falls in the same category as most of you who contributed to the rumors. He can't even get a break six feet under.

I'm Out.

R.I.P Michael Jackson