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You Might Be.

Someone sent me a link to a blog post today titled "Naked With Socks On: Revealing Everything While Still Leaving Something To The Imagination." [I might be a little bit late finding out about this site] ( The topic is: What Women In Love Do

Being that obviously I am a woman, I completely agree with the whole post. I was completely shocked because every sign that explained what the woman would do or is doing is complete truth. Although, love is over rated because people do not know how to communicate and most men want their cake and eat it too. When a woman is showing her love, support, affection and concern GENUINELY then I do believe that it's time for the man to open his eyes a little bit wider to see what's going on. Men do not understand that every woman is not out to "get them" in a bad way and they have up some sort of wall or guard that they are afraid to let down. Men should not let one horrible incident change their way of thinking or what they are used to. Keep in mind that if the man is truly interested in you, he will make it CLEAR what he wants from you and will show you in every way that you are the one for him. Every one is different. If these following bullet points apply to you then you just might be in love...
  • cook for him.
  • learn about his favorite sport
  • watch/do something you wouldn't normally
  • won't nag
  • compromise
  • you completely trust him
To get the full details of the bullet points CLICK HERE
It's impossible to love someone that isn't showing you any love back.
What are your thoughts?