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Yea So..

I know it's been a minute since I've posted something... I've been a wee bit busy. I actually did have time to hang with my boo Hadar. We went to have wings and watched this boring ass movie that we both ended up falling asleep on. She said I was snoring--I believe it... Anyhow, let me just talk about this horrible city I live in for a moment. First of all, it's freezing here, don't get me wrong I love winter clothes but I just can't seem to stay warm!!! I'm actually ready to go!! There's so much hate here, I mean I believe every city has it. Every chick here thinks they are a model because they have a make-up case and a digital camera. Yes I do some modeling but that's not the first thing I shout out to people when they ask me my occupation. They usually say "so you a model huh?" so I proceed to say "yes, but I do home health care as well". I don't knock nobodies hustle, get it how you live, you know? I've really been trying to stay away from night life, and only going out if I have to or if I feel the need to. I like to chill and relax. Unlike some chicks here who feel like they HAVE to go out to try and get saved... STOP IT ALREADY. Why don't you hoes in Cleveland get like me and find a nice guy and hang out with him? For future references to all you dunb bitches in Cleveland who THINK I have time to hate on you, KILL IT. The guys you talk to and tell all your business to happen to be friends of mine and they let me know what the deal is. No names need to be thrown out there. I just want you to know that I AM NOT THINKING ABOUT YOUR WHACK ASSES! My money is more important than your life. It's a new year so keep my name out of your mouth because your name was never in mine. Kapeesh? Moving right along---> Keeping you updated on what I plan to do before March. I'll be in Tamapa, Florida for a little bit, then off to New Jersey. Then I'll be right back in cold ass Cleveland by March and then right back out to someplace warm!!