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Master Card isnt the only company who has a black card. I really don't feel like typing out everything about it so here is a tid bit: It is only available to 1% of United States residents to ensure the highest caliber of personal service is provided to every Cardmember. Sounds like someone's don't get me wrong. I'm a visa holder, hopefully they let me Okay for the rest of the information on the Visa Master Card visit

a nice chocolate surprise

Please tell me that I am not the only female who thinks this man is sexy...
Somebody please get me a glass of ice water cuz this man is HOTT!!


Brook and I had a breif convo about our silent partners. We didn't say any names or anything we both just know we have silent partners. It's better that way, to keep down all of the drama and all of that extra shit when you dont want people all up in. So, basiclly-- I'm done.. Yup, so Brook if you reading this (which I know you will eventually) I'm done. I've totally given up. I think I'm a lot happier by myself.. Well for right now. I guess we as women have a lot of patientce for the guys we have so much love for and then we make mistakes and all of that. But yes, I'm done and I feel so much better getting that off my chest. :)

Anyhow, I've had these little sayings on my mind for a little while now and I've really been thinking about them. The first one is "Birds of a feather flock together". I dont think that is true by far. For real though, everyone is their own person. I get it, people that share the same interest usually click faster but truthfully in the end everyone is still going to part their seperate ways--am I correct? The second saying is "Can't turn no hoe into a housewife"--Haha yea you can. Only if that person is willing to change for the better. Just like alcoholics and crack heads change.. If that person wants to change then they will.. Those are just my thoughts. I was thinking about it because I used to have this friend who was just all out there and I could do was be a friend to her. No matter what I said to her she still did what she wanted to. So that just proves my point...



Sugar Factory

I found out about this site called Sugar Factory from Kim Kardashians Blog. They sell these crystal rhinestone lollipop sticks that you can screw different sucker flavors on and off... check out the site!

Cleveland SUCKS!

Today when I woke up. I looked a H.A.M (Hot Ass Mess)

And So Did OUTSIDE!!!

Don't get me wrong, I love winter because of the clothes and cute coats and hats but right now, I can't get out of my driveway and it sucks. I love Cleveland in the summer, hangin out in the hood walkin to the corner store, playin in the sprinklers, goin to the dirty lake. lol. Right now, it's so not cool to be stuck like this. I can't even go get my Venti Starbucks FIX!! I have one every day and I know if I don't get one by 3pm I'll get a head ache!

Yes, it's sad to say that my little dodge is stuck in the driveway. Can't move to the front, can't move to the back. I'll be damned if I go outside and try to brush the snow off. I'm so good on that.


So Sick & Filthy With Benji's I Can't Spend...

BUT... since all of my money goes towards things that I don't need, I may as well snag this.

This is the LV Galleria PM.

I want to go get it sooooo bad I can taste it! As well as this new duffel bag they have. Might I add its waterproof. Not that I'll be scuba diving with it but its really nice!

Anyhow, so I've been a member of myspace since the site opened. They have deleted my original page, but it didn't matter because I had a back-up page. So I was forced to make a new personal page. Anyhow, through myspace someone hipped me on to model mayhem. FINE. So while being a member on model mayhem, this guy by the name of ROCK SOLID (old and tired, by the way) hits me up and tried to get on with me and all of that. At first he was cool and claimed to be an ex-body builder turned rapper turned model turned model agency. Whatever homeboy. So he emails me with his phone number and gets upset that I never called him or had time for him and all of that. The old me was a very nice person who denied no one of their speech, kindness and all of that. Mind you I was in a relationship and wasn't looking for anyone to be a friend, my side lover or anything. I was happy and content with whom I was involved with (fcuk him now) but anyways, this guy named ROCK SOLID gets upset and "dawgs" me. FINE who cares. I'm too mature to be going back and forth with an over sized, thick necked, non-rapping ass model of his own modeling agency guy. So like 6 months later this guy has one of his "models" hit me up telling me I made the mistake of my life by dissing thick neck and that she's so jealous of his girlfriend and all of that. My thing is, if you are one of his models, why the fcuk are you telling me this dumb bullshit about his personal life and that you saw the imprint of his dick?? I don't give a damn about him. I have a type/standards and he obviously doesn't fit in either of those categories for Iyuana-Nichole. So I proceed to tell her thank you but no thanks. So she hits me up again about a month after that trying to send me a casting call about a 50cent and Kanye West video shoot. Come on-I know it wasn't a real chick hitting me up it was his ass and on top of that, anyone who knows 50 knows he can't stand Kanye and they would never do a song together. LET'S CUT THE BULLSHIT!!! So I tell her/him ever so politely on myspace "thank you but no thanks, and please stop messaging me". Do you know this tramp or "thick neck" (which I think it was him) writes me back and TRIED to dawg me, saying "No wonder why Rock Solid doesn't like you, you're a rude bitch" LMFAO!!! So that goes to show that it was him. What chick do you know that cares about what I say about a MAN unless either it was him posing as someone else or it was the chick typing for him. DUMB ASS. So I go to write her back and I'm blocked. lol. Only because she knew I was about to let her ass have it. So I proceed to hit the loser up a.k.a Thick Neck to tell him about being professional with his models and if he has a problem bring it to me. So he hits me back telling me that I am a ugly person and all this bullshit. So I go to write his UGLY NON TALENT HAVING ASS back and I'm blocked. Once again.. lol.. I'm not trippin though cuz that's what COWARDS do. All of this because he is a sore loser and didn't want to be shut down by the ever so GORGEOUS Iyuana-Nichole a.k.a Trophywife. Not to toot my own horn but honestly if I wasn't attractive as I am he wouldn't of hit up. So the whole point of this post is: Don't You hate when someone "calls" themselves dawging you over the Internet then when you go to chew their asses out they block you? How annoying is that? Somebody please tell me that's happend to them or are you the one who's done it?

By the way, you can listen to his terrible music by clicking HERE . I think my burps and farts against the instrumental of Universal Mind Control sound better than his rapping ALONE. Don't forget to check out the photos too. Oh yeah, check out his top friends which are clearly photo shopped/photo bucket on his page LMAO!! all you have to do is mouse over it and it says "photo bucket". Dude only has four hundred something comments on his page. Okay I'm done now you go and get a good laugh in.

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