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Cleveland SUCKS!

Today when I woke up. I looked a H.A.M (Hot Ass Mess)

And So Did OUTSIDE!!!

Don't get me wrong, I love winter because of the clothes and cute coats and hats but right now, I can't get out of my driveway and it sucks. I love Cleveland in the summer, hangin out in the hood walkin to the corner store, playin in the sprinklers, goin to the dirty lake. lol. Right now, it's so not cool to be stuck like this. I can't even go get my Venti Starbucks FIX!! I have one every day and I know if I don't get one by 3pm I'll get a head ache!

Yes, it's sad to say that my little dodge is stuck in the driveway. Can't move to the front, can't move to the back. I'll be damned if I go outside and try to brush the snow off. I'm so good on that.


brook lynne carter. said...

omg. i cant even relate, girl.

Mista Jaycee said...

Wow! Sorry Lady,
Well, I know you got a cool friend with some rock salt that will help. Be sure to stop by check out all the post and leave lots of comments. Trust me you'll dig it!
Sending you sunshine in LBC