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Let's Be Real...

Conversations don't always go to well with friends and I. I really don't know what is in the water now but people are so wrapped up over materialistic things and its annoying me.

Last night while at Applebee's with my two homies Ebony and Vanessa, the topic came up about wedding rings and planning proposals. I am a realist and my answers were totally different than theirs. Ebony was kind of in the middle but Vanessa was saying the complete opposite of what I was trying to say.

If a man I truly loved, no matter what career he had or amount of money he had to his name approached me with NO ring and asked me to marry him, then I wouldn't decline him. Love does not have a price on it and if you want to be in my life forever then that already impresses me. Vanessa on he other hand was saying: "If a guy came to me with no ring asking to marry me- I would say no! where is my ring." To me thats just crazy town. That's not being considerate of your mans feelings. If you know he dont got it like that then don't be harsh, at least he wants to spend his life with you--how do you know you aren't going to get a ring later? So she says "he could at least get a three hundred dollar band to present because at least it shows that he planned asking me to take his hand in marriage, because weddings are about planning"... PLEASE DONT EXCUSE ME IF IM WRONG but-- if you love your man and want to be with him for the rest of your life then you will marry him even if its in the living room. You are married to take care of each other-- thick and thin-- til death til you part.. Not "with this big fat ass diamond rock i thee wed because it shows that i can take care of you". Life is not about materialistic things and all that shit can be taken away at any given moment anyways. You CANNOT live off of the fact that you have a ring. Also Ebony says "how do you tell someone you're engaged with no ring? thats embarrassing". How-- why is it anyones business but yours where your ring is? I dont know-- I just know that I would be happy with a plain old band. The bigger the rock does not mean there is more love. You never know what could happen, he might upgrade your ring every year or every few years. I bet if you're ungrateful then you won't get shit. Maybe that I just dont give two fucks about how big my ring is because love is love-- love is not diamonds and keeping up with the Jones'. Maybe I'm just used to flashy shit guys try to throw at me and I'm not impressed. Plain Jane me up baby!