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Diet Time...

Now that the holidays are almost over I can start back my health nut shit. I have come to realize that I'm gettin a bit thick. I lost a few pounds over the summer but its coming back and I just won't let that ride out. The other day I bought this dance dvd that's SUPPOSED to help me get rid of the extra flab, and tighten up. Of course along with me eating the right things. I'm not exactly fat but I can stand a chance of toning up...

What's Your Addiction?

Well, I have this sick addiction to make-up and every beauty product you could possibly name. I’ll stand in Sephora, Walgreens, or CVS for at least an hour every time I step foot in the door looking for something new to try. My favorite make-up has to be MAC and Smashbox. As far as beauty products and skin care I use all Neutrogena products but I often drift off into St.Ives and Aveeno.
Another huge obsession I have is with my teeth. They aren’t the greatest teeth because they are little. I think my little brother and I have the same sized teeth and he’s three. Anyways, I want to get veneers but I heard they make your breath smell after a while because whatever is left of your teeth start to decay. Anyhow, what’s your addiction?

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My Favorite Snack...

I know I really shouldn't be eating this but I sneak it every now and again. It's Nutella on toast. Nutella is like a cocoa-hazelnut spread you can find in the peanut butter and jelly isle. Try it out and you won't be able to give it


Well it's rare that I get updates every week on my site. I am pleased to say for the past 2 weeks I've been getting updated regularly. So this picture posted is one photo from the set I shot. I actually like this set. It's rare that I like a whole set.


I Know...

Everyone wants to be a singer... Today I was listening to Solange's recent album, and if she can get her ass in the booth and sing, well damnit- I can too. Don't get me wrong, I can't sing but I can try. So I was talking to Ashley and we are really just considering getting in the booth for kicks and giggles. I don't know what I was on but I was so high off of life and exposed myself to her and now everyone who's reading this that when I was in like the 5th grade I tried out for a play. Peter Pan at that. I had stage fright and I didn't make the final cut but my cousin Cassidi She was an Indian in the background. Anyways-- really considering puttin out a mixtape. Skittlez can't rap-I can't sing so we should do a no disrespect to Skittlez but let just be for real for a second.



Well I do this personal blog on A few weeks back I posted this picture that says "I love a hater- You keep me motivated" with my myspace url at the bottom. A few people like it and suggested that the saying should be printed up on some shirts. So since I love arts and crafts and everything about art and fashion, I decided to create the very first "HATER" shirt. Its still unfinished but its on its way to perfection! So if you would like to purchase a handpainted "HATER" shirt then feel free to email me with your gender, size, and what color t-shirt you would like. They will be selling for $20 each. By the end of next week there will be a variety of "HATER" shirt you can choose from so please be on the look out for them and I'll be happy to hand paint them for you or get them printed up-however you want.


Sqare One

With the winter months making me miserable, I've decided to go back to square one until it gets HOT outside. What is square one? One might ask. It is me getting back to what I do best and that's designing and sewing clothes and making new creations. That's what I was interested in, before I started modeling and becoming a camera whore. I can make anything. Dresses, slacks, t-shirts, beaded things, pillows(well pillows are easy)--I can do just about everything. I can never make up my mind about what I want to do. I go from one extreme to another. From doing Hair, Make-up, Nails, you name it, I've tried it all and never finish one project because I hop to something else faster than a cat can lick his ass. So I'm gonna stick with fashion for a lil while. Yes that's how I plan to spend my alone time, along with reading a few books and the newspaper every morning as usual, and getting started on my new site. I haven't decided what exactly to put in my site yet. It might be various things. Hell I might just base it around my life and let everyone know the truth about things because I've kept quite for so long about so many issues.
I know a lot of you are excited to see what I work on in my spare time as far as designing clothes and other things. Well just sit tight and hopefully they will be done before you know it! I will post photos as soon as I can get around to it! :)
Until then continue to enjoy my photos and all of that good stuff
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