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Well I do this personal blog on A few weeks back I posted this picture that says "I love a hater- You keep me motivated" with my myspace url at the bottom. A few people like it and suggested that the saying should be printed up on some shirts. So since I love arts and crafts and everything about art and fashion, I decided to create the very first "HATER" shirt. Its still unfinished but its on its way to perfection! So if you would like to purchase a handpainted "HATER" shirt then feel free to email me with your gender, size, and what color t-shirt you would like. They will be selling for $20 each. By the end of next week there will be a variety of "HATER" shirt you can choose from so please be on the look out for them and I'll be happy to hand paint them for you or get them printed up-however you want.


6S said...

Handpainted t-shirts is a really good idea! I think I want one... are you doing any other ones besides the "HATER" shirts?

..iYUANA.. said...

Once I finish the HATE collection I will do more. Its just a lot I have in mide for the word Hater right now and everyone has them lol