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What's Your Addiction?

Well, I have this sick addiction to make-up and every beauty product you could possibly name. I’ll stand in Sephora, Walgreens, or CVS for at least an hour every time I step foot in the door looking for something new to try. My favorite make-up has to be MAC and Smashbox. As far as beauty products and skin care I use all Neutrogena products but I often drift off into St.Ives and Aveeno.
Another huge obsession I have is with my teeth. They aren’t the greatest teeth because they are little. I think my little brother and I have the same sized teeth and he’s three. Anyways, I want to get veneers but I heard they make your breath smell after a while because whatever is left of your teeth start to decay. Anyhow, what’s your addiction?

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Brey said...

Easy...light-skinned women and Nikes.

nikkiblanco said...

LOL @ the easy light-skinned women

Oh yes--I am addicted to drug stores in general--NOT just the make-up section... the funniest thing is, I don't really wear make-up that much but will stand at the cosmetics counters FOREVER and buy a bunch of shit I never use?!