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Its been a few weeks since I've made an attempt to post anything on my blog. There really isnt anything new in my life. I've turned back into a club head because I literally have nothing to do with my nights. lol. I wish I was in LA going out during the week and chillin during the weekend. Although clubbing in Cleveland, I'm really not missing anything and this idiot I know thinks that every chick goes out just to get "saved".lol. STUPID ASS. To me its just fun to watch all the overly drunk people pick fights, if they're chicks they dance on eachother as if they're lesbos, stumble, and its also kind of amusing to watch people do things they have no business. BUT when I go out I do feel as if I am in a fish bowl because everyone is always watching Im not trying to be conceited but its just the truth. Also no matter how terrible I may think i look someone always reminds me how gorgeous I am lol.. damn I got a big head huh? thats fine I dont care. Anyhow,below is just a sneak peek inside of my club life. So enjoy the small amount of photos!!