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You See Me?

I can say that I think like a guy. It took me a while to realize it. But it is what it is.
My friend and I were having this conversation the other day and I am more than comfortable to share with you. I really don't care about what you think after you read it because most of you women will feel the same way if you come out and say it or not. I am not afraid to speak how I feel.
Well the conversation was about her and I really not giving two shits about what a man has because we can get it too. In example: Money, Cars, Clothes--The Everything a man can get so can we. Most women scream that independent shit but still need a man to provide for them. It's cool if you're married or in a committed relationship-because you need each other,but all that fuckin this person and that person then expecting one of those niggas to provide for you completely, is out of line. So we both came to the conclusion: Fuck what you have, just do your job and lay the pipe. Who cares about the other chicks, what you have, where you get your clothes, dates and all that. DO WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO, if nothing else. Shit- guys do it to us. They don't want a relationship and they don't care about how we get by because at the end of the day they are going to do them. I feel them completely. So with that being said, post your comments--your judgement--I don't care because I will still feel this way until someone is worth my time....

Beauty IS Pain

No one in this world is perfect. I'm so far from it, it doesn't make sense. I have THE thickest hair that GOD could of ever put on somebody. & it's ALL over my body. My granny said it's because I have rich blood (??? whatever that means)My legs are the worst and might I add I have hair that grows on my big toes. gross huh? As much as I hate shaving and waxing I wouldn't trade it for anything because thats what makes me, ME! So yesterday after a quick pedicure-- I discovered that the hair grew back in on my big So I politely got my razor and shaved it off... but I accidentally cut myself :(

So shortly after, since I have no chemicals in my hair what so ever- I have to flat press and use a hot comb on my head. While getting my kinks and knots all untangled with the "nigga comb", I burned my damn arm...

**if i offended anyone using the word "nigga", im not sorry.... :)