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Books to Read

The books above interest me the most because there is a part of me in each of these books. (except What They Want)When I read them I'm like damn, is this about me or a fake person. All but one of these books are fake. A Hustlers Wife by Nikki Turner is actually true and my Aunt was in Federal Prison (Alderson) in Virginia the same time and place where Martha Steweart was. Nikki turner is actually still there til this day. Read the book and you shall find out why. The other books are just great and there is no reason no one has not read them man or woman I don't care the books are great!

FINNEGANS WAKE-The book is, in one sense, the story of a publican in Chapelizod (near Dublin), his wife, and their three children; but Mr. Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker, Mrs. Anna Livia Plurabelle, and Kevin, Jerry, and Isabel are every family of mankind. The motive idea of the novel, inspired by the 18th-century Italian philosopher Giambattista Vico, is that history is cyclic; to demonstrate this the book begins with the end of a sentence left unfinished on the last page. Languages merge: Anna Livia has "vlossyhair"--wlosy being Polish for "hair"; "a bad of wind" blows--bad being Persian for "wind." Characters from literature and history appear and merge and disappear.--Very ineresting might be too much for some of you..

Cool Cat

I dont know anyone elses definition of a "cool cat". This guy to the left is my definition. I mean to me. He's cool and his vibe is chill. My kind of guy if he wasn't Im kidding(no crush- don't take that comment to the edge)-- I just ran across his blogs and stuff today and they are awsome! Something about his whole being I dunno I guess its just my "inner" neo soul comming out, because the music he has on the site just makes you wanna turn off the lights and light some candles and lay in a bubblebath.-- This is a perfect example of a guy that can stimulate my mind. The things that are on his site really make me think, Im pretty sure they would make you think as well. Kinda reminds me of Common, when you look at him--Or maybe YOU should just check him out.

SAME GIRL: Greetings

Well we all know the song "Same Girl" R.Kelly f/Usher, right? But who actually thinks its true? Her name is Tatiana a.k.a "T.T". Usher met her at a party in ATL and Kells met her at a party in Chi-town... Well go check out this females video and you tell me what's really good... Make sure you check out her page as well... Its very interesting if you ask me.

Aww 2007 is leaving

Theres only a few hours left in the year we are in (2007). This year was a good year for me. I met a few people that I think will have a great purpose in my life and someone that I admire a lot and I myself have done a lot of maturing, realizing what's important in my life. I now know that I have to stop being a BITCH to everyone. I gotta just be nice. Everyone knows with me that I'm very observant and what comes up comes out. That is one thing that will not change. Sorry. As far as being nicer -I will try. I thought 2007 was going to be my year but it ended up being the year that I find out a lot about ME. Relationships with a few people have crumbled apart because of THEIR wrong actions. So now I feel comfortable saying 2008 is my year to do everything I planned for 2007. I have a better understanding of EVERYTHING I've done all of my research and Googled I feel safe with myself and what I want my life to be. We are all put here for a reason and life is a challenge. So in 2008 in a few hourse I'm gonna straight be focused on Iyuana-Nichole Evans!!


This is so stupid but I thought it was funny... My friend Jeff hooked me on to this..



There are so many good blog sites that entertain me. I'm not gonna sit here and lie and say I don't like to read gossip. Yes sometimes I gossip with my sister and close friends--Don't we all? I mean what would the world be like if everything was BLAH?! It would be dull. In my life there is never a dull moment. So I am considering doing a reality show.. Nothing like Tiffany Pollard(New York)--Anyways I'm off subject. Check out these entertaining blogs and get your laugh on.

Okay that's all I have right now. So go laugh and get informed on the latest news!


Reggie Bush

Nearly two years after Reggie Bush won the Heisman Trophy, a book detailing improper benefits he allegedly received while playing for the University of Southern California and his relationship with the financiers of a fledgling sports marketing company could further damage his chances of keeping the most prestigious award in college sports.
The book, "Tarnished Heisman" by Don Yaeger and Jim Henry, published by Simon & Schuster, will include transcripts of recorded conversations that contain Bush acknowledging he owed money to the financiers of New Era Sports & Entertainment. Lloyd Lake and Michael Michaels of New Era planned to feature Bush as their marquee client to launch their marketing agency. The business failed after Bush sought representation elsewhere. The book will be out mid Jan.
Meanwhile, the NCAA interviewed three people this week who claim knowledge of the approximately $300,000 in cash and other benefits allegedly given to Bush by Lake and Michaels. The benefits included Bush's family living rent-free in a new home in a San Diego suburb for one year. Bush also allegedly received money for a car, spending money and had hotel stays paid for. Other allegations include furniture being purchased for the Bush family, travel expenses paid and free dinners provided.

For more information on this writeup visit Yahoo! Sports


Emilio Pucci Store

I do believe that everone know that my favorite designer is Emilio Pucci. If you didn't now you know. I found this article on him and his new store so read up. Then when you are done you can check out the pictures of me in my favortie designers clothes.
Emilio Pucci
Prints Charming
By Victoria C. Rowan (11-30-2004)
Pucci is one of the few fashion lifestyle brands of the last century that still has the ability to appear avant-garde in the 21st. And now its giddy retro-future boutique has landed on Fifth Avenue, as part of a new expansion courtesy of LVMH Mo√ęt Hennessy Louis Vuitton (which bought a 67 percent stake in Pucci in 2000).
As always, Pucci champions the virtues of the well-situated petite boutique. The stores that have opened in the LVMH era are all the work of Brazilian-born interior designer Lena Pessoa of Deux L (Paris) and Italian architect Tiziano Vudafieri of Vudafieri Partners (Milan). The new outpost on Fifth Avenue, between 54th and 55th streets, is as intimate and inviting as a mother's closet - that is, if the mother is an eternally funky iconic beauty, like Pucci fan Marisa Berenson, and the closet is on her private jet.
Pucci's new boutique on Fifth Avenue is a retro-futuristic fab playhouse that seems even more fashionable now than in the 60s. Corporate partner LVMH has brought "groovy" back to the Pucci brand. With Christian Lacroix on board as creative director and a rollout of these curvy boutiques in New York, Las Vegas, and Japan, every old print becomes better again.
Laudomia Pucci, the daughter of Emilio Pucci di Barsento of Florence (the founder of the fashion house who died in 1992), is enthusiastic about how the LVMH relationship has given her brand a glam new lease on life. She credits creative director Christian Lacroix for making the fashion line vital again. "In the late 1980s and 90s, my father couldn't be as active and the vision suffered," she says. "That amount of time is like six generations in the fashion world - and yet to look at what's in the store today, it looks absolutely now. [Lacroix] gets the Pucci logic."
As Pucci ceo Catherine Vautrin says of the couture house's revival, "It's like seeing the awakening of a very chic, very dynamic sleeping beauty."
The new Pucci store is wild, from its carpet to its soffet, which looks like the underside of a UFO about to land. By the front door is a crazy quilt of period photos complementing the new merchandise suspended from fabric-covered pedestals that swoop out from the wall. The bright white light overhead, also embedded in the shelving, is reflected off of the shiny casework surfaces and lilac flooring, animating the intense hues of the signature Pucci palette.
A beauty wearing swirls of geometry, florals, paisley and bright colors. When the Marchese was alive, the fashion press nicknamed him "The Prince of Prints," which remain the brand's signature. But as Vautrin concedes, "Our product is bright, and we didn't want our customer to enter a small space and feel overwhelmed." So Pessoa designed the interior as carefully as a jewelry showcase, offsetting the merchandise as if it were semi-precious couture gems. She wanted to evoke the sun and sea, so central to the resort lifestyle that originally inspired Emilio. The lighting is in a bright register, which electrifies the intense hues - as the natural light does in Capri, the resort town on the Amalfi coast where Emilio first opened a store (and which became the name for the tight-cropped pant he popularized).
From the outside, by night, the Pucci boutique is a Mediterranean-bright beacon of Italian chic whimsy.
The femininity of the store is accentuated by its curves and colors. The casework surfaces have no pointed corners and are finished in high-shine automotive paint. Other display cabinetry is in milky acrylic. The floor is a surreal cotton-candy lilac-dyed stone/resin. The ceiling is a back-lit oval soffit, pierced by spotlights like the jets on the underside of a sci-fi spaceship.
With Lacroix on board, many of the prices are quite heady, but the clothes, bags and shoes are all on open display, inviting to be touched. The ethereal vibe and the illusion of floating merchandise are achieved with mass-defying materials and more lighting tricks: The clothes hang off of transparent dowels descending from the ceiling (Boeing uses them as curtain rods on planes); dainty bags are suspended in their own clear boxes from small cables in the front; and lighting under the translucent case work and underneath the shelving further enhances the weightlessness.
A floor-to-ceiling semi-transparent scrim from the current catalog is a backdrop for the window mannequins, serving as a mysterious veil to the interior so the visitor still gets a stunning surprise view once she walks in. From within, the scrim shields from view the mundane street, preserving the otherworldly shopping experience.
The retailer also recently opened a new store in Las Vegas - with a larger shoe section - and has four stores in the works in Japan.
Yes, the Italian sleeping beauty has awakened to a dreamy new makeover indeed - and to a revitalized Prints Charming.
The store's translucent front scrim - which is updated regularly - serves as a coy veil to the street, luring customers inside, but also not giving away the interior's "pop" until the shopper is inside. From within, the scrim serves to obscure Fifth Avenue, allowing the visitor to be completely enveloped in a Pucci paradise of psychedelic color.
This is a view of the store at night.

This is my aunt and I. But I'm wearing Emilio (lol)

Below are some pictures that I have of myself in my favortie dresses, and a skirt that i just absolutly love.



Doesn't Beyonce look fabulous with this new look? I love the dark hair on her. Makes her look her age.. What do you think?

Beyonce' arrives at 'Movies Rock: A Celebration of Music in Film,' at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, Sunday, Dec. 2, 2007. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)


JENA, La. - The family of the victim in the "Jena Six" case has sued the adults accused of beating him, the families of the juveniles allegedly involved and the board of the school where the attack occurred.
Justin Barker and his parents, David and Kelli, also accuse a seventh, uncharged student of being part of the group that attacked Justin on Dec. 4, 2006, as he walked out of Jena High School's gym headed to another class.
The lawsuit was filed Nov. 29 in state district court. It alleges that the LaSalle Parish School Board is liable because school employees were not adequately supervising students and failed to maintain discipline.
The charges against the students accused of attacking Barker led to a civil-rights demonstration in Jena in September by activists who alleged local authorities were prosecuting blacks more harshly than whites.
Barker is white; those accused of attacking him are black. One of the defendants, 17-year-old Mychal Bell, pleaded guilty Monday to a second-degree battery in return for an 18-month sentence, with credit for 10 months he already has served.
Five of the six students charged, including Bell, originally faced attempted murder charges. Bell was convicted in adult court and could have received 15 years in prison, but the conviction was thrown out by an appellate court that said he should have been tried as a juvenile.
Felony charges against the other students are pending.
Barker spent several hours in the emergency room after the attack but was discharged and attended a school event the night after the attack.
Critics of LaSalle Parish prosecutors point to an incident three months before the attack on Barker in which three white teens were accused of hanging nooses from a tree at the high school. The three were suspended from school but never criminally charged; District Attorney Reed Walters has said there was no state crime to charge them with.
The suit names the attackers as the Jena Six students — Mychal Bell, Jesse Beard, Theo Shaw, Bryant Purvis, Carwin Jones and Robert Bailey Jr. — as well as a seventh student, Malcolm Shaw, who has not been charged.
"My son Bryan Purvis is the one that tried to break the fight up and they're making me spend too much money trying to defend him," said his father, Billy Purvis Sr.
Messages left for Bailey's and Jones' families were not immediately returned Tuesday, and no one answered phone calls made that afternoon to the high school and the school board. Others named in the lawsuit could not be immediately reached.

AKON-Not Guilty?

FISHKILL, N.Y. - Akon has pleaded not to criminal charges filed after he tossed a 15-year-old boy off the stage at a concert earlier this year. The 34-year-old hip-hop star was released on his own recognizance following his brief court appearance Monday in Fishkill. He was charged with endangering the welfare of a minor and second-degree harassment.
Another fan, Abby Rosa, said she suffered a concussion when a teenage boy Akon threw off the stage fell on her during the June 3 concert at the local minor league baseball stadium.
The case was adjourned until January.
A town justice told Akon that his lawyer can stand in for him at future court appearances and he does not have to appear. Akon did not comment as he left the courthouse.
"It was never Akon's intention to violate the law," the singer's Manhattan lawyer, Benjamin Brafman, said. "This unfortunate incident was a spontaneous reaction during a live concert that Akon deeply regrets."
Akon's latest album, "Konvicted," has sold more than 1 million copies in the United States. His hits include "Don't Matter," "I Wanna Love You" with Snoop Dogg and "Smack That" with Eminem.(-c/o


"LOS ANGELES - Pimp C, who spun searing tales of Texas street life into a key role in the rise of Southern hip-hop, was found dead in an upscale hotel on Tuesday. He was 33.
The rapper formed Underground Kingz with partner-in-rhyme Bun B while the pair was in high school, and their often laconic delivery paired with wittily dangerous lyrics influenced a generation of current superstars like Lil' Wayne. T.I. had the group on as guests when he remade their 1994 song "Front, Back and Side to Side" for his "King" album.
To a mainstream audience, Pimp C was best known for UGK's cameo on the Jay-Z hit "Big Pimpin'," and for "Free Pimp C" T-shirts and shout-outs, ubiquitous in rap several years ago while he was jailed on gun charges. On Tuesday, his MySpace page had been changed to read: "C the Pimp is FREE at last."
Born Chad Butler, Pimp C was found dead in a room at the Mondrian hotel, a longtime music industry hangout not far from the House of Blues on Sunset Strip, where he had performed on Saturday night alongside rap veteran Too $hort. Capt. Ed Winter of the Los Angeles County coroner's office said Butler had apparently died while in bed in his hotel room.
"At this time there's no signs of foul play," Winter said. "It appears to be possibly natural, but pending autopsy and toxicology we can't say the cause."
Manager Rick Martin identified Butler and his death was announced by publicist Nancy Byron.
"This morning saw the loss of a man that was not only a client, but a very dear friend at a time when he had the most to live for," Martin said in a statement. "He was my best friend and I will always love him."
Though they never enjoyed massive pop chart success, UGK's early CDs are considered landmarks for the then-burgeoning Texas hip-hop scene, which also featured the Geto Boys. Signed to a deal with Jive Records, they released "Too Hard to Swallow" in 1992, "Super Tight" two years later, and "Ridin' Dirty" in 1996, considered a rap classic.
Over laid-back beats, they laid out incisive details that remain Southern rap mainstays: descriptions of sex and conspicuous consumption, wood-grain steering wheels and triple-beam scales used to weigh drugs.
The duo's career was derailed when Pimp C was jailed for three years in 2002 on gun charges. But he got as much exposure as ever, as the "Free Pimp C" slogan spread.
An unauthorized album of Pimp C's freestyle rhymes was released while he was in prison. When he and Bun B finally put out an album this year, they felt such a need to re-establish themselves they titled their album "Underground Kingz," as if to underscore a new start.
Critics praised the CD, which included the hit "International Player's Anthem (I Choose You)," featuring OutKast. Pimp C's verse riffs on high-class women and cars: "I'm pullin' Bentleys off the lot. Smashed up the gray one, bought me a red. Everytime we hit the parking lot we turn heads," he raps.
Barry Weiss, CEO of Jive, said in a statement: "We mourn the unexpected loss of Chad. He was truly a thoughtful and kindhearted person. He will be remembered for his talent and profound influence as a pioneer in bringing southern rap to the forefront."
Butler, who grew up in Port Arthur, Texas, came from a musical lineage. His father was a professional trumpet player, and the rapper studied classical music in high school. He even received a Division I rating on a tenor solo at a University Interscholastic League choir competition.
"That's how I came up listening to everything," he told The Associated Press in a 2005 interview. "Music don't have no color or no face. It's a universal language. I think being exposed to all that kind of stuff influences the way I make records."
Pimp C is survived by a wife and three children. "

(-c/o yahoo)

Booty Babe Art

Have you ever seen sculptures like this before? Of course not. Most men aren't into the "thicker" women. There are those out there who do appreciate us. This man is Spencer Davis. He was born and raised in Los Angeles, California in 1972.

“What is a ‘Booty Babe?’” you may ask. As a term of endearment, a Booty Babe is generally a woman with curves. Waist to hip ratio is usually breath-taking. She’s not necessarily run-way model material, in the traditional sense, but she feels sexy and her self-confidence makes her glow. She’s not afraid to wear skin-tight outfits – and we love her for it. Now you’re getting the picture. You’ve seen her at the mall, in line at the bank, grocery shopping, and out dancing. She’s sweet and sexy, stylish and smart; and her body language states, “This is who I am, and I LOVE being me.”

Now these pieces of art are far from cheap. The prices range from $1,000 on up. You may also seek out a custom "Booty Babe".

For more information or to purchase a fine piece of this art work visit



How much do you LOVE the Kardashians. Well love them or hate them, they have a clothing store with only the most exclusive designers. If you are looking for 12th Street Belts, Alex Gaines, Alice & Olivia, Alvin Valley, Anna Sui, Blumarine's BluGirl, Bread & Butter, Briana Erin Jewelry, Catherine Malendrino, Chloe, Christopher Brain, D.L. Company, Daryl K, Delia, Development, Doe(the list goes on.) Please visit their store located at 4774 Park Granada Suite #5, Calabasas CA. An online store is soon to come. Season Finale of Keeping up with the Kardashians airs tonight December 2, 2007 only on E! network.



LOL!! I guess somebody loves New York they found this muppet that looks just like her! I got this from my sister. Somebody emailed it to her. Does this not look like New York?! Now this is some funny stuff! I Love New York!



"Glamorous—and not easy to find—PATRICK COX shoes (shown, $1,095), bags and clutches are now flying off the shelves at Zola Shoes (45 Avenue Rd., 416-922-8688)."

I have a huge shoe fetish! And I'm not going to lie most of my shoes cost more than my clothes. Truthfully, I don't care if the shoes are 1dollar or 1thousand dollars I will find a way to get that pair of shoes and if I can't then I will get the replica! I mean its just a part of fashion,if I like it I'll buy it. One thing my aunt always told me well two "If you like it you better buy it right now or it won't be there" and "Spend your money wisely quality vs. quantity". Which is true! Ever since then, I've listend. I guess thats why my closet is over stuffed and most of my clothes and shoes are all over the place. Anyways,if you are a huge shoe fanatic like I am then you know where to get all the hot shoes. Other than that I suggest you hit up Saks, Nordstoms, Aldo, Steve Madden etc.


LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Rodney King, whose videotaped beating once made him an international symbol of police brutality, suffered minor injuries after getting hit by a shotgun blast, authorities in California said on Thursday.
An intoxicated King summoned officers to his home in Rialto, about 60 miles east of Los Angeles, on Wednesday night to report he had been shot, said Sgt. Don Lewis of the Rialto Police Department.
"He had some minor pepper wounds that looked like they were from bird shot," said Lewis, who described the injuries as "extremely minor."
Lewis said King told police the shooting took place while he was riding his bicycle in neighboring San Bernardino. King rode his bicycle home after the incident and it was not immediately clear who fired the shot, Lewis said.
"(King) and the whole house were very intoxicated and very uncooperative," Lewis said.
King was treated at a local hospital, and the investigation was turned over to San Bernardino police.
King's videotaped beating by Los Angeles police at the conclusion of a high-speed chase on March 3, 1991, caused an international furor amid charges of brutality and racism.
The acquittal of four officers in April 1992 touched off some of the worst urban riots in modern U.S. history -- causing more than 50 deaths, thousands of injuries and more than $1 billion in damage.
Two of the officers, Laurence Powell and Stacey Koon, were later convicted of federal charges and sentenced to 30-month prison terms.
A civil jury awarded King $3.8 million in damages.
(Editing by Arthur Spiegelman and Xavier Briand)


Go Getta

A handsome young man, with deep beautiful dimples, -- and a great friend. Born to Antionio "L.A" and Perri "Pebbles" Reid, is Aaron Reid. A 18 year old Go Getta. He was featured on MTV's Super Sweet Sixteen, and has been unstopable since.He strives to become the best. Acting, having his own clothing line and record lable are just a few of the things he has in the works. Aaron currently is working on a new reality television show for BET with close friends and business partners James Smith, Jeff Juin, Rafael Pasian, Jason Johnson, and Andrew Silberstein. The show, tentatively titled “Team Go Gettas” airs in 2008. Log onto for the latest information on the show.

Certified Producer-Yonny

This ladies and gents is the one and only, certified producer Yonny. Yes we both have the same name. This young man has produced records for Trina, Lil Wayne, Nelly and many many more. 106 & park also featured him as one of the judeges for the shos most popular "Freestyle Friday". He just recenlty celebrated a birthday in Cleveland, Ohio, his hometown. He is the next biggest thing if not now! Sorry ladies he is happily married. If you are looking for someone to produce a track or two he is the man. Check him out at


Ali Madigan

I was surfing the web and found these beautiful hoodies. Her name is Ali Madigan, and from what I understand she's only 18! Now I'm not for sure if these hoodies are for guys or for girls or both but I'm pretty sure she can make you one that sparks your fancy! They are very colorful and unique! She is also. So check out her sites that are listed below.

Messege Board


Iyuana:The Finer Things in Life

(The coffee cup reps me drinkin coffee as I write this)As we all know or should know, I Iyuana - am a hopeless romantic. I am in love with things you can't define and all that good stuff. I voice my opinion and if you act like you dont understand what I'm saying I will talk until you understand or at least say you understand if you really don't. I would say most of the time I am pretty quiet, but loud and opinionated if you get me all pumped up (like a little kid who at first is bashful) and have a sense of humor-which some people may not understand. Yes I am a dork if you will.
Well don't let all of that fool you because I do apperciate the finer things in life. All i want to know is, what happend to old fashioned stuff. As far as dates and stuff...Wouldn't it just be sooo wonderful if the man came to your step with flowers, introduced his self to your parents. Then when its time to go open the car door for you. (sighs) Take you on a nice romantic dinner, then following that maybe a walk in the park or to a nice museum to look at some fine art. Wouldn't that be just terrific?! You can't find a man like that--NO WHERE!! Guys nowadays want to do nothing because they aren't interested in what the lady wants. They want what they want.

Anyways, what I came to talk about was the finer things in life. Those things are often materialistic. Like the upperclass people back in the day, they saw it as sterling silver platters, tea parties and all that. I don't really look at it that way. Well of course its a new day. I look at the finer things in life as people that you love and care about and you want to spend every last minute with them. Or a home cooked meal straight from mamas kitchen. Hand-me-down clothes from your older sister or brother (I always tear it apart and make something new of it anyways). The point is that everyone has a different definition of the finer things in life. Some people think that staying in luxury hotels and spending money on fancy cars and houses is the finer things in life. But when you came from that, in the long run you don't really want it in the end, believe me you just want to be happy knowing that you are alive. Thats the finer thing in life.


Me, Myself--Iyuana am truly a big fan of this female and I would love to collaberate with her one day. Her clothing designs are wonderful!! They make my soul want to eat red velvet cake! She deserves in my book fashion designer of the year for our generation. She also DJ's around the world with her partner/bestfriend Zezi, they go by the name Coconut Twins. Kesh has been featured in many fashion and High fashion magazines.Don't sleep on this flyy girl!

"I release exclusive batches of t-shirts from my online store So if you want to know when I have a new design then send an e-mail to and you will be the 1st to know!!"-Kesh

Myke Murda

This 22 year old ATLANTA native is really hot! He sells beats and his style is something that can't be defined. He is part of 3D Ent/Grade A Productions currently selling tracks/beats.The price ranges anywhere between $200-$500. For more information and to check out his songs g to

1. How long have you been into music and what made you choose it?
I've been into music my whole life, i remember watchin music videos and listenin to my mom's tapes every single day when i was little. My family was always affiliated with some kind of music. My Uncle had a record label, club, and managed a couple ppl was normal to see a celeb chillin wit him lol...I wouldn't necessarily say that I chose music, it's like it chose me, it's in my blood...But i chose Production because i like to control everything in a song
2. How would you describe your music?
I would describe my music as "NOT NORMAL" haha, it has that up north swag with the down south bass. it's a mutt LOL
3.Are there other people involved with the lables, who are they?
yea the ppl involved with 3D Ent are The Block Boyz(Big Stacks, Yokie and Choey Ca$H)... Big Stacks is the CEO...Me and my homie Valdez have our group on the side which we call Tha Delegation... My other homie Georgia Boi contributes to the production... we also have DJ Dutty Laundry, a well respected Dj in the south
4. Who have you sold beats/tracks to? and who have you worked with so far?
I have yet to get a major placement(which is why im lookin for a manager LOL) but i have sold plenty of beats to local cats out of Chatt-Town and ATL, it's too many to name lol
5. If you could name one person dead or alive to do a collabo with who would it be?
Only one??!! haha....i dunno, i guess i would say Jay-z ...but on an R-n-B tip i would like to work wit Justin Timberlake, thats my dude
6.Where do you see youself in five years?
I see myself being in ppl's top 5 hardest producer's list hahaha...whenever someone asks "who do u think is tha hardest producer out??" i want tha name Myke Murda to come out hahaha...but other than that hopefully i will have my feet well planted in the soil of this music industry....oh yea, i wanna let everyone know to be on tha look out for Tha Delegation Mixtape comin out in January, we got that fiya LOL...3D ENT!!!


This R&B heartthrob has a sound that will drive the people wild. Taking a spiritual walk through this young men's life, you will find the joys and pains that one can go through in such a short time. We never seem to look at life through another man’s journey, yet his life is written like an opera. When speaking to this arousing, expressive sex symbol. You will find that he is like no other. Sharing his emotions through his lyrics, he speaks for males that cannot express there emotion. They say the Soul has left R&B music; nonetheless, Harron is a breath of fresh air when you think of what soul does to your soul. be sure to listen to his song "Do it" at

My Beautiful Friend

Seriously this is the only chick that I can tell all my secrets to(besides Amanda)..She is my personal Diary in human form. My Aries twin..more than a friend to me--kinda like a sister! But she moved to Arizona and I miss her!! Maybe I'll move there...If she doesnt move to Israel. But Hadar just know that you are loved sweet thing!! SMOOCHES!




I know many of you know Chip Tha Ripper and Al Fatz. They are taking over the music scene. They both are known in a few other states if not most. The Plain Dealer recently had the both of them on the cover of Arts and Life along with Ray.They're mix tapes are HOTT and they have their own style! If you don't know you better get familiar. They've done a few songs together but they now have a mixtape together called "Double Trouble". I suggest you go buy it and listen to it front to back until you know all the words. While you're there make sure you get their previous mixtapes. Don't Worry they are no one hit wonder rappers they've been on the underground for a period of time, and basiclly all of their shows where ever they go are either sold out or overly croweded. Thats prime example that they are GOING to make an empire of their talent. Shout outs to Dream Life!You can check them both out on their myspace pages:


Cleveland has a lot to offer. Its just about us supporting eachother and getting off the ground with ideas. You often hear people saying "its a small world". Thats Cleveland. Everyone knows everyone or heard of the person. The night life is the same all the time which is not a bad thing because you get familiar with everyone and kinda build a comfort zone. At times I like it here other times I'm just not feeling it. If you are unfamiliar with Cleveland and think its a mistake on the lake, just check out what my generation has to offer.
For starters our SPORTS teams have really improved. You can't deny that one. LeBron James has really helped the Cavaliers majorly. Hell he's our whole team. Without him we would be what we were before he got drafted. So be thankful we got him CLEVELAND. Secondly, I didn't used to watch football, and never understood it, but can we say team work? A few of the Browns have really impressed me while out on the field. Comparing basketball and football, I'd have to say that you have to have some major skills to play football. Those men actually risk their lives to do what they love. So whoever isn't a football fan, you need to learn to appreciate the game. :) Now, uhh baseball--boring..I'm not hating its just not my thing. They work just as hard and I applaud them for a great season!

-My generation has a lot of goals and ambitions. We have our Radio Personalities, Clothing Designers, Rappers, Store Front Owners, and much more. Just check out a few of the many.

The list goes on and on! Sorry if I forgot anyone I know I forgot A LOT! Feel free to leave a comment with your info! Thank you and much love!

Life: Sean Taylor/ 'Baby Grace'

I honestly don't know much about football. I'm learning thought. What is upsetting is that more than one NFL players are either in trouble or getting killed. Understand that I know that these are normal people also. Tell me this, if the spotlight was not on them and they just worked regular 9-5 jobs would the world still care? Well let me rephrase this--Would they drag the incidents out as long on the news, newspapers, radio stations, magazines etc? Take for instance O.J Simpson or Mike Vick. You rarely hear about an ordinary black man doing things like this. The media always tries to find a way to bring down a successful black man. What those men do in the privacy of their own homes is their business not the worlds. Not saying that O.J was innocent of the first crime, but there are a million black men out there doing the samething Mike Vick did as well as O.J. To be honest if he did kill that woman and that man, we dont know what provoked him to do it. Lets just all mind our own business.I know its hard to do. Anyways, two tragedies that are in bold have happend. Sean Taylor being killed and Baby Grace being found.
I understand first hand how each of these families and close friends feel. I'm shocked of both deaths myself. Losing someone you love and admire is an awful feeling to know that you can't talk to them, touch them, or even see them again hurts.
  • For more information on the two stories if you dont already know please visit the links below.




Modeling is a very difficult industry. It has taken a whole different turn since I was younger. When I think about models; Tyra Banks, Naomi Campbell, Iman and Kimora Lee are embeded in my mind. Those are REAL models.They have worked extremely hard to be accepted in the industry.They are highly respected and very intelligent. Now the new aged models such as your "video vixens" are not models. The reason they have the name "vidoe vixen" or "eyecandy model" or something of that nature is all because they didn't want to be called groupies/gold diggers/stalkers... To me they are just inching their way closer to cash in. Which is a shame, sleeping their way to the top and doing rediculous activities just to get a few seconds of fame. Like Super Head. Im not saying that its right or wrong to be that way, BUT majority of them have put this image out for rappers,ball players and any man to believe they will do something strange for a piece of change. THUS the reason why I gave it up. I am better than that. I actually want to be known for something positive I did-- NOT for shaking my behind in a video or taking my clothes off for the digital camera. Most of those women depend on modeling to pay the rent. When they don't get a gig they most of the time depend on a man. Not saying that its a bad thing to depend on a man. If thats YOUR man then fine he can help you out. If he's everyones man please expect him to be tight pockets. Either because he's being careful with his money or he just dishin it out to too many people, or he just don't wanna help. To be truthful, no man wants a woman who can't stand on her own two feet. Im off subject.. ANYWAYS, back to modeling. To me a real model will stand her grounds and DO HER JOB AND ONLY HER JOB... All business. Someone who is professional and a woman who acts like a lady in public. Models are hired to represent a company with high expectations. It takes a lot of hard work to get noticed by companies that are legit and well established. For all of you aspiring models out there keep your heads up and stand for what YOU believe, and watch TOP MODEL..


Ever since I was a child I was very creative. Being the only child for a long period of time gave me time with myself. I loved and still do love anything that has to do with art. This past month I've come to realize that fashion design is my calling. I've been through just about every job/profession in CLEVELAND!! Besides the fact that I HATE working with someone always over my shoulder.I gave modeling a try and figured out that I don't have to pose half nude to get attention. I'd rather put my brain to use than making easy money off of my looks. A little less than a month ago I was featured on a website (Cleveland Blog), in their section: Rules of Attraction. Of course, I put my occupation as Fashion Designer because that is what I do. I was contacted by a nice young lady by the name of Christina King( Long story short we both have a very strong powerful love for fashion! I thank GOD because he sent us to eachother at the right time! She is, in my eyes someone who is very creative and has the experience. We get along very well and hopefully our partnership will last forever. We both have same but different views on things but we don't clash, which is a very good thing. We recently went to a Tea Party together, hosted by a gentleman named Paul Sadler, owner of the clothing line YBM. Christina and I had the same opinion on the party.It was nice. We went for networking, halfway succeeded. We yet have many more parties to attend to network.