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Iyuana:The Finer Things in Life

(The coffee cup reps me drinkin coffee as I write this)As we all know or should know, I Iyuana - am a hopeless romantic. I am in love with things you can't define and all that good stuff. I voice my opinion and if you act like you dont understand what I'm saying I will talk until you understand or at least say you understand if you really don't. I would say most of the time I am pretty quiet, but loud and opinionated if you get me all pumped up (like a little kid who at first is bashful) and have a sense of humor-which some people may not understand. Yes I am a dork if you will.
Well don't let all of that fool you because I do apperciate the finer things in life. All i want to know is, what happend to old fashioned stuff. As far as dates and stuff...Wouldn't it just be sooo wonderful if the man came to your step with flowers, introduced his self to your parents. Then when its time to go open the car door for you. (sighs) Take you on a nice romantic dinner, then following that maybe a walk in the park or to a nice museum to look at some fine art. Wouldn't that be just terrific?! You can't find a man like that--NO WHERE!! Guys nowadays want to do nothing because they aren't interested in what the lady wants. They want what they want.

Anyways, what I came to talk about was the finer things in life. Those things are often materialistic. Like the upperclass people back in the day, they saw it as sterling silver platters, tea parties and all that. I don't really look at it that way. Well of course its a new day. I look at the finer things in life as people that you love and care about and you want to spend every last minute with them. Or a home cooked meal straight from mamas kitchen. Hand-me-down clothes from your older sister or brother (I always tear it apart and make something new of it anyways). The point is that everyone has a different definition of the finer things in life. Some people think that staying in luxury hotels and spending money on fancy cars and houses is the finer things in life. But when you came from that, in the long run you don't really want it in the end, believe me you just want to be happy knowing that you are alive. Thats the finer thing in life.

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soulman said...

The finer things in life are spending time doing things that leave an lasting impression, things that leave photographs in your head forever needing no film at all. The finer things in life to Arch, are chilling with the people who care about you laughing and talking sitting in the yard, bar b Q-ing, listening to old school curtis mayfield watching the sunset. Your first kiss with your first love and your first kiss with the one you'll spend the rest of your life with. Watching the kids play outside as you once did before, that first dance, waking up next to your husband/wife. Taking advantage of every second in life and representing Jesus as you do.