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Ever since I was a child I was very creative. Being the only child for a long period of time gave me time with myself. I loved and still do love anything that has to do with art. This past month I've come to realize that fashion design is my calling. I've been through just about every job/profession in CLEVELAND!! Besides the fact that I HATE working with someone always over my shoulder.I gave modeling a try and figured out that I don't have to pose half nude to get attention. I'd rather put my brain to use than making easy money off of my looks. A little less than a month ago I was featured on a website (Cleveland Blog), in their section: Rules of Attraction. Of course, I put my occupation as Fashion Designer because that is what I do. I was contacted by a nice young lady by the name of Christina King( Long story short we both have a very strong powerful love for fashion! I thank GOD because he sent us to eachother at the right time! She is, in my eyes someone who is very creative and has the experience. We get along very well and hopefully our partnership will last forever. We both have same but different views on things but we don't clash, which is a very good thing. We recently went to a Tea Party together, hosted by a gentleman named Paul Sadler, owner of the clothing line YBM. Christina and I had the same opinion on the party.It was nice. We went for networking, halfway succeeded. We yet have many more parties to attend to network.

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NFASHUN said... this article and we still got big things to do girl...u need to come down here and model and do some videos !