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Cleveland has a lot to offer. Its just about us supporting eachother and getting off the ground with ideas. You often hear people saying "its a small world". Thats Cleveland. Everyone knows everyone or heard of the person. The night life is the same all the time which is not a bad thing because you get familiar with everyone and kinda build a comfort zone. At times I like it here other times I'm just not feeling it. If you are unfamiliar with Cleveland and think its a mistake on the lake, just check out what my generation has to offer.
For starters our SPORTS teams have really improved. You can't deny that one. LeBron James has really helped the Cavaliers majorly. Hell he's our whole team. Without him we would be what we were before he got drafted. So be thankful we got him CLEVELAND. Secondly, I didn't used to watch football, and never understood it, but can we say team work? A few of the Browns have really impressed me while out on the field. Comparing basketball and football, I'd have to say that you have to have some major skills to play football. Those men actually risk their lives to do what they love. So whoever isn't a football fan, you need to learn to appreciate the game. :) Now, uhh baseball--boring..I'm not hating its just not my thing. They work just as hard and I applaud them for a great season!

-My generation has a lot of goals and ambitions. We have our Radio Personalities, Clothing Designers, Rappers, Store Front Owners, and much more. Just check out a few of the many.

The list goes on and on! Sorry if I forgot anyone I know I forgot A LOT! Feel free to leave a comment with your info! Thank you and much love!

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Thanks for the shout out.
What's the Cleveland VIP Club?