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I know many of you know Chip Tha Ripper and Al Fatz. They are taking over the music scene. They both are known in a few other states if not most. The Plain Dealer recently had the both of them on the cover of Arts and Life along with Ray.They're mix tapes are HOTT and they have their own style! If you don't know you better get familiar. They've done a few songs together but they now have a mixtape together called "Double Trouble". I suggest you go buy it and listen to it front to back until you know all the words. While you're there make sure you get their previous mixtapes. Don't Worry they are no one hit wonder rappers they've been on the underground for a period of time, and basiclly all of their shows where ever they go are either sold out or overly croweded. Thats prime example that they are GOING to make an empire of their talent. Shout outs to Dream Life!You can check them both out on their myspace pages:

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