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Myke Murda

This 22 year old ATLANTA native is really hot! He sells beats and his style is something that can't be defined. He is part of 3D Ent/Grade A Productions currently selling tracks/beats.The price ranges anywhere between $200-$500. For more information and to check out his songs g to

1. How long have you been into music and what made you choose it?
I've been into music my whole life, i remember watchin music videos and listenin to my mom's tapes every single day when i was little. My family was always affiliated with some kind of music. My Uncle had a record label, club, and managed a couple ppl was normal to see a celeb chillin wit him lol...I wouldn't necessarily say that I chose music, it's like it chose me, it's in my blood...But i chose Production because i like to control everything in a song
2. How would you describe your music?
I would describe my music as "NOT NORMAL" haha, it has that up north swag with the down south bass. it's a mutt LOL
3.Are there other people involved with the lables, who are they?
yea the ppl involved with 3D Ent are The Block Boyz(Big Stacks, Yokie and Choey Ca$H)... Big Stacks is the CEO...Me and my homie Valdez have our group on the side which we call Tha Delegation... My other homie Georgia Boi contributes to the production... we also have DJ Dutty Laundry, a well respected Dj in the south
4. Who have you sold beats/tracks to? and who have you worked with so far?
I have yet to get a major placement(which is why im lookin for a manager LOL) but i have sold plenty of beats to local cats out of Chatt-Town and ATL, it's too many to name lol
5. If you could name one person dead or alive to do a collabo with who would it be?
Only one??!! haha....i dunno, i guess i would say Jay-z ...but on an R-n-B tip i would like to work wit Justin Timberlake, thats my dude
6.Where do you see youself in five years?
I see myself being in ppl's top 5 hardest producer's list hahaha...whenever someone asks "who do u think is tha hardest producer out??" i want tha name Myke Murda to come out hahaha...but other than that hopefully i will have my feet well planted in the soil of this music industry....oh yea, i wanna let everyone know to be on tha look out for Tha Delegation Mixtape comin out in January, we got that fiya LOL...3D ENT!!!

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