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Rihanna's I'm still tired of this story..


don't wanna be thin

I've been on this exercising kick for a few weeks now but just now put my plan to motion. I need to be fit and in shape when summer time comes so i can get into those cute booty shorts to make traffic stop. j/k cuz i hate attention in i really want to be super toned so my arm fat doesnt jiggle. i need a toned stomach and firm thighs. im halfway there cuz im not in bad shape. im 140lbs and i dont want to lose weight i just wanna tone. but i do have to change my eating habits and i HAVE to put down the pepsi. so here is my plan for monday-friday
  • breakfast- egg whites, whole wheat toast, breakfast shake, & fruit
  • lunch- salad
  • dinner- steamed veggies, baked chicken, rice(maybe)

it probably will change as the days go on when i find other healthy things i can have instead of oatmeal cream pies, pepsi, nutella, pretzles, hot dogs, and red meat. oh and chocolate on chocolate cake. i'll sure miss it but its all worth it. im completely focusing on myself and thats it. i have goals and shit to accomplish by 2010. any suggestions?


i clean up nice.

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a little bedroom these are my favorite shoes but they're scuffed now:(
So last night was my party. it didnt do too well. everyone did seem to come out for the after hours spots. i guess they had to get rid of their dates. i aint

That Ain't Right

I'm really upset at how people are really trying to play Chris Brown. I mean I get it don't hit a woman, and I'm not taking sides but you dont know what the hell Rihanna said,or did or anything for that matter. Those are two grown ass kids who can sort their own problems out. Hell if this isnt his first time hitin her ass she should of left the first time the shit happend. Who's the dummy? Love is blind but damn, when a man puts his hands on you-LEAVE! That just means he has no respect for you. Anyhow, so now radio stations and music tv stations are doin polls on if they should play this lil boys music or not? Come the fcuk on now. No one stopped listening/playing the king of disgusting R.Kelly, Michael Jackson or James Brown and theres pleanty more we all havent stopped listening to. These are real people, they're careers are just more out in the public. So you stop liking someones music because of their personal problems? Weak.