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don't wanna be thin

I've been on this exercising kick for a few weeks now but just now put my plan to motion. I need to be fit and in shape when summer time comes so i can get into those cute booty shorts to make traffic stop. j/k cuz i hate attention in i really want to be super toned so my arm fat doesnt jiggle. i need a toned stomach and firm thighs. im halfway there cuz im not in bad shape. im 140lbs and i dont want to lose weight i just wanna tone. but i do have to change my eating habits and i HAVE to put down the pepsi. so here is my plan for monday-friday
  • breakfast- egg whites, whole wheat toast, breakfast shake, & fruit
  • lunch- salad
  • dinner- steamed veggies, baked chicken, rice(maybe)

it probably will change as the days go on when i find other healthy things i can have instead of oatmeal cream pies, pepsi, nutella, pretzles, hot dogs, and red meat. oh and chocolate on chocolate cake. i'll sure miss it but its all worth it. im completely focusing on myself and thats it. i have goals and shit to accomplish by 2010. any suggestions?


brook lynne carter. said...

oh my gosh girl its hard. im tyring to do the work out thing to and i feel as tho i am dying on the inside. BUT i have lost 6lbs in a week and a half, which i wasnt trying to do buuuut it just happened. now i usually just do weight resistance training with my trainer so that i dont lose anymore weight and tone up. whew, i dont l-ve it.

NightFall914 said...

Very sound plan as far as the diet goes.I gave up soda last spring too and it makes a big difference.
What your work out program like? In regards to fitness and toning up I'm a faithful user of the p90x program.
Big time results.

J said...

You seem motivated.. You'll reach your goal. Brown rice is always a good alternative to white rice. Healthier. Also, try to lower your salt intake. They sell seasonings with no salt. It's not as bad as you may think. Salt makes you retain water. My honey and I went on a diet a few months back and all we ate was broiled chicken, veggies, fish, and protein shakes. LOTS OF WATER. He lost like 40 pounds. I lost like 6. Keep us posted on your results. :)

Mista Jaycee said...

Once you change your diet your body's gonna do what it wants to do. Keep exercising and Love yourself cause thick or thin you are gonna be the most beautiful you.
Stop by!

Torrance Stephens - All-Mi-T said...

i say just eat what u want in modersatio0n and smalleer portions

Anonymous said...

I too have been on the diet kick. I just started maybe about 3 weeks ago, & Ive lost 6 lbs. I eat a lot of lean meat, turkey, turkey bacon, sausage & burgers. Lots of fruit, & also lots of water. And I notice you said that you like Pepsi. I have been drinking Crystal Light type beverages. As for as my work out, I workout at 3-4x a week, doing lots of cardio.

☆ Amber Jae☆ said...

i hate diets. i never follow through