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That Ain't Right

I'm really upset at how people are really trying to play Chris Brown. I mean I get it don't hit a woman, and I'm not taking sides but you dont know what the hell Rihanna said,or did or anything for that matter. Those are two grown ass kids who can sort their own problems out. Hell if this isnt his first time hitin her ass she should of left the first time the shit happend. Who's the dummy? Love is blind but damn, when a man puts his hands on you-LEAVE! That just means he has no respect for you. Anyhow, so now radio stations and music tv stations are doin polls on if they should play this lil boys music or not? Come the fcuk on now. No one stopped listening/playing the king of disgusting R.Kelly, Michael Jackson or James Brown and theres pleanty more we all havent stopped listening to. These are real people, they're careers are just more out in the public. So you stop liking someones music because of their personal problems? Weak.


NightFall914 said...

Ain't that the truth. A lot of people seem to use the publicized issues of celebs as a reason to over criticize and get their high horses about others should and shouldn't do. I'm not going to turn the kid into the super version of Ike Turner until the facts come out and even still. I know too many people with there OWN bullshit going gone that should be real easy before throwing stones at anyone.

Put anyone's life in the public eye and watch how foul they can appear.

brook lynne carter. said...

i agree.

mz_green_eyez said...

I feel the exact same way! People are always so quick to judge b4 they even know the facts! I've heard soooooo many rumors that have escalated from this story. For example, I heard the entire argument ignited over the fact that Chris Brown was fuckin' with Leona Lewis on the side. Then, I also heard the altercation erupted because Rihanna gave him herpes. The way I see it, I really don't believe anything that I've read out of the tabloids. Everything is skeptical at this point in the game! True enough, it's wrong for a man to put his hands on a woman, but there's probably waaaaaaay more to the story than what meets the public eye. Not saying Rihanna did this, but I know a looooot of females that try their absolute hardest to provoke muhfukkaz! Now I'm not saying that's what took place nor am I taking sides, but let's stop pointing fingers until the shit is backed up by REAL SOLID FACTS! Cut Chris a break. He's human. We all make mistakes...should he be scrutinized & have his career stripped away from him just because he's in the lime light? Just doesn't sound that fair to me. It really shouldn't even be a debate. It's inevitable. Ppl WILL fuck up & he DID fuck up, but let me ask u this... would we be as concerned if it were just Tyshaun & LaKecia that stay up the block?? HMMMMMMM? Yea, that's what I thought.