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Art Work

I am in love with art. Good art at that. I was browsing through blogspot today and came across this female who has amazing artwork. Please go check it out!
she is responsible for this creation to the left :)



I hate to admit it but I am a Beyonce closet freak. I don't go too far with it because no one can immitate her. I am so excited for her album to drop I've already pre-orderd it. I know for a fact that this won't come out of the cd player or my ipod for a very long time. Thanks to Myspace I got a chance to listen to it and I'm already in love. I don't have a favorite yet but I will soon find one. Even though I think she should of been solo this whole time it would be nice for Destiny's Child to get together one last time and make an album and put Solange in the group, just for the reunitement lol. By the way, Solange's album is great as well. It has an oldies vibe, and it sounds like real R&B. Anyways, Dont forget to go buy the new Beyonce album!