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Young Business Men

YBM Trend is a clothing line straight out of Cleveland, Ohio created by a very talented young man by the name of Paul. He can take old clothes or new ones that you have and handpaint a custom design on it for you. He has done clothes for Mike Jones, was featured on Super Sweet 16 desiged a custom outfit along with shoes for Clevelands own Collin, and various artistst and other people across the states. To check out more of his custom designs please visit :


Who's That Girl?

She has come far from Trillville "Some Cut". Also doing hit videos such as David Banner "Play", Kanye West "Golddigger", TI "Imma King", Smitty "Diamonds on my neck", Lil Jon "Snap Ya Fingaz", Franchise Boys "Lean wit it Rock wit it", --is the most Beautiful Summer Walker. This is one model who people can honestly say who is about her business. You can find out more about her if you just follow the links below:

Modeling Pt.2

Isn't this crazy..Feature myself on my own site. (lol) Anyways, in an older post I said that I gave up modeling. The reasons were very legit and true. I was talking to a fellow model who is VERY well known. We both have the same views on the "video vixens", but then she told me not to give up my dream just because someone else is putting out a bad rep. Which is true I really didn't need her to tell me that. I just needed her to co-sign on that. I have to continue doing what I love in order to keep myself happy. The Trophywife name is staying as an alter ego. Which is fine just as long as my alter ego doesn't take over my whole life and real personality. That's where everyone gets mixed up. You can't let your alter ego conflict with your life outside of work. Honestly,deep down inside I'm not really a Trophywife..I'm more like a housewife/soccer mom..(lol) At the sametime whatever comes up comes out and that Trophywife ego is strictly for the cameras and when I'm out. So please everybody don't get it twisted because Trophywife is for the niggas who really ain't ready to settle down, they just want a beautiful woman on their arms to fake the funk. Which is fine but now I'm gonna start charging niggas left and right. IM OUT


Old but New Looks

Vintage clothes are something that is in as of now. Well in my generation. So I found these two sites that is vintage/couture. The one site is called Vixen Couture. If you break it down Vixen = Beautiful woman and Couture=style or whatever/hoever you wanna put it. Th other site is called NastyGal vintage.. They both have online stores but they have not launched yet, but keep mental notes that the sites are listed on the side of this page, and below..HOLLERR Jewelry

Well lets see.. I have more than a shoe fetish.. I love love love earings!! Even though I never wear them. I found this site called they make these hand painted 80's themed earings, as well as other jewelry. They are so fly. In all honesty I will be buying like every pair of their earings.. So go visit their site and their myspace page.

Elmo is black?

No, actually Elmo is red, but the guy that animates Elmo is African-American. His voice is deep and just looking at this man you would never think that a voice like that would come out of him. It amazed me when I first took a gander at him but thats crazy huh? This whole time I'm thinking a white man was Elmo's voice. WOW.

Al Fatz-Came Down (Video)

Fat Al's video--Yes its shot in Cleveland and I do believe that Cleveland got next even though I hate it here at times. We have so much talent here. I'm not gonna talk you to death I know you don't wanna die. Check out Lebron and a few other cameos. ENJOY!


Is it just me or is everyone else also tired of hearing about Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush? Don't get me wrong the both of them are gorgeous people. Well Reggie Bush is just one sexy chocolate man. There was a rumor going around that those two were engaged! Well its not true..I'm just so glad..
Meanwhile back on a private island off of Bora Bora-- Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds got hitched on New Years Day.. Guess that is a New Years they will never forget when they get



Yes Gent's and maybe Ladies, this is Joanna Shari. I'm no homo but her pictures are hot!! I give her madd props for 2008. Go cop her 2008 Swimsuit Calendar at . She even makes webpages so hit her up if you need your shit fixed(for a small fee of course)

Aoki Lee Discusses Her Boyfriends

How funny is this? Kimoras kids are the cutest things!! but did you hear the names of these boyfriends? they better be fine as hell with names like that..

Skateboarder TK TERRY KENNEDY Hangs With SKEETV I the only female that thinks that Terry Kennedy is sexy? You know he started off on Viva la Bam(I think) Well thats the first time I seen him on TV. Watch the video he actually made a come up. visit this site as well

Monte-Montez Couture

There are so many wonderful fashions out as well as underground fashions. Those are great as well. Monte-Montez Couture is one of them. It has a Ed Hardy look but its hot! For more information and pictures of the product visit:

Soulja Boy Vs. Bow Wow


Relationships aren't for everyone, because not everyone wants to be tied down. I do believe that women mature faster than men. Thats just my personal opinion. Men just want their cake and everybody elses. Don't get me wrong we have women who are like that as well. But don't you want that one person who you can tell all your secrets to, someone who you can do everything with. Like your bestfriend and partner? All women want that fairytale life. UPDATE--It doesn't happen that way anymore. Men go around sticking their moles in everybodys holes. Then the woman finds out and seeks revenge, starts stalkin the man-- and all that bogus ass bullshit. Thats why I'm by myself and let my guard down to nobody. Who wants the drama? When women try to connect with a man on a mental level, they don't want it. They want whats inside the womans V.S's. Then they get mad when you don't give it up.Why? Because they are still on that immature middle school B.S. So tell me your horror stories about this topic. If its something sweet and thoughtful feel free to post it.



I started this blog on Myspace titled "History". So far a few people have spit some knowledge. Very interesting of what I learned. So I'm posting it here as well so feel free to add in what you know!...

....iYUANA....The first Jews were African American
{j.e.f.f.r.e.y.}not only were the first jews black but...the 10 commandments come from the egyptian 142 negative confessions. the psalms also come from the egyptian hymns of akhenaton. the ancient egyptians calculated that the earth was round by their observations of the movements of the stars and planets. ancient egypt was called kemet or "land of the blacks." i know more facts, but i think that's enough for now. -j.

*Young.Fresh.+Focused*Did u know that African Americans have high blood pressure from when they came over during the Middle Passage. It was so much salt in the water that the ones that survived passed it down through the generations.
the best writer alive
the composer Beethoven's mother was a Moor, a group of Muslim Africans who conquered Spain. Hence making Beethoven black.
The Original people of the planet earth were black. All aboriginal people are black. Civilization was founded by blacks and this precedes Ancient Egypt. Black people are the founders, makers, owners, and cream of the planet earth; The Gods, and the Goddesses of the universe. Not only were the original jews blacks, but all original people were black. The original arabs were black. The first people who call them selves caucasian were black, because it means out of asia. Asia means earth. One of the original names of the planet was Asia. The planet earth use to be one mass before the continental drift. Europeans scholars called it pangea. This is why our original name as a people are Asiactic, because it means that we are the original rullers and owners of the planet earth.
The Gronz +
The peace symbol is actually the cross of Nero, the Roman Emperor--- a broken and inverted cross, enclosed in a circle which represents Nero's vision. Nero believed that there would be world peace without Christianity, thousands of Christians were martyred under the rule of Nero, who hated and persecuted the early Christians, it meant destruction of Christianity. Revived in the sixties by hippies and others who protested nuclear weapons, Western culture, and Christian values

**feel free to tell your unknown history facts.**

It's Hard Out Here for a Pimp

Ok I got this video from I decided to put it up here because not everyone is hip to that site.. but this video just is sooo homemade!! lol




Orbitz Office #37


Books to Read

The books above interest me the most because there is a part of me in each of these books. (except What They Want)When I read them I'm like damn, is this about me or a fake person. All but one of these books are fake. A Hustlers Wife by Nikki Turner is actually true and my Aunt was in Federal Prison (Alderson) in Virginia the same time and place where Martha Steweart was. Nikki turner is actually still there til this day. Read the book and you shall find out why. The other books are just great and there is no reason no one has not read them man or woman I don't care the books are great!

FINNEGANS WAKE-The book is, in one sense, the story of a publican in Chapelizod (near Dublin), his wife, and their three children; but Mr. Humphrey Chimpden Earwicker, Mrs. Anna Livia Plurabelle, and Kevin, Jerry, and Isabel are every family of mankind. The motive idea of the novel, inspired by the 18th-century Italian philosopher Giambattista Vico, is that history is cyclic; to demonstrate this the book begins with the end of a sentence left unfinished on the last page. Languages merge: Anna Livia has "vlossyhair"--wlosy being Polish for "hair"; "a bad of wind" blows--bad being Persian for "wind." Characters from literature and history appear and merge and disappear.--Very ineresting might be too much for some of you..

Cool Cat

I dont know anyone elses definition of a "cool cat". This guy to the left is my definition. I mean to me. He's cool and his vibe is chill. My kind of guy if he wasn't Im kidding(no crush- don't take that comment to the edge)-- I just ran across his blogs and stuff today and they are awsome! Something about his whole being I dunno I guess its just my "inner" neo soul comming out, because the music he has on the site just makes you wanna turn off the lights and light some candles and lay in a bubblebath.-- This is a perfect example of a guy that can stimulate my mind. The things that are on his site really make me think, Im pretty sure they would make you think as well. Kinda reminds me of Common, when you look at him--Or maybe YOU should just check him out.

SAME GIRL: Greetings

Well we all know the song "Same Girl" R.Kelly f/Usher, right? But who actually thinks its true? Her name is Tatiana a.k.a "T.T". Usher met her at a party in ATL and Kells met her at a party in Chi-town... Well go check out this females video and you tell me what's really good... Make sure you check out her page as well... Its very interesting if you ask me.

Aww 2007 is leaving

Theres only a few hours left in the year we are in (2007). This year was a good year for me. I met a few people that I think will have a great purpose in my life and someone that I admire a lot and I myself have done a lot of maturing, realizing what's important in my life. I now know that I have to stop being a BITCH to everyone. I gotta just be nice. Everyone knows with me that I'm very observant and what comes up comes out. That is one thing that will not change. Sorry. As far as being nicer -I will try. I thought 2007 was going to be my year but it ended up being the year that I find out a lot about ME. Relationships with a few people have crumbled apart because of THEIR wrong actions. So now I feel comfortable saying 2008 is my year to do everything I planned for 2007. I have a better understanding of EVERYTHING I've done all of my research and Googled I feel safe with myself and what I want my life to be. We are all put here for a reason and life is a challenge. So in 2008 in a few hourse I'm gonna straight be focused on Iyuana-Nichole Evans!!


This is so stupid but I thought it was funny... My friend Jeff hooked me on to this..