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You Think You Know...

Describe your most beautiful quality?
My most beautiful quality is my kind heart. Mostly everyone says that I have a bad attitude or I’m stuck up or something to that nature. It’s mostly guys who say it because I don’t give them the time or day. Mainly because I have been crossed sooo many times and I’m just not for the bull and I can see right through it. The truth is that I’m really not stuck up or mean. All you have to do is just get to know me. I don’t bite my tongue, whatever comes up comes out-but at the same time I am the nicest person you will ever meet.I find humor in the silliest things and yes I am THEE biggest goofball around. I think logical and if I can I try to help everyone in some kind of way but if you burn your bridge with me then I’m done. There’s no turning back.

You’re clearly motivated. Describe the person that inspires you to be great.
The person that most inspires me is my 72 yr old Great Aunt Eunice Bonton. If it wasn’t for her I don’t know where I’d be. I’ve been with her since I was nine months old. She is like the grandmother I never had. She taught me everything I know. Things such as: never go anywhere with no money, always dress your best no matter where you go because you never know who you’ll run into, and the obvious don’t depend on no one for anything. She is so glamorous to me. The stories she tells me about her life need to be in a book and turned into a movie. She is the reason I have the mentality I do and only want the best of the best, because she exposed me to it. As I child she made sure I wanted for nothing, and that I had everything. She is where I get my old soul and wisdom from.I believe every young woman should have someone like that in their life, guidance if you will. My apologies if I offend anyone reading this but everything she taught me, NO mother can top- They just haven’t been around long enough to gain that kind of wisdom.She inspires me to shoot for the stars and not to even stop there. That lady is my best friend.

What would you rather have: Money, Power or Respect?
I would rather have the respect. That would make me happy and content knowing that I’m not being disrespected.Money gives you some sort of power or it makes you feel that way. Money and power make you happy only temporarily. Although, if I had all three I wouldn’t complain..(hahahaha)

As far as big news goes, our new president is definitely the biggest these days. What are your thoughts about our new president Barack Obama?
Barack Obama, wow! He is a phenomenal man. The first time he opened his mouth to speak, I had chills running up my arms and down my spine. Ever since that moment I had faith in him and I knew he was going to be our President.He is so articulate and intelligent and he sets a wonderful example for our African American culture. It’s amazing that now you can tell African American children and teenagers that they can be anything including the President.It is a very emotional subject and I cried when he won the election and through the whole ceremony when he got sworn in. I am so proud!

Being the incredible woman that you are many people want to know what you look for in a mate. Please describe your perfect companion for us.
My perfect companion would be phenomenal. He would be caring/loving, romantic, funny, sensitive, hard working, well polished, tall, and built.
I would never have to say anything he would just do it. Meaning if I’m sick he’ll take care of me, if he knows I’m down he’ll show support, if I’m happy then he’s happy and vice versa. My perfect companion doesn’t smoke and rarely drinks. He would be a REAL MAN. His eyes would never roam because I would be his perfect woman.