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Why Can't We...

*side eye* Why is it that guys can have a million and seven chicks he's dating and chicks can't? It doesn't make sense. Like this guy I dated when I was 16, he played me back in the day and now all of a sudden he wants to leave all that in the past and move on and all of that. Now that I'm "dating" its not okay and I'm playin games? HOW? I get it--settle down and all of that, but his past reflects on his future with me. I'm really not on it for real. Why do men think its okay for them to do shit but as soon as the chick does it, its a big deal and they get all sensative like little bitches? Can't take it but they can serve it...Grow up already.


Where Do They Do That?

Sometimes I just sit and think to myself about things that sometimes are important, other things are not. To me, this is kinda borderline important. What I am about to tell you is a true story. So this guy who moves into Cleveland obviously got my number and we began to talk/text whatever. I wasn't really into him at first. He came to my job, waited around and took me to grab a bite to eat on my break. Might I add that I came back from my thirty minute break twenty minutes late. Didn't really matter because my boss was super cool. SO this guy waits for me until I get off work at the mall by my house. We chilled for a lil while at my crib when I got off work. I was gonna stay in and chill with him but then my cousin called and wanted to go out. I felt bad cuz the guy took time out to visit me and he likes like thirty-fourty minutes away, and he had to go the work suuuupppeeerr early the next morning. Yea, I did it--left and made him leave too. I didn't mean to be mean. The next day I realized I liked him too much from the little time we spent. So I didnt call him or anything for a few days, after that we had light texting. He offerd to take me to the movies and shit but I guess I just wasn't on it for real and things kept popping up. (I HAVE TO TELL THE WHOLE STORY). So my friend and I go out a week or so later and the guy is there. I kept telling her that I didn't like him but I really did. A LOT. So at the end of the night he basically tells me that he just wants to kick it with me and blah blah blah. Fine, I gave in. So I basically end up at his house like everyday after that. Getting more and more hooked on something I can't have. ANNOYING. Yes, my feelings got caught all up in that, and I'm pretty sure it was the same way on his end. I get all comfortable for three months and then he leaves?? I mean he was coming back BUT when he left it was just like he was never here. The talking was limited and all that. I think I felt Seriously. I felt like I didn't know him anymore. I'm never the chick to hound a guy, or wanting to know a guy's everymove because I don't want anyone breathing down the back of my neck. But dude was actin maaaadddd different. I offerd plenty of times to go visit where he was and I got no feedback. So he comes back to Cleveland two months later and is still acting brand stankin new. Like the chemistry just wasnt there anymore. Then it was bought to my attention that he might have a girlfriend. I know it was wrong of me to text him this but I said that I was upset with him because he has a girlfriend. Only to get what I wanted to know out. Apparently that shit didnt work. I mean I was upset at the fact that he tried to play me like he didnt know me no more. So he got mad because I ASSUMED he had a girlfriend and he says "why? because of my myspace?" hmmm I didnt think to look there but I did. That's not what made me mad. Who cares about a bunch of pictures with chicks. I don't we aren't together but at the sametime its like I do deserve some type of communication after HE APPROACHED ME... I never approached him. What made me mad was the obvious, and that was him ignoring the shit outta me when I thought we were waaay better than that. So then he goes through this thing that he dislikes me because I assumed he had a girlfriend???? Where do they do that at?? I know, it's all just a game. Or something like it. Its something like stupid if you ask me. So now this whole shit is has back fired in my face. You know, I'm a real person and I am going to be all the way real-- I still like this guy a lot. No my nose isn't open and Im not gonna die if I dont ever speak to him. I called his lastnight and we talked for a moment but who even knows where this is going? I don't want a relationship for real and he doesn't either..Like I said--Its all just a little game we play. Cat and Mouse if you will. You dedicate all your time to someone and then they flip the page on you. I'm starting to believe he lives in Crazy Town on Maniac Island. What do you think?? I got played..I know--Its cool.. I should of never fed into his pitty party huh? If this is how its supposed to be with guys and girls--I'll leave the pieces to the puzzel in the box.

The Tramp Stamp

I am addicted to tattoos. My friend told me that once I get one I won't stop getting them. He jinxed me. I actually want the top of my arm like sleeved up, like a dude, I know but I think it will be cute. I understand that we aren't supposed to be marking up our bodies at all, but I want it. I want one going down my side as well. Now what I will not get is a tramp stamp. Most chicks have them, most of them are cute but they are way too common. Its almost like guys expect for you to bend over while your shirt is riding up and see a tattoo. I always get the "damn I'm surprised you don't have a tattoo right there" nah brotha, im good on that. Not saying its a bad thing but its just not for me. Tell me, why the hell do we as people call it a tramp stamp anyways?


If you’ve missed last few Crave events, you’ve missed A LOT!!!
This week, we’ve got another HOT EVENT in the works with:






The Cavs very own Step Floss will be in attendance with new head bangers just in time for this BEAUTIFUL SPRING WEATHER!
We GUARANTEE this will be a Wednesday you WON'T WANT TO MISS. See you this Wednesday at 20/20 Martini (2020 CENTER STREET ON THE WEST BANK OF THE FLATS IN CLEVELAND)

Cleveland Show

New Mixtape by Chip Tha Ripper. I will keep you posted. In the meantime listen to more music by going to SLABUP.COM and download the other mixtapes. My all time favorite Mixtape by him is MONEY. The best. Check it out.


So everyone, I got 2 updates on my site this past weekend. This is the only one I can let you see... The others you have to sign up to the site to see. This is my second favorite set. It reminds me of a sexy Tomb Raider without the guns.