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MY new but old talent

Ever since I can remember, I've loved everything about being a girl and making others look good. In the eighth grade, I started designing clothes which I still have the name and sketches for. I also used to do my friends hair. From sew ins, hair color and even braids. I haven't mastered the quick weaves yet because I hate the way they look but I plan on practicing on someone soon. When I got to high school, I started corn rowing the guys in my neighborhoods hair and even doing acrylic nails out of my house for extra money.

I started experimenting with make-up in high school as well. I didn't wear much of it to school because it apparently wasn't appropriate. I've always been fascinated with make-up and how it can transform a natural beauty into someone GORGEOUS and GLAMEROUS.

What I have decided to do is start a little "log" on "creations" I come up with and some make up looks that inspire me to do it either on myself or others.

I started out using my friend Courtney (@courtneydion on twitter).
This is her BEFORE

It may seem as if I used a ton of different products on her face but I didn't. For her face, I used
MAC Studio Moisture Tint SPF15 Deep Dark to cover her entire face. (It's translucent so it made applying the rest of the make up easy). Under her eyes used Bobby Brown creamy concealer in "Honey". I also used MAC Mineralize Skin Finish:Medium Deep for a tint of bronze. I cleaned up under her brows with the stainless steel razor then used a fine tooth comb with gel to style them with out chopping them all up.

For her eyes, I applied MAC NC35 concealer to her eye lids and applied the listed eye shadows: MAC Satin Taupe, MAC Sketch Velvet and Cover Girl Pearl. To her natural eye lashes I applied Dior Show Mascara 090 and Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Black to the bottom lashes. Then I applied false lashes to the top lid.
For her lips, I used Chanel Lip gloss no.65, MAC Lip gloss' Chi and Underage

HERE IS THE FINISHED PRODUCT. *please excuse my horrible camera as this will get better*lol

I also styled her natural hair and took these photos in natural light.



Welcome To The Lions Den

A lot of people don't know that I write poetry or even have a love for it, for that matter.This is a poem I wrote a little while back.( It is Copy Written) It actually is based on a true life situation... Enjoy.

by: Iyuana-Nichole

The sun sets, rain falls
he led me down a narrow hall.
Suddenly he stops and is close to me
my back against the wall.
Whispering in my ear
"Welcome To The Lions Den".
Then he disappeared.
Closed doors open circus music playing.
Took a quick turn around saw hanging souls decaying.
Bright colors, blues reds yellows and green
can't believe what I'm seeing.
The sweet nothings that were whisperd in my ear
and then again I hear
Welcome To The Lions Den.
The lights cut off then back on
all of a sudden a beautiful drawing
four gorgeous women then it was gone.
Standing in the middle
of all these broken hearted souls
a young woman appears and goes
Welcome To The Lions Den
she grinned and then again-
Welcome To The Lions Den.
Darkness came again the music got softer
I could smell him,I couldn't see him.
All at once,
fell backwards on a bed.
Then the lights came on again
"Welcome To The Lions Den,
all of your problems are dead
love me never leave me
and ill apease thee"
the lights off again
Welcome To The Lions Den
a long time went by
then my half nude body was set free.
Sitting in the darkness.
I was a piece of candy
just devoured, how grotesc.
the lights back on
suddenly I'm sitting on an automon
with a glass of dry gin
chillin, ponderin "how'd this begin?"
All the things he said and did.
Whispers of different women
'he said he loved me',
'he adored me',
'he gave the best to me'.
Breaking down in tears then I shout
'he left my heart to bleed'
only because it was broken
here then gone.
then again welcome to the lions den.
Like a fish without fins unable to move
my heart pounds harder again and again
still thinking about what was did
Welcome To The Lions Den
where women get devoured again and again.
This man is like a lion who keeps on lying
uses women as his pray
leaving their broken hearted souls to grow mold
he always exits with no remourse
now I stand
at the end of the narrow hall to say
"Welcome To The Lions Den"

Fly Shit

Check me out in this Chip Tha Ripper Video. If you want you can see me starting at the 1:44 mark. I'm not doing much but sitting