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Throw Back

WOW. I did this interview two years ago for Eighty81. It's so amazing to see my transformations over the years. I actually loved my short hair. I kinda wanna go back. The answers to the questions are all still the same except now my profession is Healthcare/Model/ Enjoy! OF ATTRACTiON: IYUANA
Name: Iyuana
Age: 22
Profession: Fashion Designer

What are the first three things that you notice in a guy/girl?I
love an arrogant, cocky, confident man. He has to be smart to stimulate my mind and have nice shoes, clothes, pretty teeth/smile with a nice chocolate complexion.

What are some turnoffs?A man who is very loud, rude, bad breath. I don't want to look at his smile and say I know where Fourth of July was….short, and someone who has no long term goals. Oh and bad pick up lines!

Do you pay attention to a guy/girl's personal style? How important is it to you?Yes I do pay attention to personal style. Having your own personal style is important to me because that means you are a leader and not a follower, meaning you are a trendsetter.

Whats been the worst experience you have had with the opposite sex?This guy couldn't buy a clue if he was a millionaire. We weren't together but he tried to buy my love I would dawg him and he told people we were together. He sent roses to my job. He was being nice the wrong way. He just made me so mad but the whole thing was he was trying to act like he had all this money and he was trying to be something he wasn't. My whole thing is– just be real.

What's your idea of a perfect first date?I love when a man surprises me, not easily impressed but not hard to please. A nice dinner at a place I've never been, then get some ice cream and have some alone time to get to know one another.


Kevin Hart - "I Don't Like Ostrich's"



Read a Muthafu*kin BOOK!!!

Well, I am a bit of a nerd at times, I have my moments. I've decided to read some books. The last book I read was Midnight by Sistah Soulja. It was pretty good. I didn't get to finish it because my mom snatched it right out of my hands claiming to read it but I know she didn't even touch it yet. So a friend of mine says he's going to read Albert Einsteins book The World As I See It. So I am going to see what that's about just to see whats going on. I also want to read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I need to broaden my horizons on books instead of just reading books by black authors and reading the newspaper. Share some of your favorite book titles with me. Mine has got to be The Coldest Winter Ever...Kinda reminds me of my life...


Spray On Condom

Now is it just me or it this a little weird? Someone actually came up with a spray on condom. To make it easy for eveyone I copied and pasted the article below:

"The renowned German engineering that brought the world the BMW, the Audi and the Porsche is proud to present the first ever spray on condom. The only thing funnier than the idea of a spray on condom is the Google translation of the product page:Soon there is no more reason to rather make it without. The new condom comes from the spray can and adapts to each member optimally. Cap off and condom over the Penis spray: The Latexhaut sits perfectly and is operational in few seconds.The advantages of the spray condom are obvious: it is easily and fast applicable, adapts to each PenisgrĂ¼sse and form individually and offers apart from stretcher comfort, optimal protection with the sexual intercourse. Damage by transport or sun exposure belongs then exactly the same to the past like the question of the disposal: The natural rubber product decomposes and becomes humus.Still condom testers are looked for, which already gained experience in handling condoms. Prospective customers can announce themselves on this web page anonymous.So is this the next step in the world's struggle against HIV or the newest arsenal in frat houses across the country? Please be sure to let us know if you decide to sign up as a beta tester for this product, but until then, feel free to check out the company's um . . .
virtual condom advisor."
-For more information also check out


Sounds Like Fuckery

A friend hipped me on to this because he’s obviously the smartest man I know. No ass kissing here, just sayin that I think more African American men need to frequent the news and newspapers more instead of the freshest outfits and shoes out. .

My NEW Facial Products

I try NOT to wear makeup all the time but since i have so many blemishes on my face I have to cover them up. The other day I woke up and had 4 red ass bumps on my face! I was so annoyed because since my hair is blond now it made me look all gross. So I made a lil trip to Walmart and like studied the "facial" isle. I came across the Biore Strips and their warming facial wash. Let me just tell you that my face cleared up the VERY NEXT DAY! I am pimple free except I still battle with blackheads every now and then. I'm not gonna sit here and lie, I fall asleep in my makeup all the time. I am also a victim of falling asleep fully clothed with shoes on as well... Yes sometimes I'm just that lazy. Speaking of makeup, I had to start using MAC NC40-I used to use NC42 but apparently, no sun will do that to you. I advise everyone to try the Biore products.ALL of them they work wonders :).. By the way, I bleached my hair once more...