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Sounds Like Fuckery

A friend hipped me on to this because he’s obviously the smartest man I know. No ass kissing here, just sayin that I think more African American men need to frequent the news and newspapers more instead of the freshest outfits and shoes out. .


Maya A.D. said...

i read an article about this a few days ago. here's what the cdc has to say about it:

another injection that their saying that people need to get. i'm not too sure what to think about that.

TROPHYWiFE said...

its crazy how they want us to take all these not taking shit! all it is, is the actual virus being injected into you body to make you ammune to the virus. YUCK. im cool. they had one for HIV/AIDS as well which is something like nasty. "they" are trying to kill us one by one. Earlier today the news said that 103 people in mexico were reported dead from Swine Flu. Makes you want to stay inside forever.