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Read a Muthafu*kin BOOK!!!

Well, I am a bit of a nerd at times, I have my moments. I've decided to read some books. The last book I read was Midnight by Sistah Soulja. It was pretty good. I didn't get to finish it because my mom snatched it right out of my hands claiming to read it but I know she didn't even touch it yet. So a friend of mine says he's going to read Albert Einsteins book The World As I See It. So I am going to see what that's about just to see whats going on. I also want to read Twilight by Stephenie Meyer. I need to broaden my horizons on books instead of just reading books by black authors and reading the newspaper. Share some of your favorite book titles with me. Mine has got to be The Coldest Winter Ever...Kinda reminds me of my life...


Phil said...

-The Celestine Prophecies
-Biography of John Coltrane

Cherise said...

I read all of the twilight series...its a bit kiddish but interesting none the less. Too bad the movie sucked. But I'd recommend the books.

Ash Bunnie! said...

The Da Vinci Code: Dan Brown
Pen Pals: Olivia Goldsmith
Bling: Erica Kennedy
A Piece of Cake: Cupcake Brown - Very Good

Anonymous said...

I love Sister Souljah I think she is an awesome writer but I couldnt get into the midnight book. But definitely The Coldest Winter Ever made me want to start reading AGAIN, thats my favorite book. I also liked True To The Game by Terri Woods. Kiki Swinson is also a good writer. & Daimmah Poole.